680) The Armenian massacre is a lie & has been a tool of psychological war in imperialist hands since 1915 - Lausanne 2005 Declaration

Dogu Perincek, the Chairman of the Workers Party (Turkey) has made a call to the European public from Bern and Lausanne: The Armenian massacre is a lie and has been a tool of psychological war in imperialist hands since 1915.

Dogu Perincek, the Chairman of the Workers Party, organized press conferences in Bern, the capital of Switzerland and in Lausanne, where victory of the Turkish War of Independence was confirmed in 1923 and explained to the the European public the lies created around the Armenian Genocide. He also gave out the book he had written on the issue in German. He also sent his deepest regards to Prof. Yusuf Halacoglu, the Head of the History Institute of Turkey, who was prosecuted by the Swiss authorities for a speech he made in a seminar held on the Armenian question, in Switzerland, explaining certain documents in the archives of the Institution which shed light on the Ottoman stand.

I am making this call on the European public from Bern and Lausanne.


The allegations about the Armenian Genocide is an international lie.
Is there such a thing as an international lie?

There is. Once Hitler was a superb manufacturer of lies, now it is the US and the European imperialists who manufacture them!

Not only the Turkish archives but the documents in the Soviet archives also disprove those international lies.
The documents say, the instigators of the Armenian-Muslim mutual bloodshed were the Western imperialists and the Czarist Russia.

The great powers wishing to share the Ottoman territory among them, provoked some Armenians we had been living together for centuries and led them to terrorist acts. Turks and Kurds together defended their motherland against these assaults. It should not be forgotten that Hitler too used various ethnic groups and communities against one another and divided some countries and led their peoples against one another, for his imperialist aims.


The lies of Armenian massacre were first manufactured in 1915, by the British, French and the Russian imperialists of the Czarist regime, fighting to get the bigger share from the Otoman territory. This was war propaganda, as it was later admitted by Chamberlain.

The present slander campaign was, however, triggered by the US imperialists.

The US occupied Iraq in 1991 and 2003 with the two Gulf Wars, divided it and set up a Puppet State in the North. Furthermore, they included the Kirkuk oil reserves within the boundaries of this state. Today, Turkey is forced to play the guard for that Puppet State . Turkey is face to face with imperialist encirclement. The lies of Armenian Genocide, the pressures coming over from Cyprus and the Aegean Sea are all connected with one another and are aimed at dividing Turkey and enslaving the Turkish nation.


The US and the EU have been taking resolutions about Turkey which even consider the Turkish War of Independence as a crime against humanity. This shows that they include the Armenian question within their Middle Eastern and Asian strategy. However, here, the EU has been used by its greater ally on the other side of the Atlantic. For the EU has not got armed forces and for this reason, whatever the EU does, be it in Northern Iraq or in Cyprus, it has no other significance than clearing the way for the US Army. Europe is actually serving the policies which will eventually hit Europe itself.


The US and the EU have mobilized certain citizens of the Turkish Republic in this Armenian Genocide campaign. These bought-off historians and hired journalists especially financed by the US and German intelligence services are carried from one conference to another.

A web of connections inside certain religious orders, with the Justice and Development Party in the center;some big corporations who own popular TV channels and newspapers; NGOs financed by the West; some fifth column teams on the payroll of the same services, such as the Helsinki Citizens Assembly Association, the Human Rights Association and the Roperters without Borders and other foundations and organizations connected and in collaboration with the same, have been active on account of the US and the EU. US Dollars and Euros are given out openly. Projectsare financed, betrayals are paid for and funds are alotted. The NGO intelligentsia, bought off by the West, have been turned into the civil troops of the new type of US coup detats and occupations, as were seen in the examples of Yugosloavia and Iraq. The Western imperialists have been manufacturing and spreading arguments for an operation to break down Turkey.


Examples for such arguments that have been manufactured to order are:

Prof. Dr. Halil Berktay: Turks have reoccupied Anatolia during the War of Independence
Oral Çalışlar: The ethnic cleansing process which began with the 1915 Armenian Deportation is, in one aspect, actually, a process of heading for a nation-state,.
Ragıp Zarakolu: The price for founding a unitarian nation state where the existing conditions were multi national, multi cultural, multi lingual and multi religious was genocide, ethnic cleansing, forced deportation and forced assimilation.
The aim of imperialism is to condemn the Turkish War of Independence which formed an example for all the oppressed in the world and to destroy the Turkish Republic which was founded as a result of that War.


