894) Birthday Special : Thank you for your encouraging thoughts, valuable contributions and continual support

Birthday Messages Happy Birthday !
If you are reading these lines, then you are witnessing a tremendous success story. A website inspired, designed, and put in service by a small group of dedicated individuals “down-under” only 12 short months ago, http://armenians-1915.blogspot.com , has already become a vast resource on the history of the Turkish-Armenian conflict of World War One as well as Turkish-Armenian relations today.

My heartfelt congratulations go to Lara Kaplan and her volunteer team whose enthusiasm, selfless dedication, and hard work are going a long way in leveling the playing field for all Turks by bringing to the attention of the world much ignored flip side of a controversial issue.

Thank you also for creating one of the most impressive databanks on the Turkish-Armenian history your very first year.

Best wishes,

Dear Lara,
Let me first to congratulate you all. You are doing a wonderful good to both sides. I myself saw with my own eyes how Armenians of Turkey in Australia were keen on bringing an understanding between these two people when I and my wife were in Sydney and Melbourne a few years ago.

Love to you all,
Baskin Oran

A Big Congratulations And Well Done Indeed.
Enjoy The Party!
From The British European Turks

Dear Lara
I congratulate you on your first year. Wish you more success.

Best wishes,
Dogu & Mehmet Perincek

Dear Readers,

We are celebrating our first birthday on the Net, and would like to thank you for your encouraging thoughts, valuable contributions and continual support.

What Has Been Done in the First Year:

A searchable article site about the Falsified Armenian Genocide & Diaspora by Prof Mc Carthy, Weems, Taschi/Tashji, Davis, Gen Mayewski, Dr Barton, Dr Mango, Morgenthau, Lerner, Balakian, Pataki, Henze, Prof Lowry, Dixon-Johnson, Loti, AU Amb Peters, Sonyel, Gunter, Katchaznouni, Keresteciyan, Wolfowitz, Fein, Feigl, Amateau, Prof Yapp, Dewey, Prof Lewis, Graves, Adm Bristol, Egoyan, and many more, amounting to over 5000 pages.

You're welcomed to utilise and share one of the largest archives include:
  • www.tallarmeniantale.com (Special thanks to Holdwater for his sincere and comprehensive work, and allowing us to mirror his vast resources. Please do visit his site often, to catch up with the latest items, as well as image and sound files, we didn't include),

  • Mr Sukru Server Aya's valuable Book Excerpts and his dedicated research,

  • Mr Ergun Kirlikovali's Articles,

  • Mr Ara Baliozian's friendship and tolerance Notes,

  • Assoc. Prof. Dr Sedat Laciner's Articles from www.turkishweekly.net,

  • Mr Dogu Perincek's Collection,

  • Armenian Issue Related articles from www.ermenisorunu.gen.tr ,

  • Turkish University Conference Notes,

  • Turkish, British, German, Russian Archives, Articles from Turkish, English, French, Canadian and Armenian Media and many more...

Our resources are also accessable (other than a regular visit of the site) : :
  • By OFFLINE READING... RSS FEEDS...(Browser like Opera or standalone free RSS Readers can download the full articles for you without you actually visiting the site)

  • By By Downloading The Whole Site as an E-BOOK

  • As TRANSLATED VERSIONS in Italiano, Francais, Deutsch, Espanol, Portuguese

  • By Emailing The Articles Using BLOGGER POST...

What Else Need To Be Done :
All the above work is a result of a team work.
We need You,
as individuals, to inform/discuss/share your resources

Please contribute whatever you can by way of keeping an eye on the information where we may have missed (You don't need to search whether we have it or not, just send it anyway, -We rather have it than miss it) for further dissemination through our network since each of us has access to infinite variety of different resources.

We value your contribution and appreciate your input very much.

Let's join our forces . . .

All the Best
Lara Kaplan (NSW, Australia)
On Behalf Of The Team



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