70 representatives coming from various countries had participated in the 28th Congress of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (Dashnaktsutyun) held on January 30th, 2000 in Yerevan. It had been announced that the party agenda comprised the issues of ensuring independence of the (so-called) Republic of Nagorno Karabakh, supporting Karabakh in the international arena, protecting Armenians’ rights in their home country and the “recognition of the (so-called) genocide of 1915-22 by international public opinion”.

Six years later in 2006, we see that Dashnaktsutyun increased its’ activities till the 100th anniversary of the (so-called) Armenian genocide in the year 2015.

Dashnaktsutyun now wants that organizations in Europe and particularly university youth in Europe acquire a more active appearance so that Turkey’s EU membership process will be undermined.

Actually, certain European countries found it appropriate to judge Armenian claims unilaterally – even without feeling the necessity of investigating historical facts -, and recognized (so-called) Armenian genocide through their parliaments.

Whereas now, those with commonsense who make their voices heard in France, which has been the principal advocate of Armenians’ genocide claims in Europe, create confusion among Armenian circles.

Dashnaktsutyun panicked with the developments that occurred following the declaration published by 19 prominent historians of France under the title of “Freedom for History”, with a formal request for the annulment of the laws that are not acceptable for a democratic regime, primarily the act on the (so-called) Armenian genocide. And the party initiated a new drive in its’ activities.

With the initiatives of the office of Armenian Revolutionary Federation (Dashnaktsutyun), a conference was held in Athens with the participation of offices based in Europe and of the organization of Ay Data on January 14-15 2006. The conference aimed to ensure that Armenian case is more vigorously advocated by the university students abroad and by European structures as well as aiming to completely interconnect baseless Armenian claims with Turkey’s EU membership process.

In the conference that was attended by representatives from France, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and Britain, as well as representatives from the Near East Committee of Ay Data organization, Dashnaktsutyun office staff and deputies in the Armenian Parliament, “the need to conduct a study before the EU puts forward (so-called) Armenian genocide as a condition for Turkey’s membership” was emphasized.

In the conference in which a demand was made that “tactical and strategic policy conducted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Armenia and Dashnaktsutyun Party concerning Turkey’s membership to the EU should be maintained”, it was also required that “Armenian youth should have a more active role in the realization of Armenian ideals” and “Armenian organizations in Europe should become more active.

But this is not all of it, following are the statements of Giro Manoyan, Director of Yerevan Office of the extreme nationalist Dashnaktsutyun Party concerning “territory demands that they could make from Turkey in future”…

“The present government to which we also belong and the President whom we support and will continue to support, will not abandon our demands for motherland,” told Manoyan, also claiming that “none Armenian government can tell that it will not make territory demands from Turkey”; and he went on to say that “Not any Armenian government can do this. Because, for me, Armenian people do not allow such a government to remain in power”.

The speaker of the Dashnaktsutyun Party, partner of the government in Yerevan, demonstrates the extent of Armenian boldness by stating that “Lack of such demands today does not mean that there will not be such kind of demands in the future”.

Armenian press, which reported the above statements of Manoyan made during a round-table meeting in Yerevan, also reported that “Armenia could demand part of the Turkish territories where mostly Armenians inhabited before 1915”.

Statements made by Dashnaktsutyun make it clear in the international arena that “Armenia does not recognize Turkey’s territorial integrity” and thus once more verifies Turkey which wants to attract attention to the reality behind so-called genocide allegations.

Now eyes are turned to France where we hear statements such as “It does not fall to parliaments and politicians to write the history. History is written by historians.” And it is also time to see whether countries that acknowledge so-called genocide claims will realize their mistakes…



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