16 February 2017

3624) ASALA In Occupied Azerbaijani Lands: Armenian Terrorist’s Confession

6 January 2017
The Armenian terrorist group known as the Armenian Secret Army for the Liberation of Armenia (ASALA) has penetrated in Armenia’s security services and army, according to ASALA member Mardiros Jamgotchian.

Jamgotchian, who committed a terrorist attack in 1981 against an employee of the Turkish Consulate in Geneva, said in an interview with the Swiss magazine L'Hebdo that after 35 years, he still doesn’t regret committing his crime.

He enthusiastically and in detail described his crime in his interview.

The ASALA member doesn’t conceal the fact that after being released from a Geneva prison and coming back to Armenia, he began to maintain close relations with Armenian security services.
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12 February 2017

3623) Inside Story: How British Foreign Office Instigated "The Armenian Massacre" Of 1915 To Promote Its Great War

Roger Casement on how the British Foreign Office instigated "the Armenian massacre" of 1915 to promote its Great War.
Casement, who worked with Sir Edward Grey, knew the inside story.
Pat Walsh

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25 January 2017

3622) Lens Between Turkey and Armenia

Jan 24
By James Estrin

John Stanmeyer crouched under a rock on the border between Armenia and Turkey to avoid a rainstorm in April 2015. From his vantage point, he could make out the remains of a decaying, centuries-old bridge that once linked the two countries. “I was deeply saddened on a more profound level then I’ve ever been” he said. “I looked at the bridge that used to link two beautiful people and I thought that there had to be something more to do.” His ambitions were large: nothing less than fostering understanding, ending mistrust and “building peace between two beautiful nations,” he said. But from decades of photographing, he knew that there was “too much madness, indifference and pain” for a single images rarely to bring about significant change. His goals were well beyond what he could accomplish alone. . . .

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20 January 2017

3621) Rakel Dink: Come, Let Us Do Away with the Restlessness of Doves in This Country

January 19, 2017

10 years. Easier said than lived… Exactly 10 Years. Without you, it has not been easy at all. Being without you, not having my beloved one with me, and above all, being separated from him by a heinous plot have caused even more pain, sorrow and heartache.

What do I have to say to those who have been suffering for the last 20, 30, 40 years? What do I have to say to those whose children have been murdered? . . .

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