1443) From Retired Ambassador Nures to The Honorable Speaker Nancy Pelosi . .

Dear All,

a- Few days ago I was asked to prepare a letter addressed to the US Congress members, which was an honor. I have consulted some friends, more fluent in English and familiar to the American way of evaluation, but after a few unsuccessful efforts, it came back to me and I drafted a sincere but may be undiplomatic letter hitting on few nails. I received a short note of approval from Holdwater, (the spotless and most knowledgeable that I know among us)only, on this subject! I had thought for a while, to ask the assistance of Nurver Nures, my class friend, and one of the very rare persons I admire in his kindness, energy, efforts for harmony and compassion between all nations plus his eloquence.

Nurver, has been one of the most outstanding Turkish ambassadors, with great sympathy wherever he served as a Turkish Ambassador, starting in the Middle East, later Japan where he built a strong friendship by the time he was leaving, later Mexico and finally London in the high days of Ozal, when he preferred to serve the Turkish State and not the "party members". The couplets you find in the second page, speaks for all average decent human beings of all nations...

b- Of course everything that Nures says is totally true and sincere and I endorse every word of it. However, he is adressing to the house speaker, who is already engaged to "keep the promises given to supporters who helped her to come that far".

Mr. Nures is optimist, relying the "self respect and decency of persons". I wish it were true!. My recent studies and excerpts leave no doubt, that just a few persons managing a very large network of "patriotic believers"(?), "must have this subject and stress going on" because EVERY ONE IS HAPPY... Large donations, compensations, collections etc, are made, and spent by Armenian diaspora as stated in their New Year call to send on-line Christmas donations of $ 75 - 100 - 250 - 1000 "to do even more TO SECURE JUSTICE, expand US-Armenia ties, defend Karabag and counter Armenia's enemies".

There are several other versions ALL INVOLVING HONEY or MONEY... Too many to list in a short notice... If the ties between the Armenian people (which we like and love while diaspora is proud to HATE and teach their children to hate) are normalized and Armenia stands on her own feet (without being dictated-managed-crumbs fed by the diaspora organisations, then there will be no need for all these people involved in turning this water mill, and of course many rich persons will be deprived from their "service charges". Who knows, how much of their collections goes to SECURE JUSTICE and CONTRIBUTE to the campaigns of several politicians and scholars, who must pay back? It looks it is the time to cash checks or promisory "I. O. U." notes for "long time investments"...

Kind regards and thanks to Mr Nures

Sukru S. Aya

The Honorable Speaker of the House,

Dear Mrs. Peloci,

At the outset allow me to congratulate you for winning recently the majority in the US Congress. At a time when the US needs a new outlook in foreign affairs, hopefully you Democrats will be the fresh breeze behind it. I wish you well.

Who am I and why is this appeal? Please continue. Educated in American schools, a diplomat by profession, constant observer of US affairs since 1959, DCM of the Turkish Embassy in Washington D.C. (1975-78), I have been a lasting supporter of US-Turkey relations. By-and-large this has been Turkey’s stand over the last half-a-century. Alas, the conduct of the war in Iraq largely shaped by the “new cons” has been ruinous for Iraq, tragic for the US and highly distressing for Turkey’s vital interests, transforming the Turkish public opinion from a positive disposition to a negative political environment. This is bad and sad, both for Turkey and the US. Need for overhauling the bilateral relations is obvious and re-establishment of mutual trust will have to be the core of this new endeavor.

Despite this, Turkey in effect is the invisible participant in the US “coalition” in Iraq. It continues to provide the US forces logistical support. Its human casualties are the highest after Britain due to transport to/from Iraq carrying a major portion of Iraq’s daily requirements. I would not be surprised if your Department of State has more to inform you in this respect.

Dear Mrs. Speaker,

While looking forward to that fresh breeze from the Democrats to set things right in the US foreign policies and, don’t let me alarm you, there are indeed many, your draft proposal in the House regarding “Armenian genocide” allegations, as if it were the priority concern of the US and a major global problem, created in Turkey deep disappointment and resentment nation-wide. You might be interested to hear; some say here, this must be the “reward” of Washington for the support Turkey provides in Iraq. As accepted by the many, the House, i.e. the US Congress, is the highest legislative organ in the world and, for better or worse, it enjoys global recognition and prestige. How knowledgeable its members are of the content and inner-meaning of your draft resolution when it is put to voting is a fair and self-searching question for which you are better placed to explain.

The bare fact is; unless proven otherwise by unquestionable legal evidence, THERE NEVER was an “ARMENIAN GENOCIDE”. The US Armenian diaspora, principally the “die-hard” radicals and militants among them acting as prosecutor and judge at the same time, contrary to international practice of law, fly the “Armenian genocide” campaign to incriminate and debase an entire nation, with other possible motives to follow. What does this mean? The House is requested to take a decision… A decision on a non-existing act of genocide..! And the US government yields to whom… to those radicals and militants, often the source and/or actors of international terrorism which our world faces. By the way, such mentality was responsible for the assassination (1973) of Mehmet Baydar, Turkish Consul-general in Santa Barbara. An Armenian from the diaspora was the assassin.

