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Editorial April 13, 2007 “Turkey and the U.N. Cover-up”

Your article is a typical distortion of the “Genocide” fanfare of Armenian lobbies, who have enjoyed your biased support at all times. First of all, there is no judicial verdict of an international tribunal, that an important crime named “genocide” was “really committed” and “proven” to have happened, other than a “rumor” excuse, heard after 1970s, to justify more than 200 terrorist acts by Armenian ASALA terror organization until 1980s, killing over 40 Turkish diplomats, and innocent people who happened to be in Ankara- Orly airports. . .

As seen from below U.S. Newspaper headings, various Armenian groups have been revolting for a long time, supported by Russia, Britain, France and U.S. missionaries. (50.000 Volunteers + 150.000 in army)

1. Galveston Daily News, Aug. 13, 1890 : ARMENIAN TROUBLES (Russo Armenian volunteers well armed)

2. The NEW YORK TIMES, Aug.23, 1895: THE SASSOUN MASSACRE (Armenian Revolutionists caused it)

3. Centralia Enterprise Treibune, Nov.3,1895 : ARMENIANS IN REVOLT (26.000 in Zeitun mountains)

4. The News, May 2, 1904 : FIGHTIBG IN TURKEY (Battle with Armenian rebels)

5. The Washington Post, Sept.6, 1904: (Insurgents successfully resisting Sultan’s troops at Van)

6. Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, Nov.13,1914: (Armenians active in European War)

7. Manitoba Morning Free Press, Nov.13,1914 : (Unearthing Guns and Ammunition – Armenians prepared…)

8. Oakland Tribune, Feb. 21, 1916 : (Armenians Slay Turks in Revolt – Grand Duke’s Victory Disrupts Islam)

9. New Oxford Item, Feb. 24, 1916: (Russian Win Van District – Slavs are near Trabzon)

10. Elyria Evening Telegram, Nov. 13, 1914: (Armenians ready to side with Russians)

11. The Washington Post, Nov. 13, 1914: (Armenians Join Russians, 20.000 Scatter Turks Near Feitun)

12. Manitoba Morning Free Press, Nov.17, 1914: (Armenian Volunteers in Tiblisi)

13. Oakland Tribune, Feb.21, 1916: (Armenians Slay Turks in Revolt)

This list can be much longer, if we scan British or U.S. papers of those years. Above, should leave no doubt that Armenians were belligerents, fighting against their home country in alliance with enemies.

Total Armenian population in the entire empire, according to Enc. Britanicca –1914 was 1.5 million; according to Revue de Paris 1.3 million; British Blue Book 1912 Annual Register 1.056 million; National Geographic 1918, July pg.61, 2 millions in the entire Empire population of 18 millions.

Bogos Nubar officially wrote in 1918, that only 600 to 700.000 were relocated. According to Turkish records the number of relocated persons is less than 500.000. Armenian historian R. Kevorkian speaks of 870.000 persons

According to report of Dr.F. Nansen, head of “League of Nations Emmigrants Committee” - A. Nassibian’s book (p.253)- in 1919 the total number of living Armenians was 1.080.000 (Russia and Caucassus 400.000 + Refugees who went abroad 300.000, + living in Istanbul, Izmir, Syria 230.000 + other parts of Anatolia 150.000)

Armenian PM Katchaznuni writes that in 1918 about 1 million Armenians were alive and that 200.000 died in Armenia because of starvation in 2 years time under their short lived republic. Same figures are confirmed by historian A.A. Lalaian. Caleb F. Gates, president of Robert College, confirmed together with Armenian Patriarchate that 944.900 Armenians were alive in 1921, and that total losses was 355.000 (1914-1921).

In the light of above documented facts, deleting your baseless editorial inspired by Armenian lobby propaganda, you are kindly asked to note the followings and prove the opposites to support your views.

A. Armenians were Revolutionists in alliance with enemies, at wars with Turks, with an army of 200.000
B. There was no planned genocide, other than reciprocal war brutalities, deaths by famine, epidemics…
C. In 1919 – 1921 above given numbers were alive. The figure 1.5 million is a tall lie and baloney!
D. Armenians drain philanthropic sources with “victim-in-need” fanfare, exploiting U.S. citizenship.

