31 January 2015

3527) Giordano Bruno Was Witch-Hunted & Burnt After Criticizing Established Opinions: No Freedom If Opinions-Prejudices Cannot Be Discussed by Perincek

Videos and Transcripts - ECHR Hearing of Perinçek v. Switzerland Case, 28 Jan 2015

-Video of the entire ECHR hearing on Perinçek vs Switzerland, with the brilliant speech by Dr. Stefan Talmon, who is an Oxford scholar representing Turkey as a third party
-Dr Dogu Perincek's Speech, English/Turkish (Video & Text)
-Mr Mehmet Cengiz, Lawyer On Behalf Of Mr Perincek - English/Turkish (Text)
-Mr L Pech, Lawyer On Behalf Of Mr Perincek -Oral Submission in French (Text)
-Mr Gevorg Kostanyan’s Speech (Video)
-Mrs A Clooney & Mr G Robertson’s speech (Video)
-Mr Geoffrey Robertson’s speech
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3526) Videos - Stock Footage: Armenian Troops, Cavalry / US Military Mission To Turkey, Major Gen Harbord in Erzurum/Kars

Videos - Stock Footage: Armenian Troops, Cavalry / US Military Mission To Turkey, Major Gen Harbord in Erzurum/Kars

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3525) Genocide Crowd Pleasers’ Can Not Respond To Even Simple Questions Like “ Why, Where, When, How, How Many, Who Wrote, Who Saw, Where Buried . .

Genocide Crowd Pleasers’ can not respond to even simple questions like “ Why, where, when, how, how many, who wrote, who saw, where buried. etc..”.

As myths of religious proportions ruled and governed human beings for years, the Armenian Diaspora lies like “ a snake swallowed an elephant” type have been used to conceal facts like 20,000 Armenian soldiers have served in German Army as Foreign Legionnaires who later were allowed to emigrate to the U.S. and other countries until 1960’s.

Once arrived in their new homelands, their most favored project of ‘Money Laundering and Embezzlement’ has been put into effect with success , their crimes and heavy genocide propaganda have been introduced in parallel to and as if similar to the already proven and legally documented Jewish Holocaust. The only difference ( from the Jewish Holocaust) is that the Armenians, until today, have not shown a single authenticated document and an unbiased eye witness proving the ‘the genocide’ claims.

They refrain from legal means and procedures, from opening their archives and sitting down together with Turks to openly discuss the events and claims.

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3524) The Armenians Want An Acknowledgment That The 1915 Massacre Was A Crime

Geoffrey Robertson

23 January 2015

Just before the invasion of Poland, Adolf Hitler urged his generals to show no mercy towards its people – there would be no retribution, because “after all, who now remembers the annihilation of the Armenians?” As the centenary of the Armenian genocide approaches – it began on 24 April 1915, with the rounding up and subsequent “disappearance” of intellectuals and community leaders in Constantinople – remembrance of the destruction of more than half of the Armenian people is more important than ever. Although, as Hitler recognised in 1939 (and it is still the case today), the crime against humanity committed by the Ottoman Turks by killing the major part of this ancient Christian race has never been requited, or, in the case of Turkey, been the subject of apology or reparation. . . .

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3523) Dikran Kevorkyan: We Must Stand Against Genocide Allegation

“We must stand against genocide allegation “

An Armenian Clergy Dikran Kevorkian stressed that the whole Turkish Nation, including the Turks of Kurdish and Armenian origin, must stand against the genocide lies and labeled events that have taken place during the 8th Year Anniversary of Hrant Dink’s Death as ‘disgrace’.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Kandilli Armenian Church in Istanbul, Dikran Kevorkian, has criticized the Armenian Diaspora, reiterating that the Turkish Nation, including the Turks of Armenian and Kurd ethnic origin, must all stand against the allegations of genocide.

Saying “ How would the Diaspora find money if it weren’t the animosity accusations against Turks “ and added that most of those who attended Hrant Dink’s Funeral Procession 8 years ago and now the 8th Anniversary of his death did not even know Hrant Dink. . . .