To end this campaign and close the curtain of this perennial “genocide” show, Turkey opened its national archives and proposed Armenia to do likewise and launch under the UN auspices an impartial scientific investigation on the “genocide” which received Erivan’s initial green-light but it was out soon-after without making any advance. Clearly, Armenia is not interested in solution but rather prefers to keep the issue burning. For the House taking a vote on the draft resolution is the simplest way out whereas the real mission is appealing Armenia to reconsider its over-all position vis à vis Turkey and invite Erivan to re-adjust its uncompromising policies in the South Caucasus.

The Armenians lived for nine centuries with the Turkish people as citizens of the Ottoman Empire; many integrated into and some fully assimilated with the Ottoman society while keeping their identity, faith and language, a principle under the Ottoman’s “multi-ethnic commonwealth” rule. Recognized by the Government as “reliable ethnic group” the Armenians were given some of the prize posts in the Sultan’s circle (29), seats (33) in the Assembly (1876), ambassadorships and key positions (27) in the Ministries. They held leading role in businesses, industry, banking and finance. They fought Turkey’s war of liberation with the Turkish people as compatriots. In the closing years of the Empire Gabriel Naradungian was the Foreign Minister. The legacy of this rewarding co-habitation is still alive in Turkey today. I am forced to ask here… is there any inclination of “Armenian genocide” in this past…? If the answer is no, why would the Ottoman Turks, influencing the flow of global politics for centuries, wait until the 1915s to exterminate their compatriots… their kinsmen? Does this make any sense? You be the judge, I beg you.

Well then, what went wrong? The excessive pledges of the WWI allies and the US, together with Czarist Russia for self-determination to the ethnic groups under the Ottoman Empire in order to accelerate its demise encouraged, among others, the Armenians in Eastern Anatolia to rebellion. Incessant insurgencies all-over and fights between the Armenians and the Turks led to massive human casualties on both sides in a total political caos. What took place was not an “ARMENIAN GENOCIDE” but a tragic CIVIL WAR. Meanwhile the open connivance of these separatist elements with the overpowering Czarist army in the Eastern Front stretched the Ottoman army’s stand to a breaking point; to relieve it, the Armenians behind the Ottoman trenches were removed under forced-migration to the southern lands of the Empire. The migration itself being a novel, unfamiliar measure, implemented with inadequate means under heavy natural and political conditions caused more victims, including some Ottoman (Turkish) officials charged with the execution of this resettlement. What took place was simply a strategic measure; that was a FORCED MIGRATION and not “ARMENIAN GENOCIDE”. Faced with distortions regarding this act, both the Allies and the Ottoman authorities reviewed its execution; those found responsible of its failures were lawfully punished.

From Turkey the diaspora appears so patriotic that it is ready to sacrifice all for Armenia but not willing to leave its affluent comfortable life-style in America and return to the father-land which nowadays is going through that difficult transition of nation-building. This reminds me of a couplet by a famous Turkish poet:

What haven’t we done for our country?

Some died, some gave speeches!

Time has come for the diaspora, fueled also by Erivan, to leave the intense animosity towards Turkey; redeem itself from the hostage of the past as Turkish people did, despite huge material and human losses, by realistically yielding to the flow of history during which the vast Ottoman Empire declined into today’s Turkey. Sharing common borders, Armenia and Turkey are destined to live side-by-side if not as good neighbors. This is a pity, but Turkey can stand the Armenian ill-feelings. If however the House; i.e. the US Congress, condescends to such tantrums by a resolution “recognizing the Armenian genocide” that would be, as I see it, forcing the limits of Turkey’s political endurance and tolerance; it might be the mortal blow to the treaty-bound security relationship between the US and the Turkish armed forces. Facing presidential and general elections before the end of this year, the Turkish government might not be able to contain the reaction to the resolution coming from the Islamist-nationalist circles in Turkey’s domestic politics. It would go even further and freeze evermore the stalemate between Erivan and Ankara, worsen “no peace/no war” situation in the Caucasus, leaving Armenia totally out of the on-going progress in the region.

I know that some distinguished members in the Congress will see this appeal as a blackmail/challenge to the US legislature. It is neither, but simply a personal appraisal which, I am confident, would have a broad support within the Turkish public. In case you need, please check with your ambassador in Ankara to find how reliable is the above.

The Honorable Speaker Nancy Pelosi,

You have made the first as an esteemed lady by occupying the very high post you now hold. Repeated congratulations. My effort is to bring under lime-light how critical is where we stand at this juncture as the US and Turkey simply to satisfy the diaspora’s unfounded demand as the month of April nears. And once-more the US Congress will have to go through that annual trauma. I sincerely hope that you will set right this situation. What will be the fate of the draft resolution; that I leave to your seasoned political wisdom and judgment. Thank you for your precious attention.

Respectfully yours,

Nurver Nureş
Ambassador (r)

Kindly forwarded by Sukru Server Aya


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