We are making this call to the whole world and the European public:
During our War of Independence, between 1914-1922, which started with the First World War, we defended our country and overcame imperialism. With the Lausanne Treaty signed here, in this city, we made the whole world confirm that we were right and we were independent.

We had no right to permit the forces pushed forth by the Imperialist Powers to divide our country. We declare to the whole world that we did not and will never permit betrayal.


The US has bumped into the fortress of Asia. It is having a hard time in Iraq, it is enclosed within Kabul, in Afghanistan. China, India and Russia have formed strategic partnerships. The Shangai Cooperation Organization is unifying Asia.

The US aiming at being the sole major power in the world is a threat for Europe too. The US using arms, dividing countries, using ethnic separationism, Medeival fanaticism and orginizing coups to this end are all crimes against humanity.

The culture of independence and freedom which Europe inherited from the democratic revolutions in its history is our common value.

We, the Turkish nation have fought for those values and are now calling upon you to defend them together as Europe and Asia.

Do not beleive the Hitleresque lies of Armenian Genocide .

Go after the truth and defend it, like Galileo.


LAUSANNE 2005 DECLARATION July 24, 2005 ( A Proposal)

[ The Proposal for "Lausanne 2005 Declaration" written by Doğu Perinçek, the Chairman of the Workers' Party (Turkey) will be announced from Lausanne after the Wintertuhr and Lausanne conventions have discussed and appoved the final version.]

On the 82nd anniversary of the Lausanne Treaty, we; the 1st President of the Turkish Republic of Cyprus, the chairmen of political parties, former cabinet ministers, members of the parliament, university rectors, deans, professors, artists, retired army generals and army officers, administrators of trade unions active both in the private and the public sectors of Turkey, businessmen, patriotic intellectuals who have come to Lausanne from Turkey for this occasion and the representatives of thousands of people working and living in the European countries make this declaration to the whole world from this tribunal of Lausanne where the Lausanne Treaty was signed:

We wave our banners and challenge them

The US government and some other governments which serve the US claims on world hegemony have taken steps to seize our independence, sovereignty, national unity and our potential for economic development, which the Turkish nation won with the Liberation War under the leadership of the great revolutionary, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, and then got the European powers to approve it. They have started to actualize their intention of depriving us of our national state; divide our nation into ethnic and religious groups; destroy the the Turkish Revolution and use the Turkish Army in their plans of intervention in the crisis regions. They have been putting these plans into practice under the conditions they have created as they crucify Turkey at the threshold of the EU.

We, from Lausanne, wave our banners in our hands at the US imperialism which is the actual devisor of this sinister plan and its collaborators and challenge them:

All the things that you are trying to seize from our hands were won in armed struggle, fighting with you during 1914-1922 and if you persist in those cursed intentions, they will again be defended with arms.
Historical Heritage Turkey has been a seat of empires since the Hittites; it has always been a land of integrity and sovereignity. The Turkish nation, with its people of Turks and Kurds, fought as one body, the first war of independence of all oppressed nations, against imperialism and in the 20th Century, after the Soviet Revolution, became another leader of revolutions in the Oppressed World.

We are the Turkish representatives of the revolutionary tradition in Europe from the French Revolution to the Soviet Revolution and also of the heritage of liberation wars from the Turkish Revolution to the Chinese Revolution.

You cannot touch the Lausanne Treaty We are ready to defend our country and the Kemalist Revolution with this unique historical heritage, with our mountains and forests, with our lives and with everything we possess. We can gladly sacrifice our lives for the sake of our country and humanity. As you have obliged us to make this announcement, we once more declare from the centre of Europe the will of our nation to live independently and free: You cannot touch the Lausanne Treaty!

National State is all the more necessary now Those who have announced a new crusade on humanity declared that " In the age of globalization, national states cannot survive." However, this threat itself is a good evidence that it is in this present age that national states are all the more necessary. States demand independence, nations demand freedom and peoples demand wealth and peace. No power can and will be able to stand against this strong current!

We extend a strong refusal from this tribunal of Lausanne, to those who claim that we "should not be allowed to plant tobacco or cotton in our own soil," that we "should not be permitted to produce sugar, cotton thread, iron and steel in our own factories or process our own metals," and that we "should hand over our Telecom", to this program of slavery dictated to us at the threshold of the EU and to those who want to condemn us to this regime composed of Mafia organizations and religious sects.

