For you, what is 5 billion dollars? This figure is the price of two deals signed by Finn Sonera firm and Italian Unicredito Bank to invest in Turkey. At the same time it is Armenian budget for 2006.

Well, what is 1 billion dollars? It is the expected income of public offering of some part of Vak�fbank’s lot or Turkish exports to Syria for ten months. But it is the entire Armenian expenditures in 2006.

According to budget figures declared by Armenian Deputy Minister of Finance and Economy Pavel Safaryan, Armenian GDP will be planned as 2.4 trillion drams for 2006 and Armenian economy is expected to grow at the rate of 7.5 %. This figure equals to 384.615.384 dollars and is less than the export of Turkish jewelry sector to the US, which has hardly important share in Turkish economy.

The income planned for 2006 is around 811.965.811. The domestic income of an ordinary Turkish holding is much more than it.

They expect 500 thousand visitors in this year and it is pointed out that “tourism” sector is a vital point for Armenian economy. This figure is some lesser than the number of visitors who come to Be�konak region and Köprülü Canyon in Isparta in one year.

Safaryan said that family social aid which is at average of 12.000 drams will be increased to 15.000 drams and an average 1.500 drams increase will occur in retirement pay. To this end, minimum social insurance deduction will be increased from 5000 drams to 7000 drams; tax-exempted wages will increase from 13.000 drams to 15.000 drams. For those who wish to calculate, 1 USD = 468 Drams... But it must be pointed out that there are some criticisms about overvalued of dram against dollar.

Challenging against all neighbors, Armenia allocates 150 million dollars for defense in 2006. Through this fund, it is possible to buy 6 I1-78 transport supply planes and 10 Leopard IIA4 tanks. But this fund is not enough to buy B-1 jets. In fact if it is taken into consideration the fact that this fund includes gasoline, wages and cauldron, it may not be sufficient to buy these planes.

But Yerevan finds an easy way and according to Kocharian, Armenia has regarded Russian military base as one of Armenian security elements.

But this condition does not prevent Armenia from conducting hostile policies. Yerevan has continued to incite Javakheti Armenians in Georgia.

Such groups as "Virk Party”, "Javakh Movement", "CEM Movement”, "Akunk" and "A-Info" has made an open separatist activities in Georgia.

These groups urged Tbilisi to take following steps:

With the existent borders Javakheti and the region which is adjacent to Kvemo Kartli and where Armenian population constitutes a majority is to take place within Georgia State Federal structure and it is given an extended autonomy together with free elections and the right to elect all autonomous bodies...

In the same region, it is to be granted Armenian language with a similar status to official language...

Local people’s national identity, culture, language and history is preserved by the State, their improvement is guaranteed through budget allocation...

These things are ambitious claims for a state which can pay 45 dollars to laborers. If they whish, Yerevan said that the problem originates from border closure. It doesn’t matter. What is important is that a nation believed a fairy tale and worked with a monthly wage of 45 dollars and they are persuaded that this is true. Furthermore certain parts of society have the most expensive cars such as Porsche, Cadillac and eat Turkish meals in the most expensive restaurants...

Under these conditions, territories Armenians tried to capture from Georgia are very important for Ahiska Turk to be a homeland. Their other important characteristics are that Turkey-Georgia-Azerbaijan railway will cross here. It seems that, Armenia has moved “to prevent this Project through every means” as they announced before.

Challenging against Tbilisi in a meeting in Akhalkalaki which is regarded as the regional center, Armenian leader David Rstakyan, member of Virk party, interviewed with Tbilisi-based Rezonansi daily and he indicated that they will seek autonomy in Akhalkalaki meeting.

I wonder whether Armenia will become a calm regime, if they capture some part of territories from every neighbors?

Armenian Energy Minister Armen Movsissian said that if Armenian Metsamor nuclear plant is closed down, it will be started to construct a new one.

Movsissian said that “The cost of construction of new Armenian nuclear plant will be 800 million dollars and it is economic for us in every aspect. Any financial source is not provided so far to implement this Project. In construction of new nuclear plant Armenia will not face any problem with international community”.

The cost of a true nuclear plant can reach to billion dollars; Armenian initiative “to construct a plant with 800 million dollars which does not actually exist” is very big danger for all regional countries.

On the other hand Armenia tried to operate immediately Iran-Armenia natural gas pipeline. According to Movsissian, pipeline will be ready to operate in second half of 2006. Moreover Armenia wants to establish railways through Iran and Russia.

In the UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and Pacific countries, Armenian Minister of Transportation and Communication Arthur Sarkisyan said that they have planned to construct railways which will tie Armenia with Iran through Russia. There is very important point here:

Emphasizing that the Project is important for them from technical and economic aspect, Sarkisyan said that “due to this Project, Abkhazia railway network which establishes ties among Iran, Georgia, Russia and Armenia is ensured to be used in full capacity. In this way, it is aimed Turkey-Georgia-Azerbaijan railways to be unsuccessful.

No doubt, foreign support must be given for this and of course, Diaspora does not avoid giving support as long as it “brings in big Money”. According to an AFP report, France Axa Insurance Corporation has made mediation about compensation to inheritors of Armenian people who had insured their life but was died in 1915.

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