779) The Greatest Power And Wealth In Life Is Knowledge

Dear All,

-THE GREATEST POWER AND WEALTH IN LIFE IS KNOWLEDGE -And does not sell in pill boxes... You read, watch, and learn than others.

-I do not know what impact previous message made, recommending to everyone interested to learn just a little about the baseless genocide allegations, to buy the REVOLT DVD, available from below e=mail address info@thirdcoastfilms.com and recommend it to other parties. I am afraid or ashamed that not too many Turks have that much curiosity or afford to pay $10 plus $3 mailing expense, to sent by check to their below PO Box address.

-Yesterday I received from mail their second DVD. "PROTEST which I watched and wish to comment on it as well. The PROTEST is the actual filming of the Turkish Protest meeting of last year in Washington with posters, speeches and interviews of some Turks, and the counter protest of some Armenians with opposite posters with known slogans. I think that this DVD must be shown in TV stations all around the world, in as far that it proves the "genocide-mania" in every American Armenian, down to the bone.  

Interesting is the use of 8-10 year old Armenian dressed in boy scout uniforms carrying posters, and barely to murmur grudge in their childish minds. The teaching of everlasting hatred, in all Armenians interviewed, is well demonstrated and their attitude not to speak with Turks on any matter is an awesome proof of racism. I guess all Turks in USA, should buy and watch ourindifference versus Diasporas partial teaching and strong indoctrinations.

As regards the contents of the interviews made by Mandy Callaghan, very liberally and neutral, I am sorry to notice that with the exception of Mrs. Oya Bain and another gentleman, Turkish speakers are not only deficient in expressing themselves in effective English but more serious than that, they are not aware of even the basic incidents and hence the interviews to be only opposite simple accusations.

Our friend Yuksel Oktay had put together a condensed booklet on May 19, 2005 of some 30 pages only, which may be used as a handbook on this issue.

I guess that the booklet may sent by E-mail as well, but in the rarity of particular demands, I may consider reprinting and mailing it to those who make a written request. Gentlemen, although the matter appears to be a mud sling fight on streets and parliaments, it is indeed sad that those who should be concerned and informed (with but a few exceptions) do not take the trouble, to read, watch, evaluate even glance through the TAT encyclopedia of our friend Holdwater http://www.tallarmeniantale.com or read the valuable articles now appearing in the http://armenians-1915.blogspot.com

As it was been told in the interview, Turkish State did practically nothing in the past 90 years, and my present observation is that still just a tiny bit of awareness started on the Turkish side. This is VERY FAR and too small to stop the avalanches of lies ... Truth is on our side... but we are not siding together, we cannot make our voice heard. One Armenian lady was saying that Prof. Charny admitted genocide, and hence it is definitely true... How would you know what a scholar this guy is if you don't read TAT ? Prof. Justin McCarthy's"WHO ARE THE TURKS" ISBN 0-944675-71-9 should be in the library of every Turkish American. But if our 200.000 members (?) cannot afford to buy even this book, then we may beg Holdwater to prepare a 3-page bulletin, able to explain the historical events throughout some four decades and answer some 800 books and tens of thousands of pages of Diaspora propaganda...

May be some need such a miraculous "pick-lock" to undo the heavy propaganda against Turks.
Thanks to Mandy Callaghan for his work
Good morning, or good night dear all...

Sukru S. Aya

Editor's Note
Prof. Justin McCarthy's "WHO ARE THE TURKS" ISBN 0-944675-71-9 (Digital Version of the Book)is also a free download (45mb) See our free e-books section for the link.


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