Turkey and the EU are separate entities. Friendship and cooperation between these two independent states of the 21st century can and will only be established on the basis of respect for sovereignty and equality.
If those who imagine that they will be able to destroy our national economy and leave the Turkish nation without its state persist in these intentions, they will have to witness how a national state is kept alive and how it is restructured.

Neither will they ever be able to push the brave army of Turkey with a tradition of thousands of years on our neighbours and on the countries of Asia.

The conspiracy base of the US in Iraq Having divided and occupied Yugoslavia, The US imperialism has done the same to Iraq and positioned its forces in Afghanistan. In order to seize the heart of Asia and to control the energy routes, determined as US strategic aims, the US has established, in cooperation with Israel and those in power in Turkey, a Puppet State in Northern Iraq, which does not belong to Kurds. This Puppet State is a conspiracy base which threatens not only the territorial integrity of the countries in the region, but also all the Asian countries including Russia and the European countries. The US imperialism provokes and uses ethnic separatism, religious fanaticism and international terrorism in order to divide the countries. The European countries which support the Puppet regime founded in northern Iraq are actually serving the purposes of the US which has now stepped into Hitler's shoes, and are assisting the US plans of dividing Turkey, Iran and Syria and turning the Middle East into a region of ethnic bloodshed. European powers, by thus presenting Washington with the energy routes with their own hands are actually damaging their own interests.

The European powers may not be able to understand this at the moment, they may not be able to realize how important the unity of Turkey and its neighbours is, for their interests. However, we, as Turkey, Iraq, Iran and Syria are strong enough to defend ourselves. Those who are stuck in Iraq, are encircled there and will perish there.

We challenge those who will dare to test our determination and declare from Lausanne:

We are ready to prove that as Turks and Kurds, as Alawis and Sunnis, as one nation, we will defend the territorial integrity and the national unity of Turkey.

The forefront of humanity in Northern Cyprus All the world, especially Europe should know that the sole reason for the efforts of the US- British War Company to liquidate the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is to turn the Cyprus Island, as a whole, into a huge aircraft carrier. Thus, the efforts to unify Cyprus by means of the Annan Plan are neither for the sake of the Greek Cypriots nor for Europe.

Cyprus has a central role in the Northern Africa and the Greater Middle East Project which has been put into effect in order to change the geographical positioning of 24 countries from Morocco and Moritania to Afghanistan and Pakistan. The aim of the US is to turn Cyprus into an assault base not only against Turkey but against the whole Middle East and moreover, use it as a stepping stone to approach Russia, Central Asia and China. The battleships and air fleets taking off from the Dikelia and Agratur bases under US-British occupation will aim at targets set by the US and will also threaten the vital resources of Europe.

So now, we are waging a great fight on the forefront of humanity, stretching from northern Cyprus to northern Iraq, not only for our own country but for all the peace loving peoples and states of the world. Any country which supports Turkey on this front will be supporting its own interests as well.

You European Countries may not understand us, but we are defying and will go on defying the threats reaching our country and all humanity through Cyprus.

We declare from Lausanne: You cannot touch the Turkish Republic of Cyprus!

We challenge those who want to deal a blow at us and at all humanity in Cyprus: Those who are stuck in Iraq will be stifled in Cyprus.

The International slander of "Armenian Genocide" And the same Europe!

Do you not realize whose interests these lies of Armenian Genocide are serving?

The US imperialism is trying to position the Turkish Army on the energy routes, as a guard. An independent Turkey will never subside to such vileness. For this reason, it is an incurable malady for the US to condemn the Liberation War of Turkey, to destroy the foundations of the Turkish Revolution and to seize our country. The slanders about the Armenian and the Greek Genocide are a means to serve this end.

We Asians have got the cultural habit of co-habitation with other peoples. We have learnt from the West the gains of contemporary civilization and revolutions of the Cromwells, the Robespierres, the Lincolns, the Bethovens, the Goethes and the Karl Marxs, and it is us who are putting into practice that heritage with our wars of liberation. However, we have not learnt and will not learn the racist experiences of genocide of those who exterminated the American natives and of Hitler.

The shameless have no right to invite us to face our history.

