1433) The Destruction and Genocide Of Smyrna

The Destruction and Genocide Of Smyrna Please watch all of this video

It is full of non-biased quotes and sources, all showing the death and destruction was caused by the turks.

Many turks will watch this video but still be in denial - that is because of the powerful brainwashing techniques of the turkish government

Number of unarmed civilians killed by the turks 1915-1923:
1.5-2 million Armenians DEAD
1.5-2 million Greeks DEAD
500,000-800,000 Assyrians DEAD


Greek Lies On The Izmir Fire Are Beyond The Pale Of Human Decency
Have The Greeks No Shame At All?
There seems to be no believable answer to be given to this question at hand. "Have The Greeks No Shame at All". To millions of Turks including this writer and to every genuine friend of the Turks, the psychological condition of these congenital liars, happens to be as hard to explain as it is to remedy.

This present article of mine may be the fourth or even the fifth one, covering this subject of the callous Greek obstinacy on lying about Turkey and Turks. They have been doing this from time immemorial. They seem to have no compunction against lying. Their insistence to continue with this disturbing mendacity does not appear to be an objectionable thing to them. Shortly, in a few paragraphs down the line, you will read a convincing sample of their eight decades-long accumulation of unbelievable lies. But first let us discuss the case of the American Hellenic Institute and analyze their untenable position as an official national organization and a powerful political lobby.

The members of American Hellenic Institute, AHI, are like proverbial drunkards. Just like it is the case with any ordinary dipsomaniac, this organization and its members know that they are hopelessly inebriated and that they are aware that they are causing harm to others, but that they cannot refrain from doing so.

The Greeks who run several organizations operating in Diaspora have always distorted the truth. This is a part of their congenital malady. These people are in need of urgent medical help. Yet they have never been clinically probed or scientifically tested about what’s ailing them. It sounds incredulous but they should be given immediate psychiatric exam and care, because there is something drastically wrong with them. Their deliberate and constant preference in choosing to lie on all historical and statistical verities may have reached an alarming level. Here is a short sample of their undiagnosable mental disorder: The following is an official AHI communiqué:

Important Press Release:
AHI (American Hellenic Institute) Coommemorates The 81st Anniversary Of The Destruction Of Smyrna By Ataturk And Calls For Compensation For The Victims Of Turkey's War Crimes.

WASHINGTON, DC-AHI commemorates on September 9, 2003 the 81st anniversary of the destruction of Smyrna by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk and the killing of over 200,000 Greeks and Armenians by Turkish troops and calls for compensation for the victims and their heirs of Turkey's war crimes.

AHI commemorated last year's 80th anniversary on September 9, 2002 with a noon forum featuring the leading authority on the destruction of Smyrna, author and scholar Dr. Marjorie Housepian Dobkin. Dr. Dobkin is the author of the Smyrna 1922: The Destruction of a City (Faber & Faber, London, 1972, previously published in 1971 by Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, New York, as The Smyrna Affair), which provides the first in-depth investigative account of the horrific events of September 1922 and the subsequent cover-up by Turkey and by the Western Allies, who had defeated Turkey and Germany during World War I..."

"In her remarks at the AHI Noon Forum, Dr. Dobkin vividly presented the atrocities committed by the Turkish troops and said: "Within hours of Ataturk's victorious entry into the beautiful, thriving and predominantly Greek city of Smyrna (now Izmir), Turkish soldiers began the killing and raping of Greeks and Armenians, and the looting and pillaging of their homes and shops. Over 200,000 Greek and Armenian civilians were killed by the Turks.

"After breaking down the doors and entering Armenian and Greek homes house by house (the Greek and Armenian quarters overlapped), Ataturk's soldiers killed and raped the inhabitants, and emptied the furnishings into waiting trucks. This was the finale of the Armenian Genocide of the First World War when close to two million Armenian men, women and children had in 1915-1916 been dispatched to their deaths by the Young Turks from all points in Turkey-except Smyrna."

"In the harbor of Smyrna stood a flotilla of twenty-one warships: French cruisers and destroyers, British destroyers and a battleship, an Italian battleship and three American destroyers. All were on orders from their respective foreign offices and military commanders to refrain from giving aid and comfort to the Greeks and Armenians who were considered enemies of the Turks. The ships were on hand to 'protect their own interests only.' Allen Dulles, head of the near-East division at the U.S. State Department, gave the order, which had been passed down from the Secretary of State, to the American ships through Admiral Bristol in Constantinople.

"Days later, when the wind turned and began blowing toward the sea in the record heat of that September, the stench was so strong on the streets and in the victims' homes from the remains of those massacred in that port of Smyrna, that even the large battleships had to move back 80 yards. It was at this point that Ataturk's soldiers, led by their officers, set the city to the torch.

