691) Armenian Children Systematically Brainwashed / Armenia's Future: Policy Of Hatred & Rancor

We all know that the reasons behind the insistence of Armenia and Armenian diaspora... on the theses of “genocide” for years stems from the demands of land and compensation. The Armenian circles, however, who concern that the statement of the claims with the underlying reasons can raise the questions about the authenticity of the claims, have mostly abstained from stating the demands of lands, compensation etc.

And now, some Armenian circles, who think they have come a long way in the recognition of the so-called genocide –the first stage of their cause-, complain of the fact that their abstention from voicing the demands being the reasons of their claims of “genocide” gives the impression that the recognition of the genocide is an aim by itself.

The article by Seto Boyadjian, which is published on May 5, 2006 in the Asbarez Newspaper in Armenia, reveals the extent of the concerns about considering the issues related with Turkey only through the prism of the “recognition of genocide” and sheds lights on the real intents of Armenia which even exceed the demands of land and compensation:

“We should not underestimate the importance of the recognition of genocide and of the initiatives to this aim. But at the same time, we cannot ignore the fact that out understanding of Armenian cause is not limited to the recognition of genocide. The Armenian cause has a comprehensive definition in which the main aim is making all human, territorial, political, economic and legal rights be returned to the Armenian people. In this sense, the return of the rights constitutes the base of the recognition of Armenian genocide.

The 50th anniversary of the Armenian genocide in 1965 marks the start of the claims for the return of the rights. The Armenians in Armenia and diaspora did not only commemorate the genocide, but they also claimed all together the return of their national rights and their extorted lands. The Armenian cause can only be solved fairly through re-establishing fully the rights of the Armenian people and returning the occupied Armenian lands to their owners.

After 1985, our claim for the return of our lands has lost in some way its priority. We have been rather focused on the recognition of genocide. This happened without having considered the negative effects. We should, however, state and emphasize clearly that the return of all the territorial, material and human rights of the Armenians constitutes the base of the recognition of the Armenian genocide.

Otherwise, we can face two main obstacles in the coming years if we give the impression that the recognition of the genocide is an aim by itself.

The first one is related with the new generation. If we separate the recognition of the genocide from the return of the rights, the new generation will believe that the Armenian cause will be solved by the recognition of the genocide. If Turkey recognizes the genocide and apologizes from the Armenian people, it will be difficult to prepare the new generation to the next stage of the struggle.

The second one concerns Turkey and other related powers. When our claim is only based on the recognition of genocide, it will be considered within this context and the decision to be given will be restricted to our demand of recognition. Therefore, when Turkey recognizes the genocide, our claim for the return of the rights could not be defendable. Both Turkey and other forces will refuse our demands on the ground that the return of the rights is not a part of the recognition of genocide. Not only Turkey, but also other countries claiming to be our friends opt for restricting the Armenian cause to the aim of the recognition of the genocide. The recognition of the genocide without the return of the rights is a proposal that can be accepted by Turkey and other related forces. In that case, we will face a fait accompli where we will have to start a new struggle for the return of the rights.

We should ask ourselves what the Armenian people want to achieve through the recognition of the genocide. The answer is very easy and short:

Firstly, the aim of the recognition of the Armenian genocide is the return of the Armenian lands occupied by Turkey.

Secondly, the recognition of the genocide is a tool for the return of the financial and legal rights of the Armenian people.

Thirdly, the reality, which is necessary to calk the suffer of the Armenian people and to rise its prestige, will be established through the recognition of the genocide.

The recognition of the genocide will be aimless if these targets are not included and not accepted”.

As a matter of fact, a study conducted by the Sociometer Polling Center in Armenia coincides with the revelations of the Asbarez Newspaper. According to the results of the study of Sociometer, the majority of the Armenian youth objects the improvement in the Turkish-Armenian relations if the so-called genocide is not recognized and the territorial demands are not met.

In other words, the only thing that will help the Armenian youth facing the poverty and unemployment to forget the “pains of the past”, of which they have not a full knowledge, is the “money” and “lands”. Thus, the effects of the grief and frustration -which even the Armenian grand-fathers did not experience- on the new-generation Armenian grandchildren will be lessened! And what about the sentiment of “hatred” which has been imposed to the minds for years as a result of the policy of “enmity against the Turks” used by the Armenian authorities in every occasion in order to conceal the deadlocks in the country. Could it be relieved by recognition of the genocide by Turkey and its grants of money and lands to Armenia?

