880) To be a part of Europe

“To be a part of Europe, Turkey should become Europeanized itself” tells Andranik Margaryan, the self appointed prime minister of Armenia, who consider him self as being Europeanized enough probably and think about the future of Turkey and not less then European Union.

As a self declared concerned citizen I tell: You better think about keeping your ass out of the jail, when a legal government will be formed in Armenia and do not pretend as being one, who may have opinions or influence on European matters.

I welcome any kind of arrogance

I see arrogance immediately, even an unconscious one, because I my self was an arrogant. I am happy you never saw me when I was young and brainwashed.

Arrogance of fellow humans seems silly to me today and that is why I never get angry or desperate when I see an arrogant. Arrogance is the unshaped option of a human nature, and one may change it with learning. No one will change it without learning for sure. I am sorry. And I am sorry also that by some coincidence many leaderships of the now day world, consist of that kind of people. It is not their fault, or at least not only theirs, but ours also.

Arrogance comes with different faces.

One of them is the ethnic arrogance. I met people who think they are superior because they represent a special kind - a true “Arian” so to speak.

- Wow!

The arrogant and brainwashed old and tribal I want to shout immediately:

- You are a looser in that case, since I am the only Arian here: "AR", "MEN", "IA".

After a little pause and some reconsideration I’ll tell today: "Ari" is an Armenian word and it means nothing more then "brave". The only brave thing is to tell the right word, in right place, in right time, among right people and nothing else, and I may give hundreds of names of fellow humans from all tribes, be it black or white or what ever color and shape for that matter, who are in the first places in the line of "Arians", because those great sons and dotters of humanity dared to put the right word, in the right place, in the right time, among right people and many of them knew that they are going to be executed for that.

They are the Arians, the brave people: Jesus, Newton, Copernicus, Leonardo, Mahatma Gandhi, Patrice Lumumba, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela and many, many others…

If you don't like this and want to stress genetically based Aryanism, then you are going to accept your being the looser: I am the Arian and no one else (except my tribe and villagers of course).

The other face of arrogance is religious.

- Our Christian view on the world, blah, blah...

- I am coming form the oldest Christian nation.

An other kind of arrogance is:

- We are Nobel.

- It is year 5600 with some years more, according to the Armenian calendar and my ancestors are counting their history directly from Noah and the first Armenian king was the grand child of his, by name Haik, so is the name of my son also.

Who you think you are “barbarians”, to present yourself as Nobel in front of an Armenian?

- We are white some tell.

- No way. I am made on Ararat - the place where the genuine human is coming from. If we speak on that terms, I am the white and all others are darker or pail, because some are always under the san and the others never see it.

- We are educated some tell.

- The last alphabet we use is twice older than your entire history and all national remembrance. We had several of them during the history and changed constantly to fit the progress.

- We are young. You are an old culture and are dying:

some tell.

- That were the words of Babylonians, Assyrians, Romans, Byzantines, Mongols, Tartars, Arabs, Ottomans and Bolsheviks too. They all have gone, we are here. This is why each new “Cesar” kills us.

No one succeeded, no one will.

We are the kids of Noah. We are meant to stay.

- Do you think we are not worth of something?

The desperate arrogant would tell for sure in the end.

- You are worth of every thing you choose for your self.

You may choose to try to exterminate the kids of Noah or to choose to accept Noah as a father and be meant to stay as well.

Look what arrogance I may put forward in front of an arrogant and I was doing it when I was young, stupid and brainwashed.

Two things only from that time I preserve: Freedom of speech as the sign of being brave and the love towards the children of Grandfather Noah.

If an arrogant doesn’t like what I offer, I welcome any kind of arrogance.

To a reader who tells that I humiliate Armenians

an alternative to my writings may be some thing like this:

Armenians, you are the smartest, strongest, richest, you have nothing to think about, there isn't such thing like KGB, Kremlin, sleep tight and don't even wake up when they slaughter you – since the paradise is guaranteed, you are the chosen nation and Russians, Turks, Azeri and all others for that matter are the scum of the Earth!

You like this?

Vahe Avetian


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