1871) Letter From Armenian Intellectuals

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Criticize - to experience soul.

The events of the last decade - the Turkish massacre of Armenians, the creation and liquidation of Armenia (not the education May 28, 1918 and fall 2 Dec, 1920 the independent Republic of Armenia - approx. To.), The formation of new Russian-Turkish borders, and consequently raised before us new harsh conditions in the Middle East, the plight of deprived of their homeland of Armenians in the western colonies, etc.

- All this put us in front of the new reality. . .

All the major part of our life have experienced the shock. There have been enormous changes, the remarkable phenomenon. And generally the fact that these events have evolved completely opposite to our wishes, under the dictation of external circumstances. We were powerless to give them the appropriate direction. This means that internally, we were not prepared to understand the meaning of events, send them into the mainstream of our political aspirations.

We have a terrible psychological disabilities, and of course, that the effect of this could not be inconsolable today's situation.

The situation is, however, especially tragic because, while, on the one hand, after a disaster and test the will of the history of our people vzrosleet, the idea of independence in him, receiving public recognition, it is psychology, on the other hand, it is weakened, diminished and in the East - in terms of - creation of an independent state has become problematic.

Naturally, the core of the Armenian state is to establish Soviet Armenia from its territory of 28,000 sq km and approximately one million residents. There would be no special conditions of the Muslim East and the relationship of Islamic peoples, intolerance, psychology has become over the centuries of bloody, political ambitions of Turkish-Tatar people, can and would allow the gradual development of Soviet Armenia and unnecessary - our concern.

However, only one glance at the map enough to understand what awaits us. All strategically important position of this small Armenian selected.

It is surrounded by our eternal enemy. This is done to make the environment, with the obvious meaning, namely: the opportunity in the very short time and with fewer losses, the destruction of Armenians.

Armenia is vulnerable in several different positions, and only a few hours Turkey (contracts exist as long as there are generators of their conditions. The Turkish-Bolshevik contract can rely only those whose dullness in our century unforgivable) can cut these positions, separated from each other Armenian provinces and connect with Azerbaijan.

The enemy is determined to destroy us, we have no self-defense program and providing self-defense weapons.

But the years pass - and no effort in this direction.

This is - a very unfortunate circumstance, and it deserves attention. It means that our people not only have a misconception about the war and peace, but has failed in his carefree attitude to their own livelihoods, deprived of ability to follow the advice and instructions, unable to understand the basic truth that the peace-loving and cowardly people suffer from war incomparably stronger . The moral and material progress - is self-defense through the internal forces. The imperative of progress is self-defense. Already no one - except for our people - do not believe that it is possible to stop the victorious progress locomotive pleas prostrate ground, defeated and weak. Henceforth no secret that the States are natural adversaries, each of whom is seeking to expand, intensify and gain at the expense of neighbors.

Attacking the person who feels strong and ready to attack, believing the best defense of pre-emptive attack.

Attacking someone who sees a weakness.

Every nation makes the need for iron, is prepared in advance, does that make everything. Light is the fear to be sequestered strong, sharp-sighted as a strong following, as though his opponent is not exceeded.

So loving and cowardly people weakened and become prey of those whose power is growing and expanding smoothly.

And understand the following:

- Not for the sake of peace to enter into contracts, but for the sake of immediate and vital interests of States.

States are considered international law and respect the treaties they have signed so far benefited from the status quo, but as soon as they seem more profitable is different, "Paper" friendship with others, they spit on the treaty, leaving the former allies and threaten world peace.

This is - the real essence of things, it - the real world, not the one incorrect and misleading presentation that continues to sing and sing our sentimental nation.


Hard-working and with such ability in building the future of their material, providing a tangible benefits for all occasions, feels funny, if someone admires only the beauty of the summer sun and not think about the winter, our nation is surprisingly idealists against peace, prays for It absolutely does not believe that there is a winter war.