If you want evidence regarding Armenians fighting during WWII, in Hitler’s army, against Russia and USA please refer to: www.tallarmeniantale.com/derounian-dashnak-dominant.htm

S.S. Aya

Dear Sir or Madam;

When will the US Media and Politicians stop disgracing the Turkish race and adhere to some common human decency. Especially the New York Times. The below Editorial is full of lies and inconsistencies. It appears Truth Justice and the American way is just as much a fallacy as the alleged Armenian Genocide claims.

You state the following;

“More than 90 years ago, when Turkey was still part of the Ottoman Empire, Turkish nationalists launched an extermination campaign there that killed

1.5 million Armenians. It was the 20th century’s first genocide. The world noticed, but did nothing, setting an example that surely emboldened such later practitioners as Hitler, the Hutu leaders of Rwanda in 1994 and today’s Sudanese president, Omar Hassan al-Bashir.”

That above paragraph is one big lie, firstly I would like to ascertain how you come to the figure of 1.5 Million? What sources do you rely upon? Secondly how do you determine that the “Turkish Nationalists’ launched an extermination campaign”? Again what sources do you rely upon? Then you state, “It was the world’s first genocide the world noticed, but did nothing” That in itself is the biggest lie.

Why do you not tell your readers about the Malta Tribunals where Lord Curzon (a person known to loathe Turks) carried out an exhaustive inquiry into the Ottoman leadership in relation to these bogus genocide claims. The British caused the arrest and incarceration of 144 Ottoman Officials on their island colony of Malta with a view of prosecuting the Ottoman leadership with war crimes and specifically “Outrages against the Armenians”. Your Government at the material time was asked to provide any evidence, which they may have had, and the response was they had no evidence?

Further, a commission of inquiry was conducted by your own Government during the material times and again came to the same conclusion NO EVIDENCE of genocide. All 144 Ottoman officials were released WITHOUT CHARGE after approximately two and half year’s ala Guantanamo Bay style.

In fact, it is not Turkey’s leaders that try to censor discussion or debate about those events but the Armenian Diaspora in the US and powerful Media outlets like yourselves. I would challenge the best of the Armenian Genocide Scholars to a debate with the best of the true Scholars that are independent of Turkey and Turks in general. We would like to bring wider attention to this deception that has been perpetrated in the West by entities such as yourselves.

Clearly, the New York Times is not only deceitful but also lacks any intelligent personnel; let me qualify that statement for you. In your editorial you suggest,

“…that every time they try to censor discussion of the Armenian genocide, they only bring wider attention to the subject and link today’s democratic Turkey with the now distant crime.” So clearly, you recognise Genocide to be a Crime and no doubt a very serious and heinous crime. However, neither the Ottoman Government nor any Ottoman Official was ever convicted of genocide or any offence akin to genocide or crime against humanity. It is true that certain Ottoman officials were tried and convicted for other offences and hung, BY THE OTTOMAN GOVERNMENT themselves. Ever thought why Hitler did not try and hang his own men? Why was the Foreign Minister of the day in the Ottoman Government an Armenian? Would you ever conceive that Hitler would have had a person of the Jewish faith as his Foreign Minister?

You see in a liberal democracy and our common law system there are fundamental tenets such as freedom of speech, innocence until proven guilty, the burden of proving a criminal offence on the Prosecution beyond reasonable doubt. Yet the New York Times breaches all those fundamental tenets with your editorial. You will not allow the Turks to put their case forward to the American public it is you that censors the debate. It is you that has convicted the Ottoman Empire and the Turkish race with Genocide with out ever adhering to the norms of natural justice or procedural fairness. I reiterate no Ottoman Official was ever charged with Genocide or an offence akin to Genocide let alone convicted. So if I were to take the same rationale and suggest that all employees of the New York Times were pederasts how would you feel. No, charge no conviction another serious offence that is effectively what you are doing to the Turkish race.