"Thus, one of the most magnificent cities on earth as attested to by travelers over the millennia, the city where Homer was born and whose magnificent harbor the Romans treasured so much that 'they treated the Smyrneans kindly so as to preserve to themselves the finest port in Asia,' was totally destroyed, its churches and mansions burned to the ground. The Greek and Armenians citizens, all well-to-do, were killed and those remaining were pauperized, and the large, immensely wealthy European population was gotten rid of by Ataturk, the new leader of Turkey who had said 'Turkey for the Turks.' He was aided by the very nations who had shortly before been enemies of Turkey and were now, evidently betraying Greece in a monumental turnaround, owing to the oil of the Mosul (now Iraq) that Ataturk had inherited from the Ottoman Empire, 'déjà vue' all over again." We call for compensation for the victims and their heirs of Turkey's war crimes."

The Turkish Rebuttal
The above lines sound like the work of a sophomoric high school youngster devoid of any knowledge on historical events which actually took place around September 9, 1922 and the 24 hours or so which followed them before the remnants of the vanquished Greek enemy was thrown out of the city is being stretched to have happened during “several days” as claimed by the AHI’s imbecilic chronicler. Everything mentioned in those few paragraphs is pitiful and damnable lie. There is no other way to characterize them. That’s why I think they need medical help.

As if this yearly repetition of garbage by the AHI was not enough the Greeks have produced a ‘lulu of a cinematic masterpiece called “ The Catastrophe of Asia Minor,” a pure Greek propaganda film which tried to say that Turks burned the city of Izmir (Smyrna in Greek) in September, l922. The viewer is puzzled to see some footage in black and white showing groups of some people somewhere. There was no way to know if those were indeed Turkish or Greek as the narrator claimed, except that what he called Turkish soldiers, were soldiers in Greek uniforms, and people he claimed were Greeks being marched off to some distant places in Anatolia, were actually Turkish peasants, women among them obvious from their dress. Because Greek women did not cover their faces with their scarves.

Besides these disconnected and vague scenes, there were also interviews with people who were children at the time, who when interviewed must have been at least 75 or most likely in their 8os., more likely in their 80s. One of the men interviewed, said that he remembered a wonderful life together with Turks, where everyone worked and lived together in harmony, until the war, which spoiled everything. The women had several stories to tell. One claimed that THEY came into the houses and burned them. "Who came?" she was asked. She looked a bit startled, then agreed with the narrator, who suggested "The Turks?" Another one claimed that they were told they had to leave their house and were taken far away, where her mother died along the way, and THEY dumped her body into a truck. Another managed to get to Miteleni? she said, where these Greek refugees were not exactly welcome on a Greek island, but they managed to pick olives and eat them to survive somehow and got along.

All of the women said that the fire was terrible, but they didn't say where they were during the fire, nor give any kind of testimony of actually seeing any Turkish soldier doing anything to anyone.

In one instance, without any oral commentary, there were a few lines written on the screen saying that the 'pursuing Turks found that atrocities had been committed by some Greek soldiers while retreating.' The remainder of the film was mostly newspaper accounts of what they were told about what was going on in Izmir. They talked about the fire, bodies floating in the harbor, a ship captain who claimed to have heard the screams of the people from a mile out at sea.

Some of the expressions used in the film had the sound of what is being said by Greeks about Cyprus: ...when the Turks invaded... The film makers claim Izmir as their city. It was and is in Turkey. The Turks ruled that part of the world for hundreds of years. How does one INVADE one's own city?

Finally, as they always do, the Greeks claim that Turks burned down their own city in order to hide the massacre they had committed as they 'invaded' the city. They also claim that they killed or expelled all those Greeks in order to eliminate all minorities. This surely is the most asinine statement of theirs, when you realize that Turkey has so many different minorities all having lived together for centuries. What would be left, if they attempted that?

"As far as quality goes, the film was very poor. But it was sufficient for a willing audience to be convinced that the "Turks were really wild" as was said by every one of the people interviewed.

(I found that rather interesting that all these different people would use that same phrase.) It was obviously deliberately poisoned propaganda. Unfortunately, most people are not sophisticated enough or experienced enough to see it for what it is, and if this is the only thing they see or hear about the event, they will believe it. (Taken from TF files.)

Why Greeks Lack Sophistication And An Ordinary Common Sense?
Sometime ago I. received the copy of an Op-Ed page letter, penned by the Executive Director of the American Hellenic Media Project, the predecessor of the present day Greek organization called AHI, the American Hellenic Institute. The letter writer was a P.D. Spyropoulos, the head of AHMP. His letter which was replete with all kinds of scurrilous lies was published verbatim, in a Canadian newspaper called Globe and Mail. I was quite familiar with its author. I have had several previous encounters with him. Many a time I tried to correct his inappropriate and highly racist behavior which had been causing damage to all Turks living in the USA and Canada.

