3656) Living In An ‘Enemy Land’: Armenian Women Working Abroad

16 Apr 2018
By Armine Avetisyan

Kınalıada (Armine Avetisyan /OC Media)
Low pay and high unemployment have led many Armenian women to seek work beyond the country’s borders. Despite fears of trafficking, often abusive working conditions, and a closed border with Turkey, the allure of higher salaries have led thousands to leave Armenia, mainly to Russia and even Turkey — a country many consider an ‘enemy land’.

From a hospital to a sock factory
Sixty-year-old Anna Hovhannisyan (not her real name) has been working as a nurse for more than three decades in hospitals in Gyumri, in northwestern Armenia. After her husband died 10 years ago, the burden of supporting her family lay entirely on her shoulders.

‘I have two children. After my husband’s death, I was the only one earning money in our family. At first, we lived normally. Then, when all our savings ran out, I took a loan from the bank, hoping I would soon find a job; my children would help, and we would repay the loan. But we failed. We ended up buried in debts’, Anna tells OC Media. . . .

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3655) Who Is a Turk? It’s Complicated

By Kaya Genc
April 1, 2018

ISTANBUL — Earlier this year, Turkey opened its closely guarded population register, a monumental archive of lineages going back to Ottoman times. A website that gives access to all public services in Turkey now includes a genealogy tab. Users can download ancestry documents, with records going as far back as 1882.

People wearing masks of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of modern secular Turkey. A new online database of genealogy records in the country is testing a long-held idea of racially pure Turkishness.CreditAgence France-Presse — Getty Images

Since the appearance of the new service, roots, migration, purity and hybridity have dominated the conversation in WhatsApp groups, offices and tea shops. In just two days, over 5 million Turks went looking for their heritage on the register. Interest was so intense that for a few hours the website collapsed. The government was forced to stop the service for several days. . . .

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3654) A New Kind of War By David Durfee Minier

"I will be the first one as an example to many more to follow." -Gourgen Yanikian

Aug 1984/ Feb 1985

David Minier, District Attorney of Santa Barbara and prosecutor in the 1973 Gourken Yanikian trial, submitted the following article to Hye Sharzhoom.

Although Minier finds no connection between the present Turkish government and the Ottoman Empire, it should be noted that, according to the Genocide Convention of the United Nations, the guilty party in a genocide is a perpetuating state, and has thus no-statute of limitations.

In view of this, though the government of the Turkish state has changed, both during and after the Ottoman Empire, the present government is judged guilty according to the Genocide Convention. The article was written in August, 1984 and includes a summary of Yanikian's life, the events of the trial, and Minier's own conclusions about the "Armenian Question":

Last Sunday the Bee published a detailed article about how the Armenian massacres of 1915 are viewed today. As noted in the article, a delayed consequence of the massacres has been, starting in 1973, a series of assassinations of Turkish diplomats and family members by Armenian terrorists.
. . .

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