You see serious crimes such as genocide or paedophilia needs to be resolved in a Court of Law not the Court of Public opinion, but people at the New York Times just do not have the intelligence to fathom that concept. All States that have recognised the fallacious Armenian Genocide have done so on Political grounds with immoral and dishonest Politicians. Let me qualify that for you again, now Turkey as well as numerous other States including the Republic of Armenian and in fact the US are signatories to many treaties. Some of which are in relation to International Tribunals. What is the reason why no State has ever commenced proceedings against the Republic of Turkey or pushed to commence proceedings against the Republic of Turkey for this heinous crime and seek restitution for all those poor victims? I am sure Turkey as the successor to the Ottoman Empire would waive any legal constraints in relation to entity just to get this matter resolved in Court where it needs to be resolved once and for all? Why has no State tried this avenue? I will tell you why because there is NO EVIDENCE of Genocide. They are just greedy dishonest politicians, what the Armenians could not achieve via armed conflict, bogus legal measures, and terrorism they are now trying to achieve politically.

Let me show you what certain Justices of the Supreme Court of Appeal of Victoria said, in relation to another Armenian Terrorist. One Mr Levon Demirian who attempted to Murder employees of the Turkish Consulate in Melbourne in 1986 by blowing it up, but unfortunately for him and his companion they were incompetent terrorists as well because the bomb went off early killing his friend instead. There were no Turkish causalities on this particular occasion. I quote;-

In Demirian (1988) 33 A Crim R 441

“In a joint judgment, McGarvie and O'Bryan JJ said:

“The type of activity engaged in by the applicant [Levon Demirian] and others is rare in this country but terrorist acts are commonplace in the country from whence the applicant emigrated to Australia. Unless courts in this country are vigilant in imposing condign sentences for such conduct evil-minded persons might seek to emulate this conduct. The conduct of the applicant in conspiring with others to endanger life and cause serious injury to property by detonating an explosive substance beneath the Consulate brought shame to this country when the bomb exploded. The Turkish nation is a friendly power and members of the Turkish community now assimilated into Australian society were affronted by this evil deed. The heinousness of the crime is accentuated by the fact that the applicant abused the sanctuary this country offered him.

When a crime of such notoriety and heinousness is committed in the name of a political cause this Court is not required to fix a minimum term. The political nature of the offence and its seriousness render the fixing of such a term inappropriate. A sentence imposed in these circumstances should be exceptional to mark the seriousness with which the crime is viewed and therefore no minimum term should be fixed.” (1988 33 A Crim R at p 474)

Tadgell J agreed, in relation to that aspect of the appeal (at p 481).

You see now who should the wider community believe a large media corporation or educated honest Christian Justices of the Supreme Court of Appeal of Victoria?

Before you answer, the above question let me reiterate what another Supreme Court Justice of New South Wales said about the media, which equally applies to the New York Times in essence. Justice Brian Sully at his retirement function stated the following and I quote;-

“The media, as we know, react with savage vindictiveness to any attempt to apply to them those standards of transparency and accountability that they are insistent on applying to other people … The media are not a constitutional arm of government … To suggest that [they are] is legal fiction, a political subversion and a moral absurdity. The media are major money-making cartels. They are not knights in shining armour. Their agenda is power. Their strategy is fear and their tactics are a combination of ridicule, sometimes of the most savage personal kind."

[It got better]. The media deal in lies and worse, "finely calibrated half-truths"; they fuse fact and opinion, and there's been a campaign in recent times in the Sydney metropolitan media "which in my time has never been surpassed for the persistent, wilful and vicious mendacity with which it has been conducted".

It's about time the Bar Association did something about it. It should take the fight to the media by insisting they say not what they are against, but what they are for.”

The New York Times is a disgrace. The US has the largest economy in the world but at the same time, you have millions of working poor that can not afford the most basic health care. You have beggars in the street that can not afford to buy food, you have terrorist organisations like the Ku Klux Klan and others causing havoc in your own communities. You have some of the highest rates of crime in the world including Murder and Sexual Assault, you have endemic racism where African Americans still can’t get a fair go, with all this and more in your own back yard the New York Times has the audacity to convict the Turkish Race and the Republic of Turkey with a bogus allegation of genocide in breach of numerous principles of a liberal democracy and natural justice, unbelievable.

