878) Monte-Negro can't be an example for Nagorno Karabakh

Some European and American leaders tell today, that Monte-Negro referendum and independence can't be an example in solving of Azeri-Karabakh conflict, where Karabakh is a respective "Monte-Negro" of Azerbaijan.

It is almost the same size, was autonomy in Azerbaijan as Monte-Negro was autonomy in Serbia.

What ever: some European and American leaders tell that Monte-Negro can't be an example for Nagorno Karabakh.

I my self am an Armenian and that is why am isolated from the peace implementing process, because I am considered as not neutral and those who declare now that people of Monte Negro have more rights then the people of Nagorno Karabakh, they are the ones who are neutral.

So where that "neutrality" is seen?

People around who are interested in politics and those who challenge the parliament of this country and even those who do the same in their respective countries:

I am isolated from participation in solving of my own problems in my own home, because some European and Swedish among them politicians consider me as being not neutral and make decisions instead of me in my own home. They even isolate me from the discussions, because I am considered as not neutral as sad already.

My face do not corresponds to the vision of the face of Amnesty International for showing outside, when I applied there for a job, which is very much related with my own geographical origin. They were even honest enough to write a letter and tell that. Amnesty has bad taste I understood that day, but they are more honest and tell direct that they don’t want to see my kind and my face in my own country

Leaders and diplomats are playing angels in difference and as result that Armenians have fewer freedoms then Serbs, even when Serbs were not asking that much for that “freedom”.

Let’s find the logic. Let’s analyze together and if tempted, don't hesitate to put questions when you meet responsible diplomats and leaders.

Ask them to explain the difference.

Some data:

Serbia and Monte-Negro.

We have a case here, where in both countries Serbs are living, have the same history, culture, religion. Never were involved in conflict against each other, they speak the same language. The difference of the origin of this people is the difference between the people of Smoland and Svealand in Sweden.

Now they are separated and every body around consider that as democratic development because of the referendum.

So do I. My respect to the decision of 55% of the population and their constitution. I am sorry a bit for those 45 % of people. That is quite a big amount of people and with some future manipulation that amount may become 55 % and we have one more source of conflict, which was very precisely prepared for the future war business, by our leaders and politicians who are very neutral of course.

Nagorno Karabakh – Azerbaijan.

Exactly like Monte-Negro this republic was an autonomy in Azerbaijan: totally different language, religion, culture, history which was very brutal in the case of those two nations.

People of Nagorno - Karabakh had their referendum back in 1990s, voted for independence with almost consensus (98-99%) and respected institutions of the planet which where observing the referendum consider it as the only honest voting in the entire post soviet space.

So how it comes that these 15 years old de facto state, with all institutions of governance already implemented and functioning is driven back to a tyranny where the elections were forged and their right of freedom is considered as being less then Serb’s in Monte Negro?

Where is the logic? Where you see neutrality?

I see corruption, crime, troublemaking and creating it for future wars and massacres and leaders and politicians who are busy with those businesses like that are never far away. They are here, near by. They are our neighbors and are always among us as role models of a good citizen.

Vahe Avetian


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