Sacrificing the future of a nation to the hatred and rancor is actually an unluckiness and witlessness for the people of this country. The fact that the enmity, which was imposed by the imperialist world during the Ottoman era, is still preserved by the government and media in Armenia has the same meaning with undermining the future of the whole country and people.


Armenian Children Are Systematically Brainwashed

One should not be surprised how Armenia and the diaspora have been able to present a fictional incident as real.
Claiming that they have subjected to a so-called genocide, Armenians express this false discourse of theirs almost everywhere through unlimited methods.

Every means is permissible for Armenians, dreaming of attaining money and land from Turkey once their purported claim has been recognized. Not hesitating to make even religion an instrument for the benefit of their lies, these masters of propaganda (!) do not hesitate to target small school children as their audience, not troubled to harm the next generation.

The Charles Aznavur Association, active in the Akhaltsikhe (Cevahati) region of Georgia, and the Akhaltsikhe Armenian School organized an activity in Akhaltsikhe last month so as to commemorate the so-called Armenian Genocide. It is useful to note that the Armenians living in this region of Georgia betrayed to the country where they live—as they did to the Ottomans—considering this region a part of the “Greater Armenia” project.

Up to this point, everything seems well known and ordinary. However, while this so-called genocide activity had usual dimensions in regard with its location and participants, it was horrifying since religion was manipulated in a brainwashing activity and it was carried out through school kids.

The mentioned activity began with a ceremony attended by around 500 people in the Armenian Church located in the Rabat District of Akhaltsikhe. Following the service in the church, the group started to march towards the so-called “Genocide Monument” in Akhaltsikhe, and another group of 500 people, including the students of Akhaltsikhe Armenian School, joined in.

After placing a wreath at the so-called Genocide Monument, the officials of Akhaltsikhe Armenian Church, the Chairman of the Charles Aznavur Association Robert Akam and the principal of the Armenian School made respective speeches, underlining that the Armenian genocide has not been forgotten, that it will be recognized by the world, that April 24 is a holy day for all Armenians, and that they should pray for the massacred Armenians in the genocide.

Armenian businessman Samvel Agikyan, on the other hand, stated that besides urging the whole world recognize the Armenian Genocide, they would receive the cities of Kars, Ardahan, Igdir and Van from Turkey as compensation.

During the demonstration the participants chanted hateful and hostile slogans like “Turkey Gets Away With The Armenian Genocide”, “We Will Not Forget The Genocide”, and “We Will Take Our Revenge From The Turks”.

Moreover, the students of the Armenian School were made to distribute brochures on the genocide. Thus, they successfully inject the young brains living in Georgia with the idea that “revenge must be taken from the Turks that murdered their grandfathers”. Besides, just think of the impact of such an activity, organized to commemorate the so-called Armenian Genocide, upon the participants, particularly the school children, in a supposedly holy place, that is a church.

Now we ask; is it possible for these Armenian children to remain indifferent and unresponsive or not to get convinced against an event simply confirmed by the church, an institution they always believed in, and related with truth and honesty?

Is it ethical for the clergy, that should be mobilized to make brotherhood and welfare upheld forever, to fall for hatred and animosity, and to inculcate this with small children?

What will be the hope of these children for the future of Turkish-Armenian children, and how will they live in the same geography with the fabricated enemies in their close vicinity?

And how can these children find a Turk plausible who says the following: “We have never been involved in a genocide in our history. A leadership that considered its Armenian citizens loyal to their government and leaders can never commit such a genocide and it has never done so”?

We cannot expect these children to make efforts to improve the atmosphere of peace and welfare with the Republic of Turkey in the future.

We cannot ignore the potential damage of this permanent destruction systematically created in the brains of small Armenian children upon the future. Because, as it was the case prior to the provocations of the French, Russians and the British against the Armenians in the Ottoman Empire, the Turkish and Armenian children in Turkey are living far away from such feelings.



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