But war is contrary to our wishes, because the law of conflict rules the world.

This truth does not want to understand our people - and for this reason that the wealth accumulated by painstaking labor in times of peace, paid during the war, the enemy, and he, like beggars, it becomes a burden to others.

We would like to see our people once again to understand, finally, that the state of the world is not forever, but only a temporary truce.

The state of the world even is not normal, there is no peace on earth, can not be in the history of mankind.

The war - an inevitable moment in the lives of people, it is not only on grounds of reason, the war - one of the most violent manifestations of human evolution. The war - an instinct, and this the reason that people are practically forced to fight, going against the claims of reason, moral laws, and turn to the consequences until after the settling of scores, the victory or defeat.

The state of peace for humanity is nothing but fatigue.

Done for the people who get tired quickly.

To war aims to the one who is healthy.

War - the desire healthy and strong, as well as world - lust weak, tired dream.

Undoubtedly, the world's tired of people it would be good, if victorious in the war have not been able to abuse the world.

The abuse of state of the world even more catastrophic for the vanquished peoples than even war itself.

There have been few examples of extermination of peoples, while the powerful nations, the world being at a disadvantage, being subjected to violent shocks, slowly disappeared.

World, reigning now in the Middle East, for us - a world of slow destruction.

Enemy guard not only transforming the Turkish cemetery in Armenia, but also closely monitors the world of Soviet Armenia. At any moment he could upset the world, and if you have not yet been tried - which means that it is more advantageous for his political purposes.

In addition, the sad fact is, psychological and other reasons that make us all more pessimistic about the future of our people.

First of all, the present Armenia is extremely thin and small.

Hoped that in the specific conditions of the Caucasus, under the authority of a foreign nation, being surrounded by hostile nations, Armenians should thrive culturally and economically, to become a political force, to create a state - self-deception.

This Armenia hardly makes up 1 / 12 of our historic homeland. This is not the birthplace, and birth-angle.

In its current borders, it is unable to take the scattered all over the world and deprived of their motherland of Armenians, whose skitaltsev catastrophic situation from two perspectives: first, they are certainly vulnerable to extermination, as in Turkey or in a peaceful environment - assimilation.

Native corner and the people - wanderer.

Fate, povergshaya our people in doubt and hesitation, in other words - in the national pessimism. And woe to the people who infected with the disease: it stands on the brink of the grave.

We will not, however, the flap, and no vain illusions and unnecessary prejudice to take the bitter truth - our future at risk.


It would be pointless to recognize this truth, if it only plunged us into the horror, but not shocked.

The upheavals in the lives of people - means of salvation. Immoral and lost the people who survive are not capable of profound shock.

Only capable of profound emotional shock people can heals.

Not much to bear catastrophic losses, if the mentor, priobretesh experience sobriety: but not be able to re - disaster.

No revaluations meaningless searches and searches without a thought, not only kills people but the peoples themselves.

We need to be reassessed, not only the real nature of events, but in particular the subjective part of our spiritual life.

We should seek, to find the real causes of our misfortunes, to recognize their real wounds, put the study of the soul of our people, and then only can you talk about treatment.

Indeed, why was lost and abandoned by their friends Armenian people?

Who is to blame, whether the geographical situation of the country, whether Christian Europe, whether Muslim Asia, the fate of it?

- All but us. It reflects our incorrigible man in the street.

This mentality ... Complaining, dissatisfied, curse fate and endlessly repeat that we are at a crossroads of great that they are bad, these junctions.

There is only one pathetic truth, but how many benefits in return. After all, our Highlands forbidding, each of our mountains invincible. Do not see this, and lament the fate - there is nothing but a coward and a weak self. Weak self - Psychology of the patient. This is not just prejudice, but the virtues and vices.

It would be wrong to believe patients when they complain about the world.

World - this submission, as the source of a submission is its own soul.

When people unhappy with their homeland, they are sick soul.

