10 November 2015

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23 October 2015

3579) When Would The Armenian Diaspora’s Mud-Slinging End?

By Şükrü Server Aya
Translated by: Şadi Dinlenç
October 22, 2015 P.12

Dear Readers,

We have just started to get together and unite in diagnosing this disease… but not yet in treating the disease . . . and no telling when, if any, that will take place.. The reason is actually very simple; everyone looks at the events either from their own specialized angle or imitates the behavior of his/her leader! The lawyers and diplomats see the events and interpret them from the angle of lawyer or diplomat, the historians do the same based on their knowledge and experience. On the other hand, most academicians and writers who change their positions and thoughts on a simple whim only, appear to have in-depth experience on the subject they have not even opened up a book about and write their opinions as they wish without searching out the truth and by using the copies of other writers’ works. Since I am neither of the above professionals, I treat and evaluate these events based on their “first hand real documentary proof”, weigh its possibility based on my own logical criteria and sometimes write them in English if addressing the foreign readership. And when it is so, not too many people would read them or can understand them and none share them with others, hence, not a . . .

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22 October 2015

3578) Armenian Deportation Is Not A Genocide ...!

by Prof. Dr. S. Ridvan Karluk
Turgut Özal Üniversitesi

Translated by: Sadi Dinlenç,
New York, October 2015

" The fact that there had ben massacres ( of Armenians) is obvious and clear. Everyone agrees on this. Essentially, nobody denies this fact. The important issue here is to define it ( as a genocide or not ).

We will discuss this issue at meetings within our party to reach a decision jointly at the end of these discussions and will declare our decision openly " said the newly appointed Minister of European Affairs Ali Haydar Konca of the HDP Party, of the newly established government which will rule until the Nov. 1st, 2015 elections, at the press meeting on his first day as Minister of European Affairs.

As far as it is known, Prime Minister Davutoglu has maintained his silence to the above statement of the Minister of European Affairs of the Republic of Turkey.

One wonders whom his excellency Mr. Minister has implied when he said " Everyone agrees on this " ? I certainly do not agree on this. Neither does Prof. Justin McCarthy who spoke at the Symposium on the Imperialism and the Armenian Issue, organized on April 18, 2015 in Ankara which I also attended.

Recognized worldwide in the Ottomans, the Balkans and the Middle East issues and authored such books as " the Muslims and the Minorities: the Population and the End of the Ottoman Empire ", "Death and Exile " and " The Ethnic Cleansing of the Ottoman Muslims", Prof. McCarthy said during the interview he gave to Ms. Tugba Ozgur Durmaz of the AA ( Anatolian News Agency ) on April 2014 that he looked into the matter years ago while researching on the issues such as the population of Anatolia, the population pictures before and after the First World War in Anatolia and that he could not ignore the historical evidences and decided to study the claim of genocide further and deeper.

" At the end, I realized how many Turks have been killed. How did so many Turks die ? . . .

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3577) REFLECTIONS of the EHCR Ruling on the Perincek vs Switzerland

A Turkish proverb quotes: “Let a fool throw a stone in a well, and forty wise men cannot get it out”. In our case it is the word “genocide” not thrown by a fool but hidden by some smarts screaming “I lost everything because it was taken by genocide… find and give it back to me”. This scream started after 1960s, and it was about the “alleged loss of unknown ancestors” in 1915s. No one asked, why your fathers and grand fathers did not voice this demand when they were alive? No answer. Are crime and punishment hereditary and who is to be punished for what? Do you have any document or neutral eyewitness to confirm what you claim? No! But crying has been so loud and consistently spread out throughout the world that many authorities got fed up with these complaints and said “alright, what do you want us to do so that you shut up and leave us in peace?” Just acknowledge and confirm that genocide has taken place and condemn Turks for this crime! Some states in particular where Armenian lobbies and propaganda is strong, easily fell in this pit of slander . . .

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3576) Turkish Intellectuals Who Have Recognized The Armenian Genocide

. . .

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