1701) La Times, Mr. Doug Frants And The Alleged Armenian Genocide : Responses by Yuksel Oktay & Sukru S Aya

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Subject: La Times, Mr. Doug Frants and the alleged Armenian genocide

Dear Publisher of LA Times, David Hiller and Editor, Jim O'Shea,

I have been following the dispute coming from the LA Times newsroom over the internet on the demand by California Courier that Doug Frantz be fired for blocking publication of an article on the alleged Armenian genocide by senior staff writer Mark Arax, who is of Armenian heritage. California Courier is notorious with its publication of one sided articles on the alleged Armenian genocide over the years, and therefore, their demand should not be taken seriously. I commend Los Angeles Times and Managing Editor Doug Frantz, for taking a stand against publication of one sided articles on the Armenian issue, full of distortions, fabrications and half-truths. As a long time reader of Los Angeles Times, I have prepared the following commentary for the benefit of other readers of one of the best newspapers in the United States.


Yuksel Oktay
Irvine, Ca.

The Armenian Rebellions And Massacres Of Turks In Eastern Turkey And Its Consequences, 1890-1920, The Other Side of the Story

In order to understand the Armenian Issue, one needs to know that, during the First World War and in 1915, Turks of the Ottoman Empire, referred to as Moslems, were fighting along the four fronts of the Empire from the Balkans to the Caucusus against the Allied Forces of the British, the French, the Russians and others. The Anzacs FROM Australia and New Zealand and the Gurkas from India, who had no quarrels with the Turks, were invading Gallipoli in the west under the Allied command on April 25, only a day after the arrest of over 2300 Armenians in Istanbul on April 24 for subversive activities and rioting, a day that Armenians around the world recognize as Genocide day, which is one sided and ignores the sufferings of the Turks.

Through the never ending efforts of Armenian and the supporters of Armenians, the world has been subjected to a one sided anti-Turkish propaganda, which is full of distortions, fabrications and out right lies. As it is customary to state in the South, it does not matter how thin the pancakes are made, it still has two sides. This commentary is an attempt by an American of Turkish heritage to show the readers of Los Angeles Times the other side of the Armenian issue, which the Managing Editor Doug Frantz is well aware of and therefore has every right to object to the publication of an article by

Armenian Rebellions

Armenians were citizens of the Ottoman Empire for close to 700 years, just like Turks and other nationalities. they never had a state of their own other than a short lived kingdom. Some Armenians, mainly the members of the Hunchak party, rebelled against their own government, through false promises of foreign governments for creating an independent Armenia on lands where they were not the majority. They raided Turkish villages and towns and killed innocent Turks in the thousand.

The first rebellion in 1890 in Erzurum and the Van rebellion in 1915 with many in between, resulted in wholesale massacres of Turks, which are well documented in many publications, including the book by Professor Justin McCharty of University of Kentuck, The Van Rebellion. These acts continued into 1920s as Armenian forces in the thousands joined the Russian and French armies who were fighting for the dismemberment of the Ottoman Empire. It is very sad that the wars on four fronts and the Armenian uprisings resulted in the death of over 2.5 million Turks, who are remembered as Turkey celebrates the National Sovereignty and Children's Day on April 23 every year.

Intercommunal Wars

As a result of Armenian uprisings and their clandestine activities behind Turkish troops, Turks reacted and the Ottoman Government issued a law on 27 May 1915 to relocate Armenians in central and eastern Anatolia to other parts of the empire, Syria and Iraq, but Armenians in Western Anatolia and especially in ıstanbul were not relocated.. Thousands of Armenians, some transported by trains, reached their final destinations where they were given accommodations. Many chose to immigrate to Caucauses, European countries and the Americas, as many had done in earlier years. Many were also allowed to return to their homes.

It is also very sad that, according to many sources, no more then 300,00 Armenians died, under various conditions, which they can blame first their own people who fired the first shot and started the rebellion, stabbing Turks from behind, rather than standing by their fellow citizens and fighting the occupiers of their empire.

The Armenian Deaths are not Genocide

There was no genocide, as some Armenians, especially those of the Armenian Diaspora, would like you to believe. The charges are based on forged documents, war propaganda material, and books written based on lies, exaggerations and events that never took place. The total number of Armenians living in Anatolia in 1915 was less than 1.5 million, according to many sources, a number freely used by many as the total number of Armenians died during the tragic events, which is false.