Can really people, is located on one of the most impregnable in the world of Highland, unfit its fate, but fate - never thankless.

Whether it was strong, and the Armenians would have worked wonders in this regard, the bridge. But it was frail, weakened - and it was unworthy of his nature.

The sick, miserable people who had still two advantages: their misfortune ascribed to external causes and hope that salvation will come from outside.

That is why our faith and inspiration, when strangers meet their promises, and so also of our frustration and hopelessness when they violate these promises.

Catastrophic samootritsanie, cheap us spiritually so that we do not give ourselves in our work and see the evil of our own fault. We feel so unworthy of ourselves, that does not imply that the political life of the cause of anything - even evil - we can be ourselves. If not, all may be, for the benefit of us, but outside of us, regardless of us. Blind political timeserving clouded our minds to the fact that we did not even see the rough, screaming the truth - in our misery is not all to blame but us, and above all ourselves.


Strange - looks philistine our consciousness - our belief in Europe has been blind sense, our leniency to the enemy - a Christian, but nevertheless we were all smashed and abandoned.

Nothing strange! It appeared broken and abandoned, because they do not know the nature of the Europeans.

For Europe, we had a Christian sense, and because of our strange mysticism - of our national sickness - our own sentiments attributed to Europeans, and we deeply believe that every war they are for the sake of our salvation.

This self made us political beggars, but because we are the same have been weak, the crybaby. Begging and maudlin - Psychology of a period, our only political weapons. But wet is evidence of spiritual immaturity, or cowardice. Begging altogether disgusting. Panhandler help not only prompted compassion, but often out of disgust.

The horrendous political begging because in politics there is no compassion, and disgust - a little bit.

There is no room begging in politics. Selfishness stalking beggar feels absolutely natural that people, even the most unworthy, have mercy on him.

More nazoyliv and demanding beggar, if he is also disabled.

And that selfishness and perfectionism disabled beggars become psychology.

Inspired by the gospel, these two psychological moment got a political meaning, the nature of a diplomatic weapon.

For the Christian flock, but only for her - this is a wonderful virtue.

Today we curse political patrons, but forget that the inheritance of beggars and the handicapped - a shelter, rather than an independent homeland.

Yesterday we had such as a religious flock, we pretend to be a political force, but not free from psychological flock rife with political thinking of different currents, thus unconsciously committed to the ideas of orientation.

However, noticeable step forward - from a Christian bias to the orientation of commitment - but in any case, one should recognize that some of our people, perhaps not ready for political life, immature, powerless, cowardly and totally free of the old mindsets.

In wandering Armenian political thought of this - the next phase of a semi-thinking.

In a short time, this period had a devastating impact, and it seems that he continues to have more shade, okrovavlivat our destiny, raskalyvaya, weakening from within our people.

These currents had already been in our lives reflected the commitment of the various factions of the Russian or Western orientation, even the talk of the Turkish orientation. Crazy, in terms of the good of the nation blind collision of these groups are most helped the fall of Armenia and its division between Russia and Turkey.

However, not only political loss is a consequence of these mindsets.

The most terrible thing that people must be constantly inspired confidence that he is weak, in need of patronage of others, and so deprives himself to the will, delayas unable even to organize their own self-defense forces.

Those who have claims on the independence of the people must first get rid of such mindsets. The people are deprived of their autonomy, can not establish a state. Statehood implies an independent political thinking, self-confidence to fight the initiative in managing, and victories are nothing, as a result of self-confident leadership.

There have been cases where an area we stayed in isolation, but the psychological determination of a single, successfully carried out its self-defense.

And, in contrast, when we have a policy of reliance on external forces - violently lost.

To lose, because the leadership principles of reliance on external forces without a single determination of Psychology, in other words - any possibility of victory.

Politics in general, avoid isolation, and policy guidance are nothing like the fear of loneliness.

Penetrating the people in such fear - defeated, lost.

This is another reason for our misery, and take this truth.

