895) Birthday Issue Special by Sukru S Aya : A message to esteemed readers of Armenians-1915

Exclusive for: http://armenians-1915.blogspot.com

Although I am not a scholar or preacher but just an ordinary person, I take pleasure in following this Web site, which I find very balanced, educative, and polite. Hence, when asked to write something on occasion of the first anniversary of the site, I felt honored and willing to share our joint effort to establish a common logical understanding, amidst this fight of you did, you deny, you criminal, me superior Arian, you inferior Mongol raceand similar nonsense.

Since I was away for a while, it took me some time to read the bulletins, which were edited in my absence, and I find nearly all of them, very informative and current.

I spent considerable time in going through the exchange of letters between Mrs. Maral Ohanesian and Dr. Sedat Laciner, both of whom I have not met, but know from their writings. I had some sort of sympathy for persons like Maral or Ara Sarafian, who frankly tell what is disturbing them and which is a positive step towards dialogue. Plus the fact that we learn some other viewpoints!

I was saddened to note the escalating temper of Mrs. Ohanesian, and in particular her insults towards the phantom of truth Hold-Water and calling such (rightly cautious) person a coward, and the distinguished Professor and my close friend for more than 65 years, Turkkaya Ataov a charlatan Although I do not want to be any part of such correspondence between the two, I regret to note that the Diaspora speakers have no serious interest in any pacification for this conflict they created, and they must keep the show or feud going on. Since the correspondence has been made public, I will comment on other bulletins separately, later.

In light of some additional references I have found, I will be writing another short commentary about some of the bulletins. As much as I want this nonsense to stop at once and forever, I suspect that I will not be able to see this happening in my lifetime because of strong prejudices, fanatic brainwashing, and conflicts of interest.

What I have started to be afraid of, is the fact that Diaspora Armenians are increasing their involvement in the Turkish Armenian community, taking advantage of existing freedom and tolerance, and are trying to invent frictions between Armenians of Turkey and the majority population of the country they are citizens of. Despite the provocative writings of Hrant Dink, who was recently in California and possibly got directives from ANCA, Patriarch Mesrob II has the full confidence of the whole community and Turks and is an important safety valve in avoiding the occurrence of hundred year old agitations or salvage of Armenian brothers in Turkey. I know several friends within the Turkish Armenian community, whom I love and trust for their sense of humanity, equality, love for all and share of joy or sorrow. All of them are people that can be fully trusted on all matters. May be it is this sense of obligation that has inspired me to write these lines.

Of course, there have always been some traitors (mostly infected from outside sources) but on the other hand there have been too many citizens who not only served, but also died for their country. I know of Turkish families having adopted Armenian children and a close (Turkish Armenian) friend of mine had adopted a Turkish girl despite the fact that they had their own children. There were even hearsays that my mother in law, was one of the converted Armenian girls! The love between Ali and Haiganush or Hagop with Ayse is absolutely normal...if you have the same feelings and sentiments!. I sometimes wonder, in appreciation of the Armenian talent and ability in all phases of art (music, painting, literature, etc.) as well as all types of craft, architecture, jewelry and name it all... Then how come the second or third generation of Armenians, who have never lived or known the group of people called Turks(simply because they all speak the Turkish language, and accept to be called TURK, although they come from too many ethnicities) can be so much goaded with feelings of hatred, vengeance and animosity, wishing the bad for some people they never had anything to do with, other than hearsay.

Let some stupid Armenian child, reject to eat a biscuit because it came from Turkey, or let columnistsand strange scholars stripped off love and compassion, spill their hatred over papers and satisfy their anger of fantasies... I will still love my friends in Turkey, and abroad, I will still trust Surp Prgic Armenian hospital and joke with my dear frienddoctor Yetvart and entrust my life without any concern of any kind...
I know that our friends and community of Armenians in Turkey for over 100.000, think, or feel affectionately, like I do... Who cares if you are baptized or circumcised, if you go to a Church or Mosque or Havia, or none of them! Only weak characters need to be preached by leaders or clergy, who do not trust the intelligence and goodwill of their own people.

I do not know, if I need to compliment the Armenian Diaspora and Tashnak ideology, for being so successful in indoctrinating (or goading) such a large community and keeping them united under the identity, first being of noble Armenian (Aryan) race, Secondly being Christian, and lastly of the nationality of the country each live.