As Antranik Az writes in his 1898 book, ''The Turks and the Land of Haig, or Turkey and Armenia'', the problems between Armenians and Turks started long before 1915 which were due to many reasons, including religious and racial antipathy, although the Ottoman government was tolerant towards all of its citizens, appointing many Armenians as ambassadors, ministers, which are also well documented. These and all aspects of Armenian issues are covered in many books and publications, including "A Myth of Terror", written by the late Austrian author Erich Feigl that presents the history of Armenian atrocities.

Armenia and Turkey Should be Allies

As an American citizen of Turkish descent, I would like to see Armenia and Turkey become allies and trading partners, with open borders and visitors traveling freely without any restrictions. Many cultural events took place with the cooperation of the two countries and Finally, the ruined Armenian Church on the island of Akdamar in lake Van was recently restored and turned into a Museum for the benefit of all people.

Watching the beautiful Armenian dancers perform at the Istanbul Ataturk Cultural Center a few years back first time, I though this would be possible, if only false accusations, distortions and mis-representations by some Armenians and the damaging and useless Armenian Genocide declarations on April 24 by various state and national governments would stop, which must, and which does not benefit anyone.

Please do not believe everything you hear or read put out by the powerful and rich Armenian diaspora, who have made this falsification of history their profession rather than striving to become good citizens of their adopted country, and by some mis-informed Americans, and some Turks too, such as Taner Akcam. We should all work for peace and friendship, not for the creation of hatred among different peoples of the United States who call themselves Americans.

Brief History of the Conflict and Chronology

1071 Armenians come under Turkish rule

1456 Armenian Patriarch relocated to Istanbul by Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror following the conquest of Constantinople, still active

1820 Czarist Russia expands in Central Asia

1887 Hunchak Revolutinary Party founded in Geneva

1877 Start of the Russo-Ottoman war and occupation of eastern Anatolia by the Russians, giving an excuse to Armenians to start their slaughters.

1890 First uprising of Armenians in Erzurum 1914 Sassoon rebellion

1915 Van rebellion and destruction of Turkish section 1915 April 24, arrest of Armenian revolutionaries in Istanbul 1916 May 27, Ottoman government enacts the law to relocate the Armenians from war zones

1973 Murder of first Turkish diplomat in Los Angeles which continues through 1982 with over 70 murders committed by the Armenian group Asala

1982 Prof. Hovannosian declares in Munich that the claims for Armenian Genocide have no basis.

1991 New independent Republic of Armenia is declared, with a new Constitution which includes the recognition of the Armenian Genocide.

1992 Armenian forces occupy Nagorno-Karabagh region of Azerbaijan

2000 The attempt by the US House of representatives to declare April 24 as the Armenian Genocide day shelved through the efforts of President Clinton

2001 French Parliament approves April 24 as day of genocide, a wrong decision.

2002 President Kocaryan of Armenia declares during an interview with Mehmet Ali Birand on Turkish TV that they have no demands for compensation or land from Turkey.

2007 Another attempt for the recognition of April 24 as genocide day by the US Congress is shelved, not because it will damage the relations between the US and Turkey, but rather it would have been a false recognition.

(A note on how Armenians started their rebellions - One of the revolutionaries has told told Dr. Hamlin, the founder of Robert College, that the Hunchak bands would watch their opportunities to kill Turks and Kurds, set fire to their villages, and than make their escape into the mountains. The enraged Moslems will than rise, and fall upon the Armenians and slaughter them with such barbarity that Russia will enter in the name of humanity and Christian civilization and take possession.)

May be it is time that the Armenians listen to one of their fellow Armenian, Snork Kalustyan, who wrote many years ago:

May all those unhappy events which take place in every country have an end. May the Peace of God be with all people of good will.

Yuksel Oktay, a concerned Turkish-American
Irvine, Ca. May 16, 2007

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In reference to my friend Mr. Oktay's comprehensive reply, I should like to "contribute" to the subject, by attaching a list of the various "News headlines only" which appeared in different issue of the New York Times. Reputed for its all time pro-Christian/Armenian support and Turkish antagonism, which is self explanatory in respect of the "INNOCENCE" of the Armenians. The penalty of "treason during war" is already known. Ottoman Turks have waived this to "temporary relocation out of the war zones to places where they can survive with new business but infect no further fifth column damage to a an army fighting a desperate war of existence on three fronts. All populations of the war zones (including Muslims etc.) were deported because of military needs, and the latter were not even provided with transfer camps, kitchens, tents etc

It is your Papers Boasting then... How can it be denied or distorted now ?

