1563) About article by Simon Tisdall, “The Guardian”, March 27th, 2007

Apparently, above article raised so much interest and debate between the readers, that only within 24 hours say from 6.11 am on the 26th, until 6.08 am on the 27th, there was some 140 commentaries which took 26 printed pages For curiosity, I read everything at home, and frankly, I enjoyed, reading exchange of opinions in decent language, with frequent glitters of information-satire-irony, but in general, lacking depth for hasty conclusions, or an altitude for analogy.

I cannot bore commenting another 26 pages of counter views replying commentaries, mostly based on facial or superficial knowledge and data. So, with the permission of sharp pens, (like Vlad “the Impaler”), I will try to offer a different peep-hole on the subject, because I observed, remarkable prejudice, bias, bragging and complex of superiority, or erroneous criteria for evaluations made.

First of all, I want to start with the good news: Don’t panic Gentlemen, because of the present play of hypocrisy regarding Turkey’s entry to E.U.: Before proceeding any further on this commentary, please read this first
and particularly the article written by a world known scholar and authority on macro-economics, Mr. Oktay Yenal, (a friend of writer of these lines). Please also read The ECONOMIST article and try to look from a higher perspective. The E.U. scheme, was-is a trap of hypocrisy, where without the slightest assurance, “EU is the taker, and Turkey is the giver.” There is no sincerity in the whole comedy. The EU members’ inclinations are visible from your lines, and also speeches delivered by the forerunners of EU, such as Germany (by daughter of a protestant minister, Merkel) and a French Sarkozy (in the hands of the Armenian secretary and diaspora) where they have to satisfy their own narrow interests. Persons have to be either blind, deaf or stupid or ‘cunning, such as our present ruling party praised even by most of you as mild islamist and reformist’. How come that the EU parliament “supposed to consist of intelligent, secular, unbiased politicians” do not raise any criticism regarding the deceitful system of democracy parodies in Turkey? Like all other dictators being welcomed by EU (such as oil countries despite their huge deficiencies), the lame Turkish system of democracy (!) is not even slightly criticized by EU parliament.

They don’t question, “what kind of crooked system of Russian rulet election laws you have that: votes under 10% are totally discarded, and consequently a party which has received only 25% of the eligible voters, can end up by holding 65% of the Parliament. What type of election laws you have (for which compliance to EU standards is not required), that Turks are compelled to vote one of the parties, and all that the party leader has put on that list! Why the voter “cannot select the person he trusts” but has to vote the less stinking list? As long as EU or USA holds the strings of the “orderly - like government” they don’t ask how they come into power, what kind of corruptions they are involved in? These do not make the slightest difference.

For example, among many others, they insist that Turkish Republic should accept that they committed a genocide against Armenians a century ago! Why is that EU asks ‘qualification as a criminal’ for acceptance without a verdict, documentation or even debate on the truth of such a slander? This is a huge world swindle, where many institutions are milked and several politicians are supported-financed-tipped etc. Why secularism in Turkey, in all state affairs and education is criticized by EU countries, who shelter religious groups in service of fundamentalism. In short gentlemen, EU ‘does not need decent people on equal standards and reciprocal respect of rights and wrongs’! They may have a standard about the size of the cucumber to be pickled, but no standards for ethics of the countries, or ‘decision takers’. Hence gentlemen, you brag about culture, human rights, freedom of speech and religion etc, not much different than the “Coca Cola advertising” that ‘you cannot be happy, unless you drink it’! If any referendum would be made nowadays in Turkey, the “YES for EU” may not be even 30%. So, be happy, don’t worry. Pretty soon politician clowns will have to see and act accordingly. Having settled above, let me make few different remarks:

1- I think that “none” of the commentators have lived the hardships of WWII where some 40 millions died because of frictions of interests. The victors of WWI were so ruthless on Germany at Versailles, that automatically a counter reaction salvage by nationalism was made necessary and a .lunatic such as Hitler came into power by “democracy” ! Much worse terms were to be imposed on the Ottoman Empire, if Turks had not fought a war of independence, after they were totally ruined and occupied. So, the strong or victor (whether he has superiority by muscle or money), as a thumb rule, has no mercy for the weak one. In old days it was the force of the armies and guns… Imagine, how much more powerful Germany would have been, if Hitler had any touch of economy, and was clever enough to buy the world, instead of conquering! It! Now, the present situation is, that more intelligent industrialized countries realized that they have a larger power, ‘if they were to be united’ in producing and marketing their capital. The present superiority of the Capitalism depends on how well it integrates with Socialism, which gives serious signals of danger even within EU and USA. Public has been enslaved by “Capital” media-politicians-institutions, made to learn only “one side of stories” through TV or other channels. Before WWII, people did not have such chances, it was only the newspapers and news agencies, which were easily taken under control. Today, free press is a baloney, because of their dependence on Capital.

2- Let us use a little intelligence, instead of prejudices: Turkey is an important buyer’s market for EU countries. Turkey has a huge deficit in balance of payments in trade with EU. As long as EU is paid, they have no concern regarding “how or for how long”. Why should EU take some 75 million heads in sharing the profits? Turkey’s huge debts, for this hot-capital hormone or doped economy is not important. Is it not more profitable to convince the Turk that one day “he may” become a selling partner, “if he keeps on remaining a well behaving buyer”? Hence, EU is:

The world’s (EU) affairs as so they seem,
Nay, the whole universe complete,
Is a delusion and a cheat,
A fantasy, an idle dream.