Those who read Heather S. Greggs paper (http://web.mit.edu/cis/www/migration/pubs/rwp/13_divided.pdf) may be surprised, even proud of the size and coordination of such an extensive mechanism, whose only duty is to degrade Turks and Turkey whenever possible and find sources of restitution... and actually this is the main reason, as regards why the show must go on...

Who is auditing the large flow of cash for the sacred cause of helping Armenia... But how many have invested there, how many would visit their home country or even support one orphan child through life? Instead of acting personally it is easier, safer to make your donation and pray for salvation or beg superpowers to give or protect Armenians at all times. Everywhere!.. There are only 2.5 million Armenians left in Armenia; living in economic hardships and only 4% of these endorse the genocide mirage.! And there are at least 5-6 million well-to-do-Armenians in the World, marketing the poor-victims-needy dramatization!... The bitter truth is that some rich ones, become richer selling this ideology and entrust the church prayers for salvation instead of using their own intelligence and initiative.

Just compare how much the tiny Armenia is losing, just because of her militarist claims of land from Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan and even Iran, by being pushed aside in large projects such as pipelines, railway connection, etc. ... The US Congress or words of this or that parliament, does not bring any bread to the stomach of the industrious, clever but continuously brainwashed people of Armenia.

Who are the most commercial and artisan people of the region for centuries? Of course Armenians... but instead of taking the money out of the pockets of their neighbors wisely by trading andserving, they preferred to do it by force.. . If Hitler could have mobilized that industrial power to trade with the World instead of trying to conquer it...by now the whole world would have become the bee hives of Hitler! Tashnaks have done that error in the past, and are repeating it this very day, giving `bullets and hopesfor their people, feeding them with grudge and vengeance instead of bread and butter! If Tashnaks think that the super powers; which used Armenians as pawn in the past (and today), will provide tangible results for them... they can keep on hoping and begging forever!

Addressing to the Diaspora leaders, I invite them to be positive about the whole issue and mobilize their efforts (not empty propaganda) for a better understanding between all humankind...I could have been a Buddhist or Hindu and that would have had no difference... It is a complete waste of time and life for some people to expect awards in the afterlife, and live this short life, miserable or unhappy...

Happiness, joy,sorrow, grudge, love, pity, compassion and similar feelings are all within the scope of your intelligence and private life of imagination, where no one can intrude, unless you let him/her... Forget about the nonsense, such as royal blood (they look only at Rh at transfusions) or Salvation or Huris in paradise... and dont make them part of your true life; you live but only once, and therefore you should make it as pleasant and as happy as possible. I leave those who are scared to use their own intelligence and prefer to be goaded by leaders of diverse types to their own preference.

Ataturk said, The truest preacher is knowledge. . Every one can make his/her own choice.
And dont forget that obsessions full of grudge and revenge, is a much too heavy burden of simplicity if not of stupidity, to carry through life, for comfort or discomfort, of those who want to be part of the flock or own-self.

P.S. There are much worse current dramas going on in the world, which is not stopped by the superpowers, and I think it is totally absurd or paradoxical, not to see these very days and argue for some dramas hundred years old. Love, patience, compassion, and best wishes for all...

Sukru S. Aya
Istanbul. 27.7.2007

Birthday Messages

Happy Birthday !
If you are reading these lines, then you are witnessing a tremendous success story. A website inspired, designed, and put in service by a small group of dedicated individuals “down-under” only 12 short months ago, http://armenians-1915.blogspot.com , has already become a vast resource on the history of the Turkish-Armenian conflict of World War One as well as Turkish-Armenian relations today.

My heartfelt congratulations go to Lara Kaplan and her volunteer team whose enthusiasm, selfless dedication, and hard work are going a long way in leveling the playing field for all Turks by bringing to the attention of the world much ignored flip side of a controversial issue.

Thank you also for creating one of the most impressive databanks on the Turkish-Armenian history your very first year.

Best wishes,

Dear Lara,
Let me first to congratulate you all. You are doing a wonderful good to both sides. I myself saw with my own eyes how Armenians of Turkey in Australia were keen on bringing an understanding between these two people when I and my wife were in Sydney and Melbourne a few years ago.

Love to you all,
Baskin Oran

A Big Congratulations And Well Done Indeed.

Enjoy The Party!
From The British European Turks

Dear Lara
I congratulate you on your first year. Wish you more success.

Best wishes,
Dogu & Mehmet Perincek


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