Sukru S. Aya

“THE NEW YORK TIMES, Nov.2,1895: AGGRESSIONS OF ARMENIANS – Evidence of the Riots at Bitlis and Zeitun Shows Premeditation …. Zeitoun is peopled by Armenian mountaineers. After killing the Major of the gendarmes and five other men here, the Armenians burned the Mohammedan village of Karmili.
The run on the Bank of Constantinople on Thursday was organized by Armenians with the intent to depreciate Turkish stock. Measures have been taken to prevent such a plan being successful.

“THE NEW YORK TIMES, Dec.15, 1895: ARMS AND BOMBS FOR ZEITUN – Armenians Start from Hudich with Connivance of Authorities…

“THE NEW YORK TIMES, Dec. 21, 1895: A MASSACRE AT ZEITOUN - Insurgents Kill All Turkish Soldiers in Town Except Two (a Colonel and adjutant) - Terrell will Start for Smyrna - Armenian Patriarch Denies Accusations of the Porte Against Christians

“THE NEW YORK TIMES, Feb. 8, 1896: ZEITOUN STILL BESIEGED – Consuls Cannot Guarantee the Safety of the Inhabitants – No Provisions Needed Savc Salt - Turkey’s Sultan Assures Queen Victoria that the Armenians Attacked the Mussulmans in Mosque….

“THE NEW YORK TIMES, Feb.14, 1896: TURKISH AMNESTY TO ZEITOUN - Armenians are Pardoned and a Christian Governor is Promised…

“THE NEW YORK TIMES, Feb.19, 1896: SURRENDER OF ZEITOUN – Turks Finally Placed in Possession of the Fortified City - Five of the Hintchaks Exiled – Murad Ben Convicted and Sentenced to Death for Attacks on the Sultan…

“THE NEW YORK TIMES, May 23, 1896: REFUGEES IN ZEITOUN - A Great Deal of Money Necessary to Aid Them Properly…. As a matter of fact with massacre, and famine, and sickness, probably not less than 5,000 people have died. This number both includes refugees and natives of Zeitoun Sickness is very prevalent, the chief trouble being typhus and dysentery….

“THE NEW YORK TIMES, Sept. 23, 1896: ARMENIAN BOMBS EXHIBITED – Constantinople Sept.22:
The Artillery Department of the War Office has on exhibition 170 Armenian bombs from 5 to 9 inches in length, which the authorities discovered in an Armenian bomb factory in this city.

“THE NEW YORK TIMES, Sept. 24, 1896: SWORN TO RUIN THE PORTE – Armenian Societies Active in Constantinople - They Receive Orders from a Secret Central Committee - They Are Responsible for the Recent Disturbances – France Has Begun Negotiations to Settle the Turkish Question, with the Aid of England and Russia, at Once….

“THE NEW YORK TIMES, May 23, 1897: : Turk and Armenian – From the Atlantic Monthly
“It must be admitted that the Armenians are not an easy people to get on with. They are distinguished by an energy, a busy-ness, and a fondness for acquisition that are almost super-occidental. They are selfish, personally unattractive, and strikingly lacking in traits of nobility and self respect. The average Armenian is unquestionably of sharp intelligence as far as the small things go. The saying is that it takes ten Jews to outwit one Greek, and ten Greeks to outwit one Armenian. He is unquestionably extremely irritating to the quietistic, resigned, fatalistic Turk. The two have little in common. The Armenian is clearly a pestilent fellow, and the Turk has decided to get rid of him. The Armenian is clearly a pestilent source of unrest. He is a “kicker”. What men do with “kickers”, in the Occidental scheme of things, is to vote them down. The Turk knows no other way than to stub them down, cut their heads off, or sink them in the Sea of Marmora. He is applying the triune receipt with patient zeal as occasion offers.

“THE NEW YORK TIMES, Nov. 5, 1914: RUSSIAN INVASION of ARMENIA BEGUN – Several Towns Taken – Czar Has Splendid Native Soldiers to Fight the Turks “ …..

