694) Open Letter to the Editor Re: Article by RobertFisk published on May 20, 2006


Re: Article by RobertFisk published on May 20, 2006

Dear Editor,

It is not a frequent or pleasant practice for a reader in late seventies to be annoyed by similar articles, contaminated with ignorance, bigotry, and arrogance. May be such tone of impoliteness does not even deserve a reply and it is also certain that a man, who is brainwashed with so many negative observations and conclusions, will hardly read or respect the readers remarks.

Nevertheless, I do hope that there must be a few unbiased people within your editorial board, who may be interested inthe dirt swept by Mr. Fisk under hiseditorial carpet. Accordingly, I should like to give below minimal information and relative evidences based on Armenian, British and other antagonist sources, primarily as follows:

-Murdering of 1.5 million Armenians: Under Annex 1, I submit a study about the population dilemma and ask Mr. Fisk to prove which source or figure is wrong, ifhe can add and subtract! Who is talking nonsense? Let documents speak, instead ofslinging!

Under Annex 2, you have a totally documented evaluation by simple logic that there was no reason, no time, and no meansfor planning any type of annihilation! Your columns should reflect facts; not gossips, hearsays and propaganda rhetoric!

Regarding the famous evidence Armin Theophil Wegner, please refer to the web site
http://www.tallarmeniantale.com/armin-wegner.htm learn truths, then use this hair piece as an evidence for a crime such as genocide!

To comfort your writer further with reliability of photographs I ask you to observe below showing our leader Kemal ATATURK as presented in a poster at UCLA by Armenian scholars! The picture on the left is taken from a postcard he sent to his wife with puppies at his feet. The picture on the right shows Ataturk posing with a corpse with intestines out! What a level of tailored baseness and distortion!

As regards Turkeys Christian population, it is hard to understand what kind of bird the writer hopes to catch by beating bushes, mixing Jewish holocaust with a deliberate action of rebellion, treason, internal war and treachery
I have not heard of any Jews fighting Germans nor some cities being exempted from cleansing. For better knowledge please refer (as Annex 3) to:


and read some 23 pages of the calamities religious dogmatism brought onto innocent people while saving their afterlife! The writer may be still willing to chant songs such as onward Christian soldiers... I suggest that you read the portions from Akaby Nassibians book, to learn the involvement and sins of Britain in this drama.

I would also like to give you below excerpts from
Deceptions and Myths of the Bible Lloyd Graham, Citadel Press. ISBN 0-8065-1124-9; A section from the preface goes like this;

The Bible is the Book of the Church... The Jewish Church stands behind the Old Testament. The Christian Church stands behind the New Testament. The Bible is the Making. And behind the Church stands the priesthood. The back cover reads; Mr. Graham believes it is time this scriptural tyranny was broken so that we may devote our time to man instead of God and to civilizing ourselves instead of saving our souls that were never lost.

As regards Mr. Robert Kotcharian, the latest Dashnak ringleader who raided the Armenian mock state parliament, his creditability is at stake. His duty andresponsibility should be towards building up trust in his devastated country, whose citizens take refuge in Turkey to earn their some living. Is it normal that no Armenian historian or state representativesfacts versus propagandist distortions that have been going on for longer than a century? Aggression, slandering, clouding, bragging,cheating, etc, are pitiable tactics, cowards so often employ to excuse themselves or hide their face which otherwise have to blush when real cards are laid on the table.

Mr. Fisk accuses Turks even because of defending their homeland at Gallipoli against French and British Imperialism and the poor Anzacs brought from other part of the world to win medals fighting infidel Turks they never met or had any relation. The goodwill and compassion of the Turkish people find expression as below:
To the heroes who mixed their blood with the soil of our country;

Here you are resting on the soil of a friendly nation. Rest in peace. You Johnnies are sleeping side-by-sideembroiled with the Mehmetciks of our country.

