3668) Would The Armenian Terrorist Monté Melkonian Be A Hero ?

Monté Melkonian: Armenian Resistance Hero Or A Terrorist?

Died 25 years ago, Monté Melkonian (1957-1993), his life and his struggles, pose an essential and troubling question: is violent action, in some cases, justifiable? His brother Markar dedicated a book to this extraordinary existence.

Summer 1969, El Grao de Castellón, south of Spain. The couple came to live here a few months, to discover Europe to his offspring. Children take Spanish classes at a small college. One day, the teacher turns to the youngest member of the family, Monté, 11, and asks, "Where are you from?"

The kid answers that he comes from California. "I mean, where do your ancestors come from?" Says Señorita Blanca. "We did not look like the little American blondes we could see in the movies," writes Markar Melkonian in his book on his brother Monté, The Road to My Brother . " The rest of the day, and during the days and months that followed, my brother reflects on the question asked by Blanca: where do you come from?" . . .

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3667) When T.P. O’Connor Met General Andranik

by Dr Pat Walsh


On 19 June 1919 T.P. O’Connor, MP, spoke at a meeting held in Central Hall, Westminster, in support of the Armenian cause. O’Connor appeared on the platform with Lord James Bryce, Lord Gladstone (son of William), G.P. Gooch (famous historian) and the Armenian General Andranik. A record of the proceedings was published in a pamphlet, Armenia and the Settlement, by the Armenian Bureau in London.

O’Connor was one of the last remaining Redmondite MPs left in the British House of Commons, after Sinn Fein had destroyed the Irish Parliamentary party in the 1918 election. The Irish had rejected O’Connor’s party after it had gone over to Imperialism and recruited Irishmen in their hundreds of thousands to die and kill in Britain’s Great War on Germany and Ottoman Turkey.O’Connor had supported the war because England had promised Irish Home Rule in return for war-recruiting by his party. But five years later there was no sign of Home Rule, Britain had rejected the vote by the Irish democracy for an independent Republic and it was governing Ireland through military repression.

T.P. O’Connor had been a long-standing supporter of the Armenians, and an anti-Turk in the Gladstonian “bag and baggage” tradition. He supported Russian “liberation” of the Armenians in the 1877/8 war. He was not only an M.P. for Liverpool in England but had a successful journalistic career in English Liberal circles.
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3666) New Documentary: Armenian Rebellion Against the Ottoman Empire .. Terrorism and Propaganda (7 Episodes in 5 Languages)

New Documentary: Armenian Rebellion Against the Ottoman Empire .. Terrorism and Propaganda
[7 episodes in 5 languages]

A series of documentary composed of 7 parts and prepared in Turkish, English, German, French and Spanish languages about the “Rebellion of the Armenians to the Ottoman State, Terror and Propaganda” has been produced by Turkish Historical Society in the light of new information and documents in order to inform the local and foreign public.

1st Part: Terror and Rebellion, 1915
2nd Part: Deportation and Relocation, 1915
3rd Part: Diaspora, Diplomacy and Propaganda
4th Part: Asala: Fire and Blood
5th Part: Factitious Documents and Facts
6th Part: Diplomacy Without History
7th Part: First Fire: Atrocities Against Muslim Population, 1915

1) The Rebellion Of Armenians Against The Ottoman State Terr..|1st Episode: 1915 Terror and Rebellion

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