Due to the strange feeling of hope in some of our political currents, to lack self-confidence and fear of loneliness, our people, in other cases, managed to successfully organize their self-defense turned into a limp crowd and lost.

Our lesions were psychological, we lost not because they were weak numerically and technically, but because they were weak in spirit.

Under the management of other people's Armenian - rare and aggressive fighter, but under its own banner - a coward and a defeatist.

In Kars deployment of our troops was preferable, both in terms of natural conditions, and in terms of defense, we also had the advantage in manpower, were better provided with ammunition, but with all that lost, because there was no determination of psychology alone, faith opportunity to achieve something yourself. We lost because, as a nation, only partially aware of our duty, partly to understand the real conditions of existence, have tried to rise, but not together and not on the orders of Interior forces.

We lost, because instead of being fully utilize the spiritual forces of the nation, began to seek supporters.

Tomorrow, when such mindset, we will finally disappear.

Save, if free of prejudice, if you try to get back on its feet, however, is not under external influence, at the request of others, and our internal, natural, irresistible impulse.

The only way people will become politically and spiritually free.

Assist us on this path of force should be used as allies, friends.

Use, but do not pray - Armenian understand the difference, then, stands in the way of salvation.

Until now, we are looking for benefactors and patrons - that is sick, weak and immature in spirit.

Since then, should speak of the allies, because we want to become healthy and strong soul.

Allies, not the benefactor - this means that the Armenians of good courage, and looking for a friend for self-defense, for the war. This - the right of the Brave, the one who decided to conquer alone and looking for an ally only to facilitate the victory.

Brave people - only in this can be allies, but reaches out to the state. And understand this truth.

To escape, you should also be bold, that is - to defeat their fear.

Just released from the fear of the spirit is able to see and represent the world in its reality.

Fear always breeds monsters.

And it is precisely because of these monsters often dying people.

Gaps in the political consciousness, self-doubt, psychology of fear - that our enemy is the triceps.

And yet we can not kill yourself in this domestic enemy, not be able to free itself from external enemies.

Said: "I, a person must overcome itself."

So, while Armenians can not beat themselves - to kill a monster of terror, inspire a new mentality, change the soul, in short, has not yet become brave and will not bear the name of our brave people were able not only to release political, but also to avoid the disappearance as a nation .

As we created the conditions in the east can live brave, and bravery and practices Armenians, but not today.

In a brave win wars - that means winning the one who reining own, who, before enter into single combat with the enemy, he built in his soul a temple of victory.

War - not a clash of gross mechanical forces, but - spiritual capacities of peoples.

Moreover, the war - a clash of folk deities. Engineering - weapons capability - a spirit, a blacksmith of war.

Arms should be - but in the hands of the brave.

Pending for a war people, especially armed spiritually.

Do not take into account this condition - inevitable defeat and surrender of the technical capabilities of the enemy.

To win, you need to overcome the defeat.

Overcoming its defeat - that is to be able to defend itself, that there is nothing other than defeat the enemy.

Self-defense - that's what dictates the time and progress.

Self-defense - this is our new religion.

Self-defense - this is the only way to ensure the existence of both the people and their gods.

It is not selfishness, self-defense when the people proclaim their religion. On the contrary, to such a belief encouraged people bloody tragedy, and only the most righteous people have the right to a religion.

Self-defense is not a natural right of every people, and the duty towards humanity.

People are living for themselves doing - for humanity.

Unfit to live lives only for himself.

The people must do - and therefore have the right to life.

The people who are not able to defend itself, deprived of these basic virtues - virtues which the test is only the ability to defend itself. Deprived the people of the ability to defend itself - is deprived of all virtues, no moral right to exist.

A long time, we begged to assure the life, property, honor - but we were not only weak, but no virtue.

Life of people did not mercy of tyrants, they can not live charity and not have to live with it.

The parasite of the people, who in self-defense relies on someone else's mercy. In the life of a parasite immoral, and therefore has no place in history.

