30 September 2016

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25 July 2016

3614) Olympics Politics And The Abuse Of Genocide

Tal Buenos
July 25, 2016

Genocide is currently a gimmick of American soft power. A consideration of Olympics politics indicates that the term genocide is in the company of theories about mosquitos as a tool of American cultural influence on attitudes and behavior worldwide

Ever since the term genocide was first invented in Washington during World War II and promoted in New York immediately after the war, it has been largely redefined and applied according to American interests. Even though genocide is a legal term that was articulated in an international convention, its use had been dominated by American soft power for decades before judges could lay eyes on a case of it being charged in a competent tribunal. An abundance of American-produced cultural material, spread around the world by political actors who are independent of the U.S. government such as activists, entertainers, experts, journalists, lobbyists and religious leaders had affected public opinion on genocide before impartial judges could..

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