1381) The Role of Historian versus Congresswoman Debra Pryce

From: Erol Palantekin
To: ruth.more@mail.house.gov

Subject:The Role of Historian versus Congresswoman

Congresswoman Debra Pryce
United States House of Representatives, Washington, DC

Dear Ruth:
We spoke this morning regarding the letter I wrote to Congresswoman Debra Pryce on the ongoing 'alleged Genocide" claims by the Armenians of Diaspora.

I would like to make an appoitment with Congresswoman Debra Pryce to discuss the up and comming HR and SN bill regarding the Proclamation regarding the "alleged Genocide" claims by the Armenians of Diaspora coming up this week.

My main goal is to give the Turkish side of the story as well as present Historical references, that show that NO genocide occurred. It was a Civil War within WWI. During this time, the country of Turkey was not even formed. Yet, the country of Turkey and Turks are accused through proclamations, through the US legislative process and other countries throught the world, as perpertrators of such a heinous crime.

I plan on bringing one or two other representives to this meeting who represent the Turkish Community in Central Ohio. I am involved on a global scale in facilitating and fighting this lie, which underming our own country's legislative process and hoodwinking our system through no facts, but mere hearsay.

Below is my letter to US Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, when we heard that she supports this proclamation and plans to make sure it is past this year. I believe the passing of this bill creat problems between our country the US and The Republic of Turkey, who has been a US ally since the Korean War. Especially on an event that the Armenians can not prove and will not debate us. At Turks deserve a chance to present their side of the story before passing such a bill.

They plan on passing this bill well before the April 24th 2008 day which the want to be designated as the "Armenian Genocide" to recognize this event which did not occur 91 years ago.

I believe we have far more important issues both domestically and internationally than to bring up a horrible event where 2 Million Ottoman Turks were also murdered by Armenians, which by they way they make no mention of it, nor will they debate us. This is a one sided, propanda machine, that only hurts all Americans not only in the short run but long run as well.

So, if we could setup a meeting with Congresswoman Debra Pryce to help the American citizens with Turkish ancestry who live in the Central Ohio area, as well as all Turks living all over world, we would appreciate this opportunity because History is for Historians and subject experts in this matter, not special interest groups with a agenda that includes NO FACTS about what happened who abuse our First Amendment with unverifiable data.

Please let me know when this meeting is possible, so that we can make arrangement.

Thanking you in advance.


Erol N Palantekin
5369 Mckitrick Blvd
Columbus, OH 43235
United States of America
Ph: 1-614-446-0894

CC US Senator Honorable Sherrod Brown - Faxed
US Senator Geroge V. Voinovich - Website Email
State of Ohio Speaker of The House Jon Husted
State of Ohio House Representative District 22

The letter I sent:
Erol Palantekin
5369 McKitrick Blvd * Columbus * OH * 43235 * USA

January 5, 2007
US Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi
2371 Rayburn HOB
Washington DC 20515

Subject: The Role of Historian versus Congresswoman

Honorable Nancy Pelosi:

Please show some respect to historians who have already have had their say, about the “so called Genocide of the Armenians”, over and over again, that NO GENOCIDE occurred between the Ottoman Turks towards the Armenians living in any part of Asia Minor, today which is The Republic of Turkey, a US ally. I understand that the US Congress is going to bring this issue back again, to the table and pass it, because you support it and believe the allegations Armenians say are true. If they are true, allow them to debate and prove it in anyway they want; of course with FACTS not hearsay evidence. Turks encourage a debate, archives are open, studies show that this event never happened, why can’t you see this?

May I ask why we are still allowing, the Armenians of Diaspora and their special interests to legislate any kind of proclamation when it is only one sided and only serves a small minority of lost souls, which most of us are willing to help however we are threatened with out lives when we try. Did you know this?

Why should our tax dollars be spent on this matter to begin with, isn’t history for Historians to pursue, after all we are talking about an event they claimed happened over 91 years ago. How well does this sit with today and all of our current problems we face abroad as well as domestic? Isn’t this outside our scope of issues that majority of Americans face today?

If you truly want to solve this issue, ask the Armenians to debate the Historians. They refuse to debate the Turks, why is that? Have you wondered? Does that not give you some notion, that they may not even have one shred of evidence that is needed to even be considered in a World Court, where the legal term “Genocide” needs to be proven in and not in our congress through legislation. Or do you want to legislate and re-write history without a trial, debate or some kind of mediation? Is this our new Democracy which you are now going to take forward in our new Congress?

Please let us focus on the problems of today, not of something that did not happen 91 years ago. American’s like myself want to focus on making a better future for our children to pass on to, not to create more problems for them in an uncertain world, full of wars and hatred. Please make the right decision.

Erol Palantekin
CC Ohio SOH Honorable Jon Husted, OH HR Honorable Jim Hughes, US HR Honorable Deborah Pryce

Source: TurkishForum


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