Ataman Atlas

We, as citizens of Republic of Turkey, denounce the periodic attempts to put an Armenian Genocide Bill into the agenda of the US House of Representatives.

This issue should not concern politicians seeking votes from ethnic taxpayers, but should be studied by unbiased historians. Thus, historical suffering by both societies during World War 1 should not be used for political interests.

The US House of Representatives has no authority or responsibility to interpret this historical issue. This attempt lacks common sense and has no impact other then provoking both societies against each other.

It is a well known fact that attempting to pass similar Armenian Genocide bills by various Parliments is not actually for the wellfare of of the Armenian nation, but instead serves the interests of the capitalist powers in the World

We believe that the only way to resolve this problem is to establish an independent international commission of historians that that will study and reach an unbiased decision by examining all sources including Ottoman archives.

We call upon the US of Representatives to consider this issue with common sense.

Sibel Güven

Dear Madam/Sir,

I must express my disappointment with your editorial titled 'Turkey and the U.N.¢s Cover-Up'. This editorial shows obvious signs of influence by the Armenian lobby in the United States, due to its unquestioning acceptance of a deliberate 'extermination campaign (...) that killed 1.5 million Armenians¢ and ¡20th century¢s first genocide.' Although I agree with your criticism of any censorship of the Armenian issue, you must realize this criticism extends to the need for objectivity and respecting scholarly historical research, rather than blatantly posing on one side of the debate. The 'Armenian genocide' is only an allegation instigated by fervent nationalist lobbies, not to mention the terrorist group ASALA, which assassinated many Turkish diplomats since the 1970s. There are many works by historians, including your own Prof. Dr. Justin McCarthy, showing these allegations to be largely unfounded. Please do not confuse Turkey's objections to biased propaganda with censorship.

Ms. Ayse Ege Yildirim

The Op-Ed Page
New York Times
229 West 43rd Street
New York, NY 10036

Dear Sir/ Madam

Your editorial, on Turkey (April 13, 2007) was sanctimonious and scornful in tone and disrespectful of the facts. If the New York Times were to conclusively accuse an individual of murder, because a consensus of opinion simply "said so" without regard to factual evidence, your newspaper would be greatly endangering its credibility. Doing so would also have an unfairly detrimental effect upon the reputation of the accused. The Fact is the unlike the Holocaust, the Armenian allegations of genocide have never been legally substantiated. Genocide is a crime defined by international law. As such, it must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. War is hell, history should be left to historians. Turkey proposed the establishment of a joint historical commission with Armenia to research this issue in 2005, to no avail.

If the evidence is really there, why not accept this offer? Armenia could even bring its case to an international court and be a hero or your paper should be the hero for the hate merchant Armenians . The New York Times continues trying to bolster the morale of hateful ones with the tactics of offering nothing substantive. A delusional state of denial of the New York Times is bolstered by not accepting Turks who lost 500,000 during WWI, directly in the hands of Armenians who resorted to terrorism, armed revolts, and supreme treason as they literally joined the invading Russian and French armies in Turkey. American historian Prof.Guenter Lewy concludes, "The primary intent of the [Ottoman] deportation order was undoubtedly not to eradicate an entire people but to deny support for the Armenian guerrilla bands and to remove Armenians from war zones." The tragic consequences for Armenian civilians should be remembered. But resettlement is not genocide.

Israeli government , March 2007: Armenians can't be compared to the Jewish or any other genocide. The New York Times continues to be spoon-fed with hate by their Armenian friends. The New York Times continues the distortion of Turkish history and insult of a great nation are a quintessential example of fraud perpetrated by the New York Times and Armenian hate merchants since 1865.

Until a verdict of genocide can be reached by a competent tribunal practicing due process, where both sides of the conflict are properly represented and the evidence cross examined, the term genocide should be preceded by the qualifier, "alleged.

Ibrahim Kurtulus - Staten Island , New York

Annex to My Op-Ed Page letter of April 17, 07
Open Letter To All Concerned About Armenian Genocide Claim - (For The Knowledge Of All Politicians And Scholars!) Dear All,

Gokalp (my adopted grandson) sent me below news clips which appeared in your esteemed paper,which are self-explanatory regarding the innocence of the culprits. The first group covers the late 1890s showing the "incubation" process and the second group of 1915s "give a picture of the hatching".of the eggs of antagonism.

