3665) Whither Armenia and the Diaspora?

Whither Armenia and the Diaspora?

June 29, 2018 Garen Yegparian

Mount Ararat (Photo: Rupen Janbazian/The Armenian Weekly)

It seems most times when I write a piece that I think is of great importance, the response is… crickets. Yet, I feel compelled to keep addressing such issues, even though they tend to be nerdy, wonky, geeky, etc. All the things that many people don’t care to read, but here goes…

This discussion is meant to be internally—that is, Armenian oriented. Great power games, Turko-Azeri foolishness, economics, etc. should be far from the focus of our thinking. It is born of a recent discussion with my two college roommates. It is only the very roughest of outlines, beginnings, in addressing the issues at hand. And even more, it is a series of inquiries, perhaps even probes. But, it may be that this matter is the most important long-term item on the Armenian agenda, our conclusions impacting us well into the future, probably for at least a century or two.

First, for clarity, let me define what I mean in this discussion when I use the terms Armenia, Diaspora, and Armenian (except if it refers to the language). Armenia refers to it all, the whole kit-and-caboodle—Greater and Lesser Armenia plus Cilicia. Diaspora means every Armenian living outside of Armenia as defined. Armenian means every human who says, in one way or another, “I am Armenian.” . . .

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3664) To Camp or Not to Camp - Armenian Youth Camps In USA

To Camp or Not to Camp -Armenian Youth Camps In USA

June 26, 2018 Sevana Panosian

‘Today, as I drive up the saguaro laden arid beauty of Pearblossom Highway onto the dusty driveway of Route N14, my nostalgic musings are muffled by the ecstatic screams of my daughters—AYF Camp Big Pines is here’ (Photo: AYF Camp)
School kid: “Hi! What’s your name?”

Me: “Suh-vah-nuh Bag-duh-ser-yun.”

School kid: “What’s that? What kind of name?”

Me: “Armenian.” . . .

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3663) Motion Recognizing Armenian Genocide Put Into Debate In Australia

Motion recognizing Armenian Genocide put into debate in Australia

25 June, 2018

Genocide debate VideoLink at fB

For the first time in Australian Federal Parliamentary history, a motion recognizing the Armenian Genocide was accepted for debate by the bipartisan Selection Committee of the House of Representatives, the Armenian National Committee of Australia reports.

The debated motion recognizes, among other things, “the extraordinary humanitarian efforts of the then newly formed Commonwealth of Australia for the orphans and other survivors of the Armenian Genocide, as well as the other Christian minorities of the Ottoman Empire including Greeks and Assyrians”.

This comprehensive, bipartisan support indicates that the House of Representatives has taken a major step towards Australia recognizing its first major international humanitarian relief effort was to aid survivors of the Genocide.

“In remembering the victims of the Armenian Genocide and those Australians who came to their aid, we send a message that the events which started in 1915 are not just some footnote in history. For if we hide from the truth, if we fail to recognize the evil that was perpetrated against the Armenians, we simply provide succour to those today and in the future who think that they can deny the most important of human rights, of life itself”, MP Trent Zimmerman said in his remarks. . .

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