16 October 2016

3616) Recent Posts At Our Facebook Group

Recent Posts At Our Facebook Group Facebook.com/groups/ArmenianGenocideResourceCenter

  1. How Reliable Are The Eyewitness Accounts/Testimonies From Survivors?
  2. Diaspora Is Aware Of The Change
  3. An Interview With Professor Taner Akcam
  4. The Armenian Diaspora And Its Future
  5. “With An Unrestrained Access To The Archives In Ankara, We Can Gain A Much Better Understanding Of German Responsibility” Hilmar Kaiser
  6. Turkey-Armenia Travel Grants
  7. Vox Pops: Life As An Armenian In Turkey
  8. Turkey-Armenia Fellowship Scheme financed by the European Union 2016-2017
  9. Enemy Is The One Whose Story We Don't Know
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3615) History, Cynicism And Guilt: A Critique Of The Armenian Campaign

Brendon J. Cannon
September 30, 2016

History, cynicism and guilt: A critique of the Armenian campaign
The lesson here is that identities, narratives or campaigns based on historical documents and ‘facts' can be construed differently depending on multiple variables, to include time and space. They can also be used and abused for political purposes

The campaign to declare the events of 1915 as genocide needs to be questioned and critically examined.

While closure and healing through recognition are an important part of progression, these two concepts are being manipulated to propagate a campaign for new legislation and "official recognition" of the Armenian events and they do not represent reality . .

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