This person, not unlike the ones who are running the AHI organization today, is an incorrigible "repeat offender" in all criminal activities he is involved in. His function in life along side the AHI’s officials, is the systematic dissemination of falsehoods, prevarications, and out and out lies as were in the case of the malicious" disinformatsya" of the notorious Soviet KGB spy network organization that the world had learned to despise universally. This Greek official P.D. Spyropoulos and the ones at the headquarters of the AHI who distributed the press release above do not have any scruples, nor do they possess any compunction, any sense of repentance, and they are totally devoid of any remorse of conscience when it comes to altering the truth, in order to lie and thus hurt the Turkish people, their interest and welfare.

For these reasons I shall try to expose them until I get their attention and make them realize that what they are doing has always been unbecoming to people of their ilk and official position. As the head of AHI or "The Executive Director, of the American Hellenic Media Project," they should be ashamed of themselves for deliberately hurting Turkish people with their utterly

Unacceptable slanderous lies. I shall always inform any publication such as the Canadian Globe and Mail as I have done for so many others earlier, to consider these words of mine as a public service announcement to establish their unquestionable lack of credibility.

Two years ago, even though his address showed him living in New York City, P.D.Spyropoulos pretended to be a lawyer of Greek descent and said that he lived with his family in Miami, Florida. He also claimed to be a member of the Florida Bar. He was lying and not telling the truth as usual. Neither his name nor his address were found in the local phone directory, nor was he established to be a member of any legal organization. Nevertheless, conning everyone, he sent a letter to the local Spanish newspaper "El Nuevo Herald", blasting the views of one of their readers who "dared" to praise Kemal Ataturk in his letter. P.D.Spyropoulos viciously attacked the letter writer from New York, and slandered the sacred memory of Ataturk, the Father of the Turks, calling him a pedophile, and a sodomist with lecherous appetite for young boys, a miserable man who, at the end, died of syphilis. Weren’t thse lies enough to boil the blood of every Turkish person?

About a year ago I caught him again doing what he does best. Slander and lie. This time he was involved in another industrial size falsification. Mimicking the atrocious lies of AHI we read above, he said that in 1922 the Turkish forces burned the city of Izmir and "butchered" 200,000 Greeks and Armenians. What predictable shameful lies these were. Why should the Turks having just liberated their own city of Izmir from the Greek enemy, the invaders, would have had the stupidity to torch their own city which they had just recaptured from this enemy, the Greeks.? When it comes to his colossal blunder that the Turkish forces also butchered 200,000 Greeks and Armenians, plus for some extra "fun" they thought they should also assassinate the Greek Orthodox Archbishop in the streets of Izmir, a city they themselves claim that the Turks had just torched and it was aflame like Dante’s hell.

Unfortunately some gullible publications in this country accepted his lies, "hook, line and sinker" without doing any research to find out if he was telling the truth on this particular subject, and printed his unbelievable fictional concoction as if it were the gospel truth, without batting an eye. The problem with P.D.Spyropoulos' indecent claims and AHI’s shameless litany of lies was that like the alleged Armenian genocide alluded to above, they had never happened. They were a figment of these peoples’ demented imagination.

In reality the total Greek and Armenian population of Izmir in 1922 ,was only 57,000. In order for the Turkish armed forces to be able to go through those ugly massacres attributed to them and doing them and within a very short 24 hours' time,boggles anyone’s mind. In order to carry out such a huge heinous act they had to possess some Houdiniesque supernatural powers and an equally high qualitative expertise in legerdemain be able to quickly transport into the city of Izmir a grand total of 143,000 additional Greeks and Armenians from all parts of the country so that they could brag that 200,000 Greeks and Armenians were “butchered” there. There could have been no other way to accomplish this grand scale atrocity and conform with the slanders of these congenital liars’ fictitious and malicious account of the deaths of 200,000 Greek and Armenian victims.

The sad manipulation by the Greeks of the truth which has been going on for decades in the U.S. Press and the dissemination of parallel lies by the AHI on the Internet are simply nerve wrecking. wrecking.. As for the letter sent to the Op Ed pages of Globe and Mail being published verbatim on the pages of the “ Globe and Mail”is as scary as the dissemination of the ugly propaganda operated by the American Hellenic Institute’s online pages , indicate one thing, and that sad verity is that as long as this shameless Greek propagandists who were caught on various occasions spreading gobs of "disinformation " around the world is not summarily stopped, and the vendetta against the Turkish people is allowed to operate without any restraints, the collective sure unfortunate losers will be the profession of journalism, the U.S. juris prudence and the American democratic ideals.

Mahmut Esat Ozan
Chairman-Editorial Board
The Turkish Forum


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