So also this truth. No anger.

Self-defense is not a gift to someone else's, but something of themselves - imagine the impact of their - at yourself.

Self-defense is an internal force people to its existence. So far, this effort was manifested in the form of prayers, entreaties, begging, and as a result - thousands upon thousands of innocent victims. Now this force must be an expression of our inner strength.

Projected our old weapons defile the old manuscripts. Now we must hear the new gospel - the gospel of courage.

Vahagn Since we must now say - with the ancient God of the brave Armenians. The new holy book should be invested in our hands - the gospel of courage.

Courage - that's what should be the vocation of our future generations, because it saves people the quality of the physical and moral collapse, as the courage - the only divine grace, through which people acquire and provide independence. That is why the prophets the courage to become the leaders of Armenian intellectual and spiritual life.

And the school, and church and political parties and the press, and partisan organizations - all must be filled with all the new mentality, new truths to be repeated, repeated endlessly, tirelessly, until the idea of a bold, courageous self-defense does not become popular mentality, sincere passion, psychology, until the Armenians will not be able to defend themselves.



It should reconsider its erroneous understanding of Christian love, to stop to consider the weakness of virtue and the will to kill our people.

False, she realized the secret of Christian love and as a result, over the centuries has led to unprecedented tragedy for our people.

He likes the one who is strong, who is rich in soul, in whom the power hits over the edge.

Barren love the weak.

Forgiveness - the weak subservience.

Christ loved, because he was strong, he loved because it was powerful to the level of love and forgiveness.

His personal life should be a guide for the church.

The Mystery of his death - the heroic sacrifice.

He sacrificed him, because he was a hero ideas.

Only the brave, courageous, only the hero may sacrifice themselves.

Light is not capable nor love, nor self-sacrifice.

The people are not capable of two of these virtues, doomed to exist at the mercy of fate.

Not the Christian, who properly understood the elements of Christian doctrine, immersed in superstition and weakened to the stage of extinction, but the one in whom there is the percentage of Christianity - at least a spark of soul bogocheloveka.

He was omnipotent, omnipotence - we should be, at least, mighty and strong in order to be able to love and to sacrifice themselves.

Wrong, badly wrong, our church, preaching the morality of poor and disadvantaged.

Henceforth, it should talk about the courageous people, capable of love and sacrifice, if it wants to get left traces of Christianity in Asia Minor and Armenia.

A strong and courageous people, one that is capable prezret death for the sake of its existence!

It must live not only the Armenian people, but also the Armenian church.

Self Armenian people - this is a new faith Armenian Church.

And if she does not perceive this truth, will not practice, day and night to distribute life-saving idea that if all available methods it will not help the cause of our self - then it is doomed to death.
* * *

It is the duty - to give people a compressed truth.

The aim - to highlight the truth of the way people in the future.

No press at this calling, then it - nobody wants a parasite, and contain nothing of the people at his own expense.

Unfortunately, with few exceptions, this is our Armenian press.

Sluhoopisatelstvo, not media - mean that we are not yet ripe, which can not detect the internal complexity of our lives, highlight them, and instead take our message around our events, rumors.

For us, yet is of interest only what is happening outside of us or for us just outside.

This mentality prevailed in our journalism almost since its inception.

Salvation from the outside - it is enough for journalism inspired favorable appearance, sympathetic smile, a diplomat, pro-expression of a well-known European activities in favor of the Armenians of any missionary society, pro-resolution of a pacifist Congress, sensual expression of a parliamentarian after some Armenian massacres, and finally, those events that have no real meaning for self-defense or rescue people.

And so the whole decade! .. And no one understood, and thus becomes complicit in the Armenian tragedy, slip the attention of people from his only life-saving weapons - self-defense.

There have been statements in the press, even campaigning in favor of self-defense, but all this half-hearted, with a predisposition to external forces, and because - half-truths, useless.

