16 November 2017

3649) The ‘Spectre’ of ANCA: The Shell, The Shill

Noah Ross, U.S. NEWS /11 NOV 2017

Literally granting themselves the moniker as one of the “…largest and most influential grassroots political organizations,” the Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA) is, like most NGOs peddling influence in Washington, not what it appears to be; however unsurprising as this is, what is startling is that this apparatus of the ‘swamp,’ is in this case posing a much more existential threat to U.S interests, its political stability and even its national security. Moreover, there is much to suggest its strings may be being pulled from Moscow.

The ANCA proudly boasts lieutenants who have criminal records ranging from convictions on coercion, assault and allegedly, terrorism, together fomenting disruption as called on from the Kremlin and forming a Spectre-like cadre operating unabated to this day.

Take for example, Mourad Topalian. The Armenian National Committee of America included Topalian prominently in recent meetings with Members of Congress, this according to ANCA press releases and other Armenian web sites; Topalian no doubt played a major role as part of an ANCA-Western Region delegation’s visit to Capitol Hill.

Topalian is also a felon. . . .

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07 November 2017

3648) Fellows Knowing And Introducing Turkey By Producing

Artsrun Pivazyan, Maria Yeghiazaryan and Armen Ohanyan. Photo credit: Miran Manukyan.

Varduhi Balyan 01.03.2017

Hrant Dink Foundation's Turkey-Armenia fellowship program sponsored by the EU encourages the professionals from the neighboring country to form cross-border cooperation networks since 2014. Armen Ohanyan (Hayastantsi), Maria Yeghiazaryan and Artsrun Pivazyan, who came to neighboring Turkey for new experiences thanks to the fellowship program, shared their experiences.

While Ohanyan, Yeghiazaryan and Pivazyan talk about their exciting projects, we see that another bridge between Turkey and Armenian is being built. Armen Ohanyan started to work in Can Publishing and says, "I have come out of my ashen nest and come to your burning house" Armen Hayastantsi greets the people of Turkey; he found the answer to the question "Where is our home?", which was written in Armenian on a wall in Kurtulus, in the book titled "The Armenian Within".
"An act of defiance"

Signing his books as Armen Hayastantsi, Armen Ohanyan says that this pen name has nothing to do with nationalism: "I am a writer. I was born in Yerevan. In literary circles, I am known by my pen name Armen Hayastantsi ("Armen of Armenia"). It may sound like a nationalist name at first, but the people who know me and my writing are aware that I have nothing to do with nationalism. I can say that this pen name is like an act of defiance with a tinge of humor. 'Hayastantsi' doesn't refer to a national identity. It only indicates that I live in Armenia and I am an Armenian citizen. I might have been a Yazidi with Armenian citizenship. . . .

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3647) May Bees Without Borders Set An Example To People

“What is beautiful remains”      Photo: Coskun Aral

Varduhi Balyan 02.07.2017
The documentary titled “Bees without Borders”, which was shot in the villages along Turkish-Armenian border, tells the story of beekeeping activities on the both sides of the border. The difficulties that these people on different sides of the border experience are almost the same and they all dream about opening of the border. Coskun Aral, Müge Aral and Batuhan Tunçer tells about the document.

The documentary reveals that beekeepers want to know their neighbors, the border open and move freely like bees. They are sure that exchange of experiences would be helpful for both sides. We listened to the story of “Bees without Borders” and the experiences during making the documentary from director Coskun Aral, producer Müge Aral and editor Batuhan Tunçer. . . .

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03 November 2017

3646) Free E-Book: Germany And The Armenian Persecutions 1914-1918, -Ulrich Trumpener, 1968

by Ulrich Trumpener
From "Germany and the Ottoman, Empire, 1914-1918" Princeton University Press, 1968

The Armenian Persecutions After the successful struggle of the various Balkan peoples for independence during the preceding hundred years, the largest Christian national group left in the Ottoman empire in 1914 were the Armenians, most of whom lived in the eastern portions of Anatolia' After submitting for centuries to legal discrimination, harassment, and misgovernment—which earned them the designation of the "loyal community" (Millet-i Sadika) by their Turkish overlords—many Ottoman Armenians had become increasingly restive and nationalistic in the course of the 19th century. Since their requests for efficient and fair government . . . . . .

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