933) To The Kind Attention of Ohio State USA

From: SS Aya
Sent: Tuesday, August 15, 2006
Ohio State
House Bill 499

To the kind attention of Ohio State:


As a person in my late seventies who has done business with too many US firms for more than half a century, and of the oldest American School overseas up by missionaries) Robert College and also as the father of an American citizen son and two young men grandsons, and also as devoted Turkish citizen too many friends of Armenian ethnicity in Turkey and USA, I consider it a duty of fairness and importance I devote to Turkish-American solidarity, to your attention to below comments, in relation to HS 499 which will be brought to your second time voting.Unfortunately prejudices against Turks in general, propagandized for over a century, without any contrasting view, made it easy most of the "footstep followers the main group, who, because of their lack of curiosity or confidence in those who whisper to their ears, prefer to bother and thus become another "unjust and wrong voter.

Owing to the importance I give to my Armenian friends and my self esteem -not to do anything wrong- ... for the past five years I have been reading too many books, mostly from Anti-Turkish writers and decided to combine the "definitely documented-confirmed findingsin a book which I started to write and may be ready after some six months. If you would like to receive a complimentary copy of the book that will defuse all falsifications and fabrications,how US believers have been milked, kindly express your wish and mail address. In the meantime, to give you a very few samples of evidences, I kindly attach the followings for your reading pleasure and challenge all opposing scholars to prove the contrary!

a- First of all April 24, 1915 is the date 235 Tashnak ring leaders have been arrested, in preparation of a revolt, which immediately followed. There was no genocide or killing of any kind...and nothing to remember or celebrate!
b- The tallarmeniantale document prepared by our American pro-truth friend Holdwater, will give you just a few samples of the net of the trotting lies".
c- My study Logically could it be a genocide will logically prove, that there was"
no reason/motive, no time, no means to plan or implement any genocide".
fantasy contradicts the simplest historical realities and simplest logics...or possibilities.
d- I also attach an incomplete chapter titled Autonomy (Goal or Pretext) from my book in preparation, proving that the Dashnak ring leaders were after and it was (and is) them that brought all the calamities
e- You may also read the article in Hurriyet Newspaper, proving how we are presently some 40.000 illegal immigrants making a living in Turkey, because their own government. Diaspora is too busy slandering Turks and begging for charities so they can lick their fingers.
read what their citizens and Patriarch say and please dont permit yourself-esteem and decency by exploited against "justice", "humanity"hamper the present Turkish-American feelings..

I kindly extend my thanks in advance for your consideration and the followings from Exodus, Chapter 20:- You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain... and. You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor

May God or Curiosity or Intelligence and Self-respect be your guide... Please let the PROVEN PREVAIL!
With due respects and goods wishes

Sukru Server Aya (Turkish citizen, Istanbul - born 1930)

Attachments: as above to be kindly viewed for evaluation of truth and comfort of mind ...patience


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