The mothers who sent their sons to war from far away countries;

Wipe your tears. Your sons are embraced in the bosom of our land. They are at peace so let them rest in peace. After shedding their blood on our soil they have since become our sons
... General Mustafa Kemal 

Ankara, March 18, 1934

(Note: Please excuse minor differences in words of below passages from original English texts, since they were translated reversely from Turkish translations. Reference: CANAKKALE by Henri Benazus, Toplumsal Gelisim Yayinlari Turkiye)

We left the Gallipoli Peninsula after having fought the Turks at the expense of many of our sons lives. We took back with us our admiration and appreciation for the love of the Turks towards their land.

All Australians love the Mehmetciks like their own sons. Their courage, love for their country and mankind as a whole, their irresistible grandeur in the trenches, and bravery won all Anzacs admiration. Their love of their land is a virtue to be exemplary to all men
. With my appreciation and respect... Sydney, April 25, 1940                                                                                    

Lord CaseyEx Anzac Officer- Then Governor General of Australia

From the October 10, 1915 Letter from Dardanelles of an Australian Colonel whose name is illegible.

The Turks are most righteous warriors. Their courage and bravery is indisputable. The rumors of torture, cruelty, and dumdum bullet are unfounded. Theother day, one of their shrapnel inadvertently shot one of the Red Cross mules. They apologized on the spot. Prior to that, they had attended to our wounded. They dropped our wounded at the beach and informed us of their whereabouts. I doubt that any one of us here harbors animosity towards the Turks. )

Are the Turks Really Tired of Fighting? Australian Lieutenant T. J. Richard, Dardanelles May 4, 1915

These Turks are amazingly good fighters. Ignore rumors that they are demoralized and there is controversy among them. According to General Hamiltons message shared with us yesterday, Turks are so tired that they may throw the towel anytime soon. However, I disagree with this estimation.

As regards the names given by the writer for righteous Turks, three of them are known to be ex convicts and some militarists of the Communist party... They were red, now respecting the green of Dollar, they changed their color. In a country with seventy two millions of people that many turncoats in search of butter over their dry bread, is not too many... but to take them as valid representatives of the Turkish nation, sharply display whom and what purposes they serve! These scholars (?)are so liberal and respectful to human rights and freedom of expression, that they did not accept two graduates of the subject school and old enough to be their fathers, even as listener since they were not sure if we would applaud them or not!

These are the hard facts that I can present documentation any time to any one... But these persons have no respect of others or books different than what is given to them... Your advertising them and no other person from Turkey is enough evidence about their dedication to truth.
As regards a certain Dane Mr. Carl Wandel, of which we could find no mentioning in history records, I presume that your writer by speaking of Denmarks ministeris simply referring to a Protestant pastor, like so many others mentioned in above annexed 23 pages. The writer obviously does not know that after the occupation of Istanbulby Allied forces in late 1918, they appointed an Armenian to search the Ottoman archives and at the same time took 144 leading Ottoman autocrats as hostage or convicts, they imprisoned in Maltapending the trials to be held on genocide claims. The puppet Ottoman Government then, to facilitate matters tried to organize a neutral international investigation committee and asked among others Spain and Denmark to appoint representatives. But the British did not like the idea, and these representatives were never sent or committee formed. After a detention of nearly two years, not finding any legal evidence in any of the archives, be Ottoman, French, British or American the British had to release all of the detainees without a single trial or official charge !(Possibly, the Armenian archive director and the British who was trying so hard to pin the Turks were trying to protect (?) us...)

The other generalities, fabrications and reciprocal excesses are partly true but is there any government whose history is unblemished with human rights violationss (including Britain, France, Greece, Russia)?. All Turkish archives are open and few scholars have spent months, took thousands of photographs. Yet, the Dashnaks most important archives in Boston or Erivanwere never opened... Yet, I have gathered enough evidence from anti Turkish writers, that everything is brought in the daylight, but parties like yours, would insist to say we already know, there is nothing to talk about`. This as true as the Churchs claim that the world is flat...

The Turkish ambassador, apparently was polite as usual in his statement, and even that much has aroused the anger and humiliation of Mr. Fisks butter dripping pencil...I compliment your paper and writer for exhibiting such an undeniable example of British freedom, omniscience, and omnipotence in the spirit of democratic freedom, delegated to those who hold the pen and post.

Kind regards

Sukru S. Aya - Istanbul


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