A third group of news covering the WWII period, showing the famous Dashnak General Dro-Andranik of WWI, this time servig Hitler's Nazi Army, rounding up Jews in occupied territories, and fighting against Soviet Russians and Allied forces can be made available on request in continuation of this fallacy.

I will appreciate your confirmation of action, so that I and my friends may follow up the result of this letter in your Op-Ed section and WEB site. Your esteemed paper's bias on this issue is well established also with other articles. Below are a few headlines only. May be it is time to blow up this genocide and innocence baloney with your own writings and serve compassion and peace, instead of grudge and religious bigotry. Or would you contradict your own self ?
Kind Regards

(Ch. 9)
“THE NEW YORK TIMES, Nov.2,1895: AGGRESSIONS OF ARMENIANS – Evidence of the Riots at Bitlis and Zeitun Shows Premeditation …. Zeitoun is peopled by Armenian mountaineers. After killing the Major of the gendarmes and five other men here, the Armenians burned the Mohammedan village of Karmili.

The run on the Bank of Constantinople on Thursday was organized by Armenians with the intent to depreciate Turkish stock. Measures have been taken to prevent such a plan being successful.

“THE NEW YORK TIMES, Dec.15, 1895: ARMS AND BOMBS FOR ZEITUN – Armenians Start from Hudich with Connivance of Authorities…

“THE NEW YORK TIMES, Dec. 21, 1895: A MASSACRE AT ZEITOUN - Insurgents Kill All Turkish Soldiers in Town Except Two (a Colonel and adjutant) - Terrell will Start for Smyrna - Armenian Patriarch Denies Accusations of the Porte Against Christians

“THE NEW YORK TIMES, Feb. 8, 1896: ZEITOUN STILL BESIEGED – Consuls Cannot Guarantee the Safety of the Inhabitants – No Provisions Needed Savc Salt - Turkey’s Sultan Assures Queen Victoria that the Armenians Attacked the Mussulmans in Mosque….

“THE NEW YORK TIMES, Feb.14, 1896: TURKISH AMNESTY TO ZEITOUN - Armenians are Pardoned and a Christian Governor is Promised…

“THE NEW YORK TIMES, Feb.19, 1896: SURRENDER OF ZEITOUN – Turks Finally Placed in Possession of the Fortified City - Five of the Hintchaks Exiled – Murad Ben Convicted and Sentenced to Death for Attacks on the Sultan…

“THE NEW YORK TIMES, May 23, 1896: REFUGEES IN ZEITOUN - A Great Deal of Money Necessary to Aid Them Properly…. As a matter of fact with massacre, and famine, and sickness, probably not less than 5,000 people have died. This number both includes refugees and natives of Zeitoun Sickness is very prevalent, the chief trouble being typhus and dysentery….

“THE NEW YORK TIMES, Sept. 23, 1896: ARMENIAN BOMBS EXHIBITED – Constantinople Sept.22:

The Artillery Department of the War Office has on exhibition 170 Armenian bombs from 5 to 9 inches in length, which the authorities discovered in an Armenian bomb factory in this city.

“THE NEW YORK TIMES, Sept. 24, 1896: SWORN TO RUIN THE PORTE – Armenian Societies Active in Constantinople - They Receive Orders from a Secret Central Committee - They Are Responsible for the Recent Disturbances – France Has Begun Negotiations to Settle the Turkish Question, with the Aid of England and Russia, at Once….

“THE NEW YORK TIMES, May 23, 1897: : Turk and Armenian – From the Atlantic Monthly

“It must be admitted that the Armenians are not an easy people to get on with. They are distinguished by an energy, a busy-ness, and a fondness for acquisition that are almost super-occidental. They are selfish, personally unattractive, and strikingly lacking in traits of nobility and self respect. The average Armenian is unquestionably of sharp intelligence as far as the small things go. The saying is that it takes ten Jews to outwit one Greek, and ten Greeks to outwit one Armenian. He is unquestionably extremely irritating to the quietistic, resigned, fatalistic Turk. The two have little in common. The Armenian is clearly a pestilent fellow, and the Turk has decided to get rid of him. The Armenian is clearly a pestilent source of unrest. He is a “kicker”. What men do with “kickers”, in the Occidental scheme of things, is to vote them down. The Turk knows no other way than to stub them down, cut their heads off, or sink them in the Sea of Marmora. He is applying the triune receipt with patient zeal as occasion offers.

