1571) Turkey Friend or Foe ?

Dear Mr Beck,

Glenn Beck

If you need to ask such a rhetorical question (Turkey Friend or Foe ?) then clearly you do not know history nor world politics (as is the case with the vast majority of Americans, most can’t even point to the map of Australia on the globe) I have been to the US on many occasions and it still astounds me today when most average US citizens ask me to say something in Australian as if it were another language. . . That then being the case I would not even go into what they think or know about the Republic of Turkey and Turks in general.

You are in a position of power that is a media personality. A position which is quite often abused by the media and media personalities in general, let me just qualify that statement and reiterate the general theme and comments made by His Honour Justice Brian Sully of the Supreme Court of NSW (For your benefit that is New South Wales a State of the independent Country known as Australia a former colony of the U.K. much like the United States excepting we didn’t need to start a war and kill thousands to declare independence, the people of Australia were a tad more civilised) and I quote,

“The media, as we know, react with savage vindictiveness to any attempt to apply to them those standards of transparency and accountability that they are insistent on applying to other people … The media are not a constitutional arm of government … To suggest that [they are] is legal fiction, a political subversion and a moral absurdity. The media are major money-making cartels. They are not knights in shining armour. Their agenda is power. Their strategy is fear and their tactics are a combination of ridicule, sometimes of the most savage personal kind."

[It got better]. The media deal in lies and worse, "finely calibrated half-truths"; they fuse fact and opinion, and there's been a campaign in recent times in the Sydney metropolitan media "which in my time has never been surpassed for the persistent, wilful and vicious mendacity with which it has been conducted".

It's about time the Bar Association did something about it. [the steaming judge declared]. It should take the fight to the media by insisting they say not what they are against, but what they are for.”

When will the Western Media in general stop biased malicious propaganda against The Republic of Turkey and the Turks in general? (Now there is a rhetorical question I already know the answer too NEVER.)

It was quite interesting and amazing to watch you interview an Arab terrorist who clearly sees Turkey as an enemy State. As I stated to you via your web site it would have been much more dramatic had you have been wearing a tea towel on your head. It appears to me that some Arabs still haven’t got over World War 1 and want the total extermination of the Republic of Turkey and the Turks. That is understandable, they are looking for an American Lawrence of Arabia and you certainly fit the role.

You ridicule the Turkish reaction to 11 Turkish Soldiers being hooded and then released. I wonder how the US would react if 11 of their own soldiers were treated in the same manner by a so called friend. The question I pose to you is whether The Us is a friend or foe? Why is that Turks and the Republic of Turkey can not trust and depend on the reliability of US Politicians and the US Media?

When will the US Media treat issues relating to Turkey and the Turks with fairness, transparency and some integrity?

Let me show you what certain Justices of the Court of Criminal Appeal in Victoria (Another State in the Commonwealth of Australia much like NSW, just for your information) stated about an act of Armenian terrorism perpetrated in Victoria;-

In Demirian (1988) 33 A Crim R 441

“In a joint judgment, McGarvie and O'Bryan JJ said:

“The type of activity engaged in by the applicant [Levon Demirian] and others is rare in this country but terrorist acts are commonplace in the country from whence the applicant emigrated to Australia. Unless courts in this country are vigilant in imposing condign sentences for such conduct evil-minded persons might seek to emulate this conduct. The conduct of the applicant in conspiring with others to endanger life and cause serious injury to property by detonating an explosive substance beneath the Consulate brought shame to this country [Australia] when the bomb exploded. The Turkish nation is a friendly power and members of the Turkish community now assimilated into Australian society were affronted by this evil deed. The heinousness of the crime is accentuated by the fact that the applicant abused the sanctuary this country offered him.

When a crime of such notoriety and heinousness is committed in the name of a political cause this Court is not required to fix a minimum term. The political nature of the offence and its seriousness render the fixing of such a term inappropriate. A sentence imposed in these circumstances should be exceptional to mark the seriousness with which the crime is viewed and therefore no minimum term should be fixed.” (1988 33 A Crim R at p 474)

Tadgell J agreed, in relation to that aspect of the appeal (at p 481).

Now Mr Beck should a believe what a blood thirsty Turk hating terrorist Arab has to say or independent educated Christian Justices of the Court of Criminal Appeal of Victoria has to say about Turks ?

That is the real question.

Ataman Atlas

The Real Story: Turkey, Friend or Foe?
September 20, 2006

Fallout from the Pope's comments is continuing throughout the Muslim world. Today, a story ran in England that quoted the guy who tried to assasinate the Pope in 1981. He recently wrote a letter to Pope Benedict that said, quote, "Your life is in danger. You absolutely must not come to Turkey."
But the Real Story is that the Pope should've cancelled his planned trip to Turkey well before any of this controversy even started. Since May, a new Turkish novel has been racing up the bestseller lists. It's title? "Attack on the Pope: Who Will Kill the Pope in Istanbul?"

A few weeks ago, Walid Shoebat, a former PLO terrorist, was on this program. After the segment he was insistent that one of our producers get an urgent message to me. He wanted me to know his belief that Turkey will play a major role against us in the coming Middle East storm and that we've got to start paying attention to them.

So I did start paying attention...and doing some more homework on them. It turns out that their decision in 2003 to deny the U.S. military's request to cross their southern border into Iraq was the first chink the armor between our countries in quite some time. We also didn't appreciate that Turkey decided to not contribute any troops to the initial allied coalition, even though I understood the reasons for their decision.

Since then, the Turkish people have come out strongly against our foreign policies, and media propanganda has fueled anti-American and Israeli sentiment to historic levels.

In 2005, sales of Hitler's book "Mein Kampf" sold over 100,000 copies and made the bestseller lists. Then, earlier this year, the most expensive movie in the history of the country, "Valley of the Wolves" was released. In it, American troops massacre civilians at a wedding, bomb a mosque during prayer and fire into a shipping container full of people. Oh, oh! AND there's a scene where an American doctor -- played by Q-list actor Gary Busey -- harvests organs from Iraqi prisoners to send to, where else, New York, London and Tel Aviv.

Here's the bottom line on Turkey -- I believe that their people, like so many others in the region, are being bombared with so much anti-American rhetoric that they don't know what to think anymore. What started as a grand experiment with Middle East democracy and secularism is now teetering on the brink of falling victim to the same hate and dark-age thinking that they were built to avoid.

I think Walid Shoebat was right. Turkey is another piece in "Perfect Storm" puzzle that I've been telling you about, and we all need to start paying a lot more attention to them until we know exactly how they fit in.



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