667) Population Exaggeration Misinformation Or What? Dilemma !

My observations of last year on the paradoxes about the population subject, which has to be further expanded or messed up, with the information on Holdwater's TAT bulletins Census plus Census 1880 htm.

In another book quote about WWI. it is stated that only within the city borders of Erivan there are 200.000 to 300.000 refugees of Turkish Armenians.
Regardless how you add or subtract, considering the HIGH ESTIMATES of various sources, the number of the people that has perished comes around 200.000 which is still a very high number, but we must consider that 30% of the soldiers died for other reasons than fighing. The civillian casualties owing to famine an epidemics has been around 20% anyway. This will remain a riddle, as much as we will never know if the egg or the hen was first.

(Documented)Population Exaggeration Misinformation Or What? Dilemma !

Sukru S. Aya

Sect. I - Istanbul :

(a) To say that there are 450,000 Mussulmans, 225.000 Greeks, 165.000 Armenians, 50.000 Jews and
60.000 of other foreign nationalities in Istanbul around 1877 (Total) 950.000 persons        

(b) 1913 Patriarch Statistics Istanbul total Armenians 163.670

(c) However, according to an estimate from British officers on the spot the population on 1920 consisted of
560,000 Muslims, 206,000 Greeks and Armenians in Istanbul 83.000

(d) According to memorandum given at Paris Conference in 1919 by Venizelos, based on figures given to him
by Boghos Nubar Total in Istanbul + Izmir,+ Syria is = (1914 & 1919 no loss) 230.000


Sect. II Ottoman Empire and others

A - Nat. Geo. Oct.1915, P. 329 : ... but to nearly two millions of Russian, Persian and Turkish subjects ...

B - (Zurcher P.119-120) in Ottoman Empire 1.500,000

C - (Hugh Pope - P,43) 1.500.000

D - (Grabill - P.51 ) Approximate population figures in the year 1914 for the six vilayets of Asia Minor with
largest numbers of Armenians exemplified the tenuous minority position of each ethnic community there
1.000.000 Armenians (about 30%), 1,000,000 Turks, (about 30%), and 650,000 Kurds (about 20%) in a
total population of over 3.000.000 people (Including Greek, Astorian, Arab and other minorities.Throughout      
all of the Ottoman Empire there were probably 1.8 2 million Armenians.

E - (Nassibian P.3 ) According to Turkish statistics: 1.3 million in all Empire, 628.000 in Six Vilayets                                              
Armenian Patriarchate 2 ,1.018.000 in

F- (according to above par d- Paris Conference) Existing Armenians in 1918, (six vilayet) 880.000        
In Istanbul + Izmir + Syria 230.000        
In other parts of Anatolia 150.000
(Alt.1) Declared-Documented Armenians (Excluding Russia) 1.260.000

G - (Nassibian gives following people alive in 1920 in his book) P.244 at Bakuba camp 50.000       
P.249 According to Joint British Arm. Relief committee in Greece-Syria-Palestine-Caucas 750.000       
P.253 immigrated to Russia (other source say 500.000) or 310.000 or 400.000       
P.253 fled to other countries 350.000       
P.211 waiting at Basra for transport 14.000       
P.72 In Egypt waiting acceptance 5,000       
(Grabill P.260) Left with French when they evacuated 150.000                    
Est. 35.000 in Armenian Army plus half of 11.000 in several Arm. Revolut.gangs 41.000        
(Alt.2) According to above data, living Armenians in 1920 minimum 1.010.000

Ref. a- CONSTANTINOPLE Edwin Grosvenor, Boston Little Brown and Co. 1900
b & E Britain and the Armenian Question Akaby Nassibian., Croom Helm; London        
c- (p.383) Constantinople Philip Mansel, St. Martins Press, NY
d & F Greeces Anatolian Venture A.A. Pallis, Methuen and Co, London 1937
B- Turkey Erik J. Zurcher Tauris Pubkishers London
C- Turkey Unveiled Nicole and Hugh Pope, The Overlook Press, NY
D- Protestant Diplomacy and the Near East Josep L. Grabill, Univ. of Minnesota Press       

CONCLUSION: Some one either cannot read or add up! Which of the above anti-Turkish source is wrong?

Kindly presented by Sukru S Aya


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