“THE NEW YORK TIMES, Nov.6, 1914” ARMENIAN CITIES TAKEN – Russians Report Victories Near Border – Turks Abandon Wounded - British Annex Cyprus - THE ALLIES DECLARE WAR …

“THE NEW YORK TIMES, Nov.7, 1914: ARMENIANS FIGHTING TURKS – Besieging Van – Others Operating in Turkish Army’s Rear
London, Sat. Nov.7: The Turkish town of Van (140 miles southeast of Erzurum, Turkish Armenia) is being besieged by a detachment of Armenians, who are aiding the Russians. The town has a large arsenal. Another Armenian detachment is operating in the rear of the Turkish Army”

“THE NEW YORK TIMES, Nov. 10,1914: RUSSIANS TAKE TURKS’ FOR NEAR ERZURUM – In Pursuit of Kurdish Cavalry – Armenian Students Enthusiastic Volunteers in Petrograd….

“THE NEW YORK TIMES, Nov. 13, 1914: TURKISH ARMENIANS IN ARMED REVOLT – Were Ready to Join Russian Invaders Having Drilled and Collected Arms. See Day of Deliverance. Native Paper Says They Are Prepared for Any Sacrifice – Refuse to Join Turkish Army
Petrograd, Nov. 12,: Reports reaching the Russian capital from the Turkish border attach increasing importance to the part the Armenians are playing in the Russo - Turkish war…..

“THE NEW YORK TIMES, Jan. 8, 1915: FROM AMERICA TO FIGHT – Detachment of Armenians Welcomed Enthusiastically in Tiflis….

“THE NEW YORK TIMES, Sept. 29, 1915: ARMENIANS’ OWN FAULT, BERNSTORFF NOW SAYS – They Brought Reprisals on Themselves by Trying to Stir Up Rebellion Against Turkey - Special to NYT

“THE NEW YORK TIMES” Oct. 28, 1915: THE LIGHT THAT MAY GO OUT IN TURKEY - What the Armenians Have Done to Sustain Christianity and Western Civilization in the Household of the Prophet
By Arshag Mahdesian – Armenian Editor and Publicist

More Than 1.000.000 Killed, Enslaved or Exiled, Says a Tiflis Paper
London Oct.21- The estimate is made by the Armenian newspaper Mshak that of the 1,200.000 Armenian inhabitants of Turket before the war there remain not more than 200.0000…. The figures of the Mshak are based on the estimate of the Armenian Patriarch at Constantinople that 850,000 Armenians have been killed or enslaved by the Turks, in addition to which 200.000 Armenians are believed to have fled to Russia.

“THE NEW YORK TIMES”, Nov.22, 1915: REBEL TURK FOR ARMENIANS – Djemal Pasha Orders Two of Their Oppressors Hanged: Berlin – Nov. 21: “Telegrams from Damascus state that Djemal Pasha, commander of the Turkish forces in Syria, has ordered that the chiefs of two Turkish bands be hanged for ill treatment of Armenians...”
Much that has been said and written about CUP’s scheme to massacre all Armenians, above clip proves that the very opposite was true and that Djemal Pasha (later to be assassinated by the Dashnaks for villainy) who had sheltered and fed many Armenian orphans, was a man of justice and military honor. Below excerpt is from :

“THE NEW YORK TIMES” March 12, 1916: BEAT OFF 4.000 TURKS – Armenian Refugees on Mount Moses Had only 127 rifles….

“THE NEW YORK TIMES, April 2, 1916: TURKEY WANTS AID FOR 500.000 STARVING – Her Own People, Not Armenian Refugees - American Red Cross Cables $ 10.000
….. Great suffering throughout country, particularly at Constantinople and suburbs…. No relief in sight, Typhus spreading with high mortality… Supplies cannot be shipped to Turkey from America because of the Allies’ blockade and foodstuffs probably will be purchased by the Red Cross and sent from Rumania…
(Note: The Allies blockade was lifted only for the ships carrying relief goods to Christians)

“THE NEW YORK TIMES Oct. 18, 1916: THE KIND OF ARMENIANS A TURK KNOWS – They Betray Their Rulers, Take Refuge in Christian Missions, and Have to be Dealt With as Dangerous Rebels…

“THE NEW YORK TIMES, Nov. 26, 1916: SEND SHIP TO AID STARVING ARMENIA – Syrians Too, Will Share in $ 250.000 Cargo on Collier Caesar - FIVE MILLIONS ARE NEEDED ….
$ 2.000.000 has been applied to the relief of Armenian, Syrian and Assyrian war sufferers in the Near East…”


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