22 April 2014

3457) Hon Emanuel Celler, NY, House Of Reps: Document Reveals Dashnag Collaboration With Nazis

Document Reveals Dashnag Collaboration With Nazis


Thursday, November 1, 1945

Mr. CELLER. Mr. Speaker, in justice to the Armenians, I herewith submit a statement from the Armenian Mirror-Spectator as of September 1, 1945, entitled "Document Reveals Dashnag Collaboration With Nazis," and excerpts from Propaganda Battlefront, as of September 30, 1945, entitled "Document Shows Dashnags as Nazi Collaborators": (From the Armenian Mirror-Spectator of September 1, 1945]


(EDITOR'S NOTE.-The following document, translated into Armenian from the original German text and published in a pamphlet in France, recently arrived in this country. As the document reveals, the so-called Armenian National Council (not . be confused with the Armenian National Council organized and now functioning in America) appealed to Alfred Rosenberg, Nazi minister of the eastern occupied areas (Russian) to turn Soviet Armenia into a Germany colony. The council was comprised of the following Dashnag leaders: President, Prof. Ardashes Abeghlan; vice president, Abraham Gulkhandanian; secretary, Hairoutune Baghdasarlan; members, David Davidkhanian, Garegin Nuzhdeh (father of Tzeghagrons), Vahan Papazin (Count), Dro Ganayan, and Der-Tovmasian.)
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20 April 2014

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19 April 2014

3456) Armenian Youth Federation Activists Threw Buckets of Blood At The Turkish Embassy in Paris

April 18, 2014
The president of the Nor Seround (the counterpart in France of the Armenian Youth Federation) has been arrested today in Paris after protesting, asking for justice and reparations for the genocide suffered by the Armenian people.

Activists threw buckets of blood in the lobby . .

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