Journalism, which for decades, after thousands and thousands of victims, could not indicate the true causes of the scourge of his people, find some kind of overall picture and try to make the psychology of the masses.

Journalism, which some authorities in relation to external forces bear, obsequious, ingratiating, and on themselves, their people - schismatics, intolerance and arrogance.

Journalism, certain bodies which are guided by virtues pass or vosslavlyaya power and charisma more people despise the cowardly way its own.

Journalism, which excites passions and the group is not able to understand a simple truth that people's self-defense - a common case in which the different currents, different directions have to be unanimous.

Journalism, after a lengthy encomium hopes to assistance from outside, today, frustrated, defy the left and right for all peoples and languages, not in a position to understand that if the Armenian people had tried, without resorting to self-defense I have been beaten, the blame for this than other .

Journalism, on the one hand by the day screaming that the Armenian people was a victim of seeking world domination of peoples and of itself is not conscious peripeteia mired in diplomacy, on the other hand to the ridiculous, the dilettante, talk about targeting.

Such journalism Armenian people do not need.

As well as Armenian Church, the Armenian press to spiritually renew.

Reporters at us a lot, even in excess, now need update journalism.

Journalism, which accurately determines all the ills of our tribe, will propose radical methods, which shall be re our past and find new truths, which will highlight the difficulties of our people and to reveal its hidden virtues, which will see the danger, while surfing our people, and will alarm his spiritual weapons.

Press, finally, to get rid of proinostrannyh minds and the courage to preach that, instead of the ruins and remains, will speak about the heroic people, and so until the Armenians, standing proudly at its plateau, does not prove the world that it is - a courageous and brave - the owner of their home country and destiny.


Necessarily have to upgrade to the spiritual and our party. They - in particular. Our internal strife, conflict plays into the hands of external enemies, and directed against our people and our country.

Hard to believe, that the fury of combat hideous cross comes from the love of the native people, the ways of salvation which the opposing parties have different ideas.

The only "weapons" in the struggle of our party was to be moral censure, and no more - no lies, no slander, no perversion of reality, and not immoral and worthy of condemnation figures!

By childishly naive those parties who, denying the morality of political struggle, hoping to be able to maintain the moral purity in their ranks.

Poverty is a moral - that well, and that poverty is the moral force.

On behalf of one of the people ohaivat another opposite views and the boyish deny its right to exist does not mean the education of their series.

Senseless and despicable criticism if it is not creative.

Who day and night busy criticizing the shortcomings of his opponents, he at least has to compromise with their vices.

This may win, but the acquisition will be at the expense of his mental health.

This could damage your opponent, but he did not acquire anything.

Infamy infamy remains, even when it is justified by the most secret interests - this is particularly deprived and weakened morale.

And ridiculous and unfair to talk endlessly about the only good of her party and the only bad on the other.

These are sick in spirit.

Abused, using dark feelings masses and spread the blind hatred of the enemy - no, no, it means to ideological struggle!

Such people are pushing their ranks for the fall, these people - and for their evil, and to the enemy, and for its people.

Strada blind hatred, some of our party forgot about the holy self to the Armenian people, for the sake of what seemed to be, they are established.

They still irritated and mutually struggle, weakening themselves and weakening our nation, destroying its collective soul, they do that we need an external enemy.

And all this is called a naive narodolyubiem when, in fact, is narodoubiystvo.

Yes, narodoubiystvo.

* * *

Do not understand that life - the endless and relentless upgrade, there are mental short-sightedness.

Spiritual zakostenelost - the same as a moral death, dying.

The indifference, pessimism, moral Dying - is a slow suicide people.

The people are not able to update, die every hour and every second.

Yes, agonizing those people that lazy spirit, guided by happenstance entangled in political walk and psychological errors.

Our lot or do not understand this, or do not have the time to understand.

They lack the truth, there is a salvation. No, not visible in the strain of thought, and understand the truth can only be so energized.