(Ch. 9)
“THE NEW YORK TIMES, Nov. 5, 1914: RUSSIAN INVASION of ARMENIA BEGUN – Several Towns Taken – Czar Has Splendid Native Soldiers to Fight the Turks “ …

(Ch. 10)
“THE NEW YORK TIMES, Nov.6, 1914” ARMENIAN CITIES TAKEN – Russians Report Victories Near Border – Turks Abandon Wounded - British Annex Cyprus - THE ALLIES DECLARE WAR …

(Ch. 9)
“THE NEW YORK TIMES, Nov.7, 1914: ARMENIANS FIGHTING TURKS – Besieging Van – Others Operating in Turkish Army’s Rear

London, Sat. Nov.7: The Turkish town of Van (140 miles southeast of Erzurum, Turkish Armenia) is being besieged by a detachment of Armenians, who are aiding the Russians. The town has a large arsenal. Another Armenian detachment is operating in the rear of the Turkish Army”

(Ch. 4)
“THE NEW YORK TIMES, Nov. 10,1914: RUSSIANS TAKE TURKS’ FOR NEAR ERZURUM – In Pursuit of Kurdish Cavalry – Armenian Students Enthusiastic Volunteers in Petrograd….

(Ch. 4)
“THE NEW YORK TIMES, Nov. 13, 1914: TURKISH ARMENIANS IN ARMED REVOLT – Were Ready to Join Russian Invaders Having Drilled and Collected Arms. See Day of Deliverance. Native Paper Says They Are Prepared for Any Sacrifice – Refuse to Join Turkish Army

Petrograd, Nov. 12,: Reports reaching the Russian capital from the Turkish border attach increasing importance to the part the Armenians are playing in the Russo - Turkish war…..

(Ch. 4)
“THE NEW YORK TIMES, Jan. 8, 1915: FROM AMERICA TO FIGHT – Detachment of Armenians Welcomed Enthusiastically in Tiflis….

“THE NEW YORK TIMES, Sept. 29, 1915: ARMENIANS’ OWN FAULT, BERNSTORFF NOW SAYS – They Brought Reprisals on Themselves by Trying to Stir Up Rebellion Against Turkey - Special to NYT

(Ch. 6)
“THE NEW YORK TIMES” Oct. 28, 1915: THE LIGHT THAT MAY GO OUT IN TURKEY - What the Armenians Have Done to Sustain Christianity and Western Civilization in the Household of the Prophet

By Arshag Mahdesian – Armenian Editor and Publicist

(Ch. 15)

More Than 1.000.000 Killed, Enslaved or Exiled, Says a Tiflis Paper

London Oct.21- The estimate is made by the Armenian newspaper Mshak that of the 1,200.000 Armenian inhabitants of Turket before the war there remain not more than 200.0000…. The figures of the Mshak are based on the estimate of the Armenian Patriarch at Constantinople that 850,000 Armenians have been killed or enslaved by the Turks, in addition to which 200.000 Armenians are believed to have fled to Russia.

(Ch. 25)
“THE NEW YORK TIMES”, Nov.22, 1915: REBEL TURK FOR ARMENIANS – Djemal Pasha Orders Two of Their Oppressors Hanged: Berlin – Nov. 21: “Telegrams from Damascus state that Djemal Pasha, commander of the Turkish forces in Syria, has ordered that the chiefs of two Turkish bands be hanged for ill treatment of Armenians...”

Much that has been said and written about CUP’s scheme to massacre all Armenians, above clip proves that the very opposite was true and that Djemal Pasha (later to be assassinated by the Dashnaks for villainy) who had sheltered and fed many Armenian orphans, was a man of justice and military honor. Below excerpt is from :

(Ch. 13 )
“ THE NEW YORK TIMES” March 12, 1916: BEAT OFF 4.000 TURKS – Armenian Refugees on Mount Moses Had only 127 rifles….