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3522) Prospects For Normalization Between Armenia And Turkey: A View From Yerevan Sergey Minasyan

by Sergey Minasyan
Political Studies Department, Caucasus Institute, Yerevan, 2010


Since Armenia’s independence in 1991, its three successive presidents have invariably expressed their country’s readiness to normalize relations with Turkey without preconditions. This is despite unsettled historical issues between these two nations, namely the issue of the 1915 Genocide of Armenians by Ottoman Turkey, and the disappointing record of the last two decades in which Turkey sealed its borders to Armenia and failed to establish diplomatic ties with it. Should ratification fail, it will be very hard for the two countries, and especially for Armenia, to continue with normalization. By spring 2010, mistrust of Turkey grew significantly even among those political circles in Armenia that were originally very pro-rapprochement and argued in favour of it in discussions with nationalists and Diaspora actors. Armenian society’s perspective on relations with Turkey is again moving closer to that of the Diaspora . . .

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3521) Athens and Erivan . . . Lies of the Century

The atrocities and vicious torture applied by the Greeks to the Turkish peoples of both Thrace and Anatolia have not been recorded by history until now…

By Sükrü Server Aya, Author and Researcher, Jan 19, 2015

In addition to the internal and external malicious injustices imposed upon Mr. Dogu Perinçek, the improper social behavior shown towards the members of the Talat Pasha Committee who went to Athens lately, along with the unimaginable behavior of our own diplomats as well as the absurd ‘genocide’ claims of the Greeks and Armenians have reminded me the famous anecdote in Turkish folklore literature “ I wish the hell that the guy who accused me of wrong doing was an honest one…”

I got upset . . and I decided to share with you the original information and documentation most of which are available in the internet. It is impossible to clearly and justly explain the historical facts that took place about 100 years ago and turned into dramatic tales today by these two governments but I will submit, as much as possible, some of the truth, as either a translation from foreign sources or a borrowed fact from the trustworthy history books and references.


This year is the 100th anniversary of the landing of Anzacs to the Dardanelles. About 8,000 people . . .

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3520) Willoughby Council, Australia To Erect Monument To Late Armenian Archbishop Aghan Baliozian, Codenamed Zorik, The KGB Spy

Fairfax Media reported on Tuesday August 12th, that according to the newly released archives by UK’s Churchill College, the late Armenian Archbishop Aghan Baliozian, Primate of the Diocese of the Armenian Church of Australia and New Zealand, was a KGB spy. In the papers of former KGB archivist and defector Vasili Mitrokhin, Archbishop Baliozian was listed as a KGB agent, codenamed “Zorik”.

(Read more: here ) KGB Agent Archbishop Baliozian with ARF Australia Members


Embarrassing for some members of the NSW Parliament, KGB Spy Archbishop Baliozian was their regular guest to the NSW Parliament. Many NSW political figures read tribute to the archbishop, with Liberal MP Jonathan O’Dea ,Chair of the Armenia-NSW Friendship Group, applauding his commitment to inter-religious dialogue as well as his abilities as an orator.   . .

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3519) Aram Atesyan's Speech at the Istanbul University Symposium, Jan 2015

(Speech of Aram Atesyan – Istanbul Univ. Jan.5-7, 2015)

Dear Participants and Guests,

I would like to thank the Dean’s Office of the Istanbul University, Faculty of Literature and Letters, for their kind invitation to this international symposium titled “Turkish-Armenian Relations in the 19th - 20th Century, with the theme and emphasis on social melting and mixing, resentment, disappointments and search for new ways to reconcile. Dear Guests; I believe that it should not go unnoticed that there are definite and clear differences of judicial understanding among the Turkish - Armenian Group in Turkey who are bound together with their citizenship of Republic of Turkey, the Armenian Diaspora and the Armenian Republic, whenever the Turkish - Armenian Relations are concerned. TurkishArmenian Patriarchy, as part of their daily routine, is the religious and spiritual center of the Turkish - Armenian Citizens in Turkey who are in daily contact and dialogue with the Turks. The Armenian Patriarchy assumes it its obligation and responsibility to approach the subject with goodwill and offers constructive criticism whenever the Turkish-Armenian Relations are concerned while not violating its fundamental responsibility of remaining outside the local and international politics and not acting contrary to its basic function which is religious and spiritual service . . .

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3518) Video: Onnik Dinkjian - Diyarbekiri Hokin / Armenian Songs From Diyarbakır

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3517) The Year Of An Anglo-American Apology To Armenians And Turks

Tal Buenos

Expectations of the year 2015 have much to do with the roundness of the number of years since 1915. They also have much to do with the political purpose that the historical Ottoman-Armenian conflict serves to this day and how such purpose has guided the phenomenon that is the field of genocide study. The study of genocide in Western academia is at its core a form of American soft power that has introduced a dominant language on genocide. This language has been disseminated internationally through top-down organization and is controlled according to American interests.

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