1389) "Turkish-Armenian Relations & Terrorism" Conference Held In London

A conference on the theme "Turkish-Armenian Relations and Terrorism" took place at the famous Royal Lecture Theater auditorium of the London Royal College on January 26. The conference was organized by the "Federation of Turkish Associations of London." . .

Tatevik Grigorian, the Chairwoman of the Union of Armenians of the London School of Economics and Political Sciences was also invited to this conference. She presented details about that conference to Noyan Tapan.

As T.Grigorian mentioned, Turks make similar speeches at different auditoriums. Invited lecturers Professor Turkkaya Ataov (theme: "Influence of Armenian Terrorism on Ottaman Empire"), Assistant to Professor Orhan Cekic (theme: "History of Terrorism against Turk Diplomates in Our Days) and Professor Norman Stone (theme: "Armenian-Turkish Relations Today and in Nearest Future) made speeches on that day. A Azeri professor named Golam-Reza Sabri-Tabriz also made a short speech at the conference. The theme was "Karabakh Conflict." Photos of Turk diplomates killed by Armenian avengers were displayed at the lecture hall. The speeches were in general downright statements and swearings, without historic facts, the idea of the genocide was mainly mocked, considering it baseless.

The first performer, Ataov addressed many times to the auditorium with a question that "on the occasion of Hrant Dink's murder Turks went out to street, by stating that "we are Armenians," and where the Armenians were when Turkish diplomates were killed," why they did not come out to street to shout that "we are all Turks." Wasn't Turkey the first country in the world that allowed Armenians to get officially registered as a community when their church separated from the Roman church and the Armenians were given possibility to have a Catholicos? In Ataov's words, "Armenians continuously subjected Turks to terrorism in Balkans and as a result of it, about five million of Turks were annihilated in Balkans." Especially awful aspersions were heard in Scot Norman Stone's speech. He stated that "There were more than three million of Armenians in the Soviet Union, and there is not even one and half million of them in Armenia. That's, Armenians damaged themselves more than Young Turks did it ever during the history. What do they demand then from Turks? More, more than 100 thousand of Armenians illegally work in today's Turkey. Thus, Armenians have no possibility of living in Armenia and again run to Turkey to save themselves. It is impossible to live in Armenia, and they have no problem of living and working in Turkey. Today's Armenia has no future without Turkey, more, being surrounded by enemies from all sides, it can not live without Turkey and has a short life."

In Stone's words, the greatest misfortune of Armenia is Diaspora, especially the American Diaspora. The latters do not speak Armenian, are not acquainted with their culture, do not know history at all, are acquainted only with cult worship of money, eat at McDonalds', grow fat like Americans and are idiots like them. They attempt to keep their nationality for some understandable senseless reasons but money and profit is on the back of everything," Stone assures and states: "if Diasporan Armenians are sure that a genocide happened, why they do not even make an attempt to address with this issue to the international court and solve it once and for all. Let them bring the facts and prove. They do not do as they know well that no just court will affirm their falsifications. I have continuously read about the Armenian genocide and have never found any serious evidence that it happened. Armenian sources are not at all ones to read and are not objective, they only contain cheap feelings and dramatic, heart-breaking stories. For example, the "Burning Tigris" novel. This is a book which must be read with a dramatic-mocking voice. The source of the genocide infection is Diaspora, and the sooner the Armenians of Armenia separate from the poison spread by Diaspora the sooner they will get better. All their misfortunes come from Diaspora.

At the end the Azeri lecturer (Sabri-Tabrizi) added to what he said that the main reason for the Armenians' misfortune is its being a slave of Russia as the misfortunes of the region come from Russia. He stated that the Turks and Azeris live in one country, simply have different governments and everything that Turks do against Armenians, coincide with the Azeris' interests. He asked the Turks not to forget that one million of Azeri refugees waits for the lost country of Karabakh for which everybody must struggle.

London, January 30,
Noyan Tapan - Armenians Today


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