Listen! What we are telling you is the truth: The British and the French imperialists and the imperialist Tzarist Russia tried to divide and share the Ottoman State among them. They pushed Armenian gangs on us in 1915, to stab us from our back and in the same year, they sent the poor peoples of Australia and New Zealand on us in Gallipoli and in 1919, provoked the Greek regime to an assault on us. All of our people of Turks and Kurds fought against the puppet forces provoked by imperialism between 1914 to 1922, defending our country, our land. We beat the forces sent upon us and died for our country. As hundreds of documents in the Russian archives prove, this was not a genocide but a war of liberation against imperialism. In wars of liberation, killing is as much of a fact as dying is and this is what happened.

Defending one's country is a superior human right. The guilty party was the imperialists and the powers serving them, then, as it is now.

This is not a discussion over history. Those who are, with their slanders, planning to make us doubt ourselves and leave us immobile, thinking whether we were guilty of genocide, should not hope to be successful!

We challenge from Lausanne, their psychological war campaigns which they have been using over and over again over the years!

Your parliaments insisting that they are observing the law have actually been overlooking the truth. No lie could ever be transformed into truth by parliamentary decisions. Truth cannot be banned! Look at your history of the Inquisition. Which truth could you ban with your witch hunts? The world has been turning round and round since Galileo. You cannot once again place the earth on the horns of the bull!

We once more declare:

The Armenian genocide is an international lie!

The so-called Armenian and Greek genocides are historical lies.

We are here in Lausanne, to make you face your lies.

US-manipulated plan of a second Vatican We also invite you to face your plan of turning our Istanbul into Byzantion again! Istanbul belongs to all humanity because it belongs to Turkey. But it will become a US base obstructing the straits, if it is turned into the capital of World Orthodox Christianity by declaring the patriarch in Fener (Phanarion), Istanbul, the Oeuchumenical patriarch.

We challenge the Istanbul crusade of the neo-crusaders in Washington, the most violent reactionaries and terrorists of the world and announce to the whole world: the creation of a new Vatican by the US will not be permitted.

The Dragon with one tooth left!

The people of the West, mankind, hear us!

Our national anthem starts with these words: "Do not be afraid" it says.
We are not afraid!

The magnificent line of our national anthem which explains the age of imperialism is: " The dragon with one tooth left." From Lausanne, we challenge the heart of imperialism and shout with all our might:

The imperialist system which you call civilization is now a dragon with one tooth left.

It has turned into such a dragon that it even punches holes in the skies and does not leave us a proper planet to live on. Nor does it let any philosophy or sentiment that can be called human, live!

Where have those great explorers who sailed past the Cape of Hope, those founders of the Western Civilization and those great revolutionaries gone? You have buried them all and ransacked whatever remained from them!
We declare from Lausanne: the end of the imperialist system which is the murderer of the earth and humanity has come. The end of individualistic reckless opportunism, the blind passion for private profit and the savagery of the free market has come.

The new civilization arising from Asia A new civilization is arising from Asia. The sun is once more rising from the East. This civilization the lights of which have appeared in the horizon will not be a repetition of your system which has led humanity into destruction. The cultural trait of co-habitation of the Asian historical traditions, great public projects, the feeling of serving the people, the traditions of common sensitivity and cooperation are all appearing in the stage of history once more, with the rise of this new civilization.
Europe can only exist and return to human values as an extension of the Old Continent towards the West. Now, only Asia, Africa and South America can save Europe and North America.

We invite the good people of Europe and America to the cause of humanity, to the great unity of Asia and Europe, to the cause of great Eurasia.

We swear We announce to the whole world from Lausanne: Turkey, as the forefront and one of the leaders of Eurasia will do whatever duties may fall in her lot in the 21st century, just like she started the liberation wars of the oppressed nations at the beginning of the 20th century.

We swear before humanity that we will perform this historical task: We will bring down from power the present reactionary government who has admitted that they are ready to take part in the project called the Greater Middle East Project and will reestablish the independent, popular, revolutionary republic of Atatürk which will contribute to "the peace inside the country and in the world".

We demand your confidence and pronounce our confidence in you We make this call to humanity from Lausanne, from this tribunal: Have confidence in the great Turkish nation!

And we pronounce our confidence in you!

And again from this tribunal we salute our people living in Turkey and on many other lands of Europe:
None will dare touch the Lausanne Treaty!

As our national anthem says, "Do not be afraid! This red banner swinging in our horizon will never perish!"

Kindly provided by Mr Dogu Perincek

http://www.ip.org.tr int@ip.org.tr


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