(Ch. 19)
“THE NEW YORK TIMES, April 2, 1916: TURKEY WANTS AID FOR 500.000 STARVING – Her Own People, Not Armenian Refugees - American Red Cross Cables $ 10.000

….. Great suffering throughout country, particularly at Constantinople and suburbs…. No relief in sight, Typhus spreading with high mortality… Supplies cannot be shipped to Turkey from America because of the Allies’ blockade and foodstuffs probably will be purchased by the Red Cross and sent from Rumania…

(Note: The Allies blockade was lifted only for the ships carrying relief goods to Christians)

(Ch. 4)
“THE NEW YORK TIMES Oct. 18, 1916: THE KIND OF ARMENIANS A TURK KNOWS – They Betray Their Rulers, Take Refuge in Christian Missions, and Have to be Dealt With as Dangerous Rebels…

(Ch. 19)
“THE NEW YORK TIMES, Nov. 26, 1916: SEND SHIP TO AID STARVING ARMENIA – Syrians Too, Will Share in $ 250.000 Cargo on Collier Caesar - FIVE MILLIONS ARE NEEDED ….

$ 2.000.000 has been applied to the relief of Armenian, Syrian and Assyrian war sufferers in the Near East…”

(Note: Allied blockade was lifted only for ships carrying relief goods, and 98% of the Relief goods were distributed to Christians only)

Sukru S. Aya,
Istanbul, 20.04.2007

Original Article:

Turkey and the U.N.’s Cover-Up
April 13, 2007


More than 90 years ago, when Turkey was still part of the Ottoman Empire, Turkish nationalists launched an extermination campaign there that killed 1.5 million Armenians. It was the 20th century’s first genocide. The world noticed, but did nothing, setting an example that surely emboldened such later practitioners as Hitler, the Hutu leaders of Rwanda in 1994 and today’s Sudanese president, Omar Hassan al-Bashir.

Turkey has long tried to deny the Armenian genocide. Even in the modern-day Turkish republic, which was not a party to the killings, using the word genocide in reference to these events is prosecuted as a serious crime. Which makes it all the more disgraceful that United Nations officials are bowing to Turkey’s demands and blocking this week’s scheduled opening of an exhibit at U.N. headquarters commemorating the 13th anniversary of the Rwandan genocide because it mentions the mass murder of the Armenians.

Ankara was offended by a sentence that explained how genocide came to be recognized as a crime under international law: “Following World War I, during which one million Armenians were murdered in Turkey, Polish lawyer Raphael Lemkin urged the League of Nations to recognize crimes of barbarity as international crimes.” The exhibit’s organizer, a British-based antigenocide group, was willing to omit the words “in Turkey.” But that was not enough for the U.N.’s craven new leadership, and the exhibit has been indefinitely postponed.

It’s odd that Turkey’s leaders have not figured out by now that every time they try to censor discussion of the Armenian genocide, they only bring wider attention to the subject and link today’s democratic Turkey with the now distant crime. As for Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and his inexperienced new leadership team, they have once again shown how much they have to learn if they are to honorably and effectively serve the United Nations, which is supposed to be the embodiment of international law and a leading voice against genocide.


Anonymous said...

This is in reference to the NYT editorial, “Turkey and the UN’s Cover-up” dated April 13, 2007. We think that it’s rather distressing how a topic (the so-called “Armenian Genocide”) so poorly researched and inconclusive can be used to attempt to tarnish Turkey's honor and prevent the proper celebration of Rwanda's rightful war involving a true crime against humanity. It can't be stressed more strongly that arguments differ with respect to the Armenian question, with researchers divided on the question of whether the Ottoman Empire engaged in a systematic killing of the Armenian population or got mired in the European and Russian infiltration into the affairs of the empire and grossly mismanaged measures designed to curb Armenian uprisings. Until the veracity of Armenian genocide claims is investigated through open discussion and mutual exchange of research, we believe it is unethical to use it as political tool to manipulate international opinion and further increase the power of special interests. Doga Kayalar & Alihan Polat (New York)

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