(Omar Khayyam)

After having given the GOOD NEWS as above, let me comment on the BAD NEWS: I have underlined a few of the clever-shallow striking words:

Row over Cyprus: Cyprus was leased to Britain in 1850s, against money borrowed for Crimean War. Greeks started coming after this date. Before, it was conquered by Muslims from Malta knights. If Turks had not taken and gave freedom of religion, Cyprus would have been all Catholic

instead of Greek Orthodox. Look at the map, and see how close Cyprus (not Turkey) is to Europe! Cyprus is vital for Turkey strategically, the Turkish population of some 150,000 cannot be left to the genocidal annihilation of Megalo Idea as it happened in 1974. Cyprus’ Greek population is not even as much as one of the 20 townships of Istanbul, (which alone has more than 12 million people and economically is much stronger than most of the newcomers in EU).

Membership gift to Turkey: Who ever gave a “gift”. I know from experience that in EU, most people don’t even offer half an apple or a glass of beer to a close friend as a “gift”!

Football game 4-1: I think that the Turkish commentator owes an apology for two important reasons: First this is a sports game it is not a fight. It could be the otherwise. Secondly, at the very end of the game the reciprocal applause of Turkish players and Greek football fans, is the late but best result. Except the `mania`, we have too many things in common with Greeks.

Muslim disadvantage, nationalistic, commonality, European ethnicity (?), European project of historic enemy (?) for Turkey, Christian democrats, learning about racist Turkey, from Midnight Express (Why not Ali Baba or Lord of Rings ?) Europeanization of Turkey instead of Turkification of Europe (?) (how many of you have really been and spent some time in various cities and had the chance to also meet middle or upper class people in Turkey? Most think that rest of Turkey is like the ones in Europe !),

Globalization of free trade (Turkey is globally freely milked, what more you can ask for ?), Special visas for working class only (I like this one, “I let as I wish, only those who come to work for me” I don’t want those who try to sell to me, or who want to visit as a tourist or set up partnerships … make their visits as difficult and as restricted as possible, let them provide hundreds of documents, bank accounts, policies, wealth documentation etc.) to step inside EU when they are “decent and well to do persons”… (treat those barbarian Turks, as it was written in our book, Mama Mia – Turks are coming…) There are plenty references to “biblical rights of ownership” “unity of Christendom” Greek Ancestry (?). (Apparently for EU membership, you must believe in Abraham and Noah tales, after the last ice age, which does not even go 8.000 BC, instead of believing science, Darwinism, human remains in Africa almost one million years old, only in Anatolia 600.000 years old…- Gentlemen, are we speaking objectivity and realities or fictions?). There are also references to trade statistic figures, ethnicity and too many words relating to ‘self advertisement, superiority, cultural (?) unity etc’. Don’t many writers mess up culture with habits, traditions or preferences?

Bragging of ‘cash strong superiors’, about how Turks (or others) should behave to be ever honored with EU Christian Club membership, and thus share interests, using their carbon copied mentality, paradoxically, the size of the pickle cucumber may be more important than ethics, equality, justice, etc. I could not see any comfort words, in the 26 pages, such as:

Cooperation, co-existence, support, sharing, understanding, tolerance, bilateral, reciprocal, moral, ethic, just, honorable, unbiased, flexible, tolerance, intelligence, wisdom, liberty, confidence, harmony, stability, alliance, harmony, lovable, humane, everlasting, educative, friendly, compassionately etc… It looks that -backward or Asiatic out of fashion sentiments, have no place in the thinking of proud EU citizens-, who find it “ethic to buy the riches or slavelabor of the misfortunate ones, at no cost” and living much more comfortably, creating, a union of the rich minority, versus incapable or uneducated helpless majority!

In reference to the strong advocating of Christendom, I want to close my commentary with some biblical advice, frequently read, but rarely observed by “all” religion salesmen.

(Refer to Protestant Bible, Chapter 12, Romans):

Ch.13 – 6: Because of this you also pay taxes for they are God’s (or EU) ministers
- 7 : Pay taxes to whom are due

-8: Owe no one except to love one another, for he who loves another has fulfilled the Law
(It is unclear if LOVE is limited from one EU Christian to another and if all other humans are to be excluded)

- 9: The commandments you shall not commit adultery (travesty ?), you shall not murder (except when you teach pagans to Christianize or if they do not surrender to their mastership) , You shall not steal (but can take advantage of the poor and the fool in need – this is lawfull business global for which we exist and must serve as if we were Ibsen’s robots), You shall not covet (but can come all the way from USA being jealous of that stupid Arab’s oil, which is you that deserves it, and several EU will happily give a hand in plunder in expectation of some crumbs of the spoil), You shall love your neighbor as yourself (but if he is not co-religionist, you can hit and kick him to Dante’s inferno)

-10:Love does no harm to a neighbor! (With EU word love is replaced by profit! Isn’t it so?)

Let each soul find a ladder up in the skies of joy,
Let no one’s back be arched like the sky because of sorrow.
Love has no body, no mind, no heart, no soul.
Love lies out of the reach of dogma.

-Mevlana Celalledin Rumi



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