No creativity, no reserves of moral force, there is the opposite, there is chaos and anarchy concepts, moral stagnation, there is a moral parasitism - devastating psychological atmosphere that is not nurtured, not blossom moral force.

And in this atmosphere raised only cowardly, cowardly and defeatist-minded generation - a cowardly people, most of which goes to the fear and anxiety.

There revaluation proinostrannyh orientation, crazy their confrontation - the fruit of psychology weak.

There are wavering - or weakness, and the nation, showing them to the highest speeds and enhances enemy attack.

There are things that puts the future of our people of the danger and makes it hopeless.

In short, a situation that threatens our people died.


Those who improved morally, whether individuals or groups of people, directly or indirectly contribute to the moral development of society.

Our party, leaving the Byzantine disputes and wanton desire at any price plunge each other's ground, leaving the vain efforts of his own inferiority camouflage daily advertising deficiencies rival - leaving everything in the world, must do its duty to self.

Person or people are always stronger than the need, is the danger than the enemy, always able to surpass itself, rising above themselves - if you do not have enough will to keep on its own feet.

Towering, to elevate our people spiritually, samosovershenstvuyas, send soul of people.

People do not lose if you do not want to lose. Realizing this truth, our party must bring it to our people, to inspire him.

Our party and our nation through them should understand that:

- Until the people ropschet, molit, crying, needless to help him, because such people themselves, on their own waives its right to exist;

- Should not and do not need help upavshemu if it lacks the will to stand on its own feet;

- Who does not work at full capacity, he has no right to expect help from others;

- People unable to defend themselves are punished with death;

- The right is the notion of force, rather than logic, as well as the struggle for the right - moral foundation of the people - not a curse, and grace.

Done for the people, if it comes their rights in the name of the criminal rest, not so - otherwise;

- A weak fault in its weakness. Weakness immoral, it is designed to be a mining power.

Sin is its weakness people atone lesions, the existence of slavery and inglorious;

- Unbeatable people, which is guided by the spirit.

Where is the spirit, or else - the moral force - it almost lost its meaning numerical superiority, stone, metal.

Anyone who, in alliance with the spirit, he allied with moral forces, whose rise to incredible heights, are inexhaustible;

- In the history of the peoples of the primary role played by the external environment is not, not political guidance, not of chance, and psychological shape;

- External conditions for the existence of the people closely associated with his internal psychological state. In other words, every people is what allows him to boost his moral force.

Realizing all this, our parties, our churches, our schools, the press was obliged to change the spirit of our people,

Aware of this saving truth, instead viewing it as part of its essence and put it in the lives of our intelligence should be able, perevospitav, the spiritual lift the Armenian people, she should be able to do the invincibility of the spirit of mortgage invincibility of our people, their physical and moral existence.

* * *

We need a re-education we need wisdom - the last card people, whose future at risk.

Education, which radically changed to there is still inherent in the weak and our notions of law and political morality, Christianity, strength and weakness, war and peace.

Education, which would be armed Armenians nemerknuschim great sense of national consciousness and would give him courage and a source of high love to the people and devotion to the idea, would be forever forced to prefer the general benefits of a personal, would make everyone happy all the happiness, set to all, absolutely all the sense in a more duties than rights, led the Armenians to die, to live and give life and not live to die, and education which would be implemented in our people to social justice - the only guarantee of the absence of cowards, the poor and spoiled, but because - only mortgage the invincibility of our homeland.

Saving care, which would give us the necessary virtues of the people who are bravely and confidently face the future, which would lead us to vozneslo highly sensitivity and responsiveness - those qualities that are a hundred times to increase the moral power of the people.

Education, which would change the spirit and save our people.

* * *

Here is a creative and life-saving educational work should be firmly and unconditionally, to give all driving our lives and the course of our history of political education - under the supervision of the highest national body, elected by all currents.

In making a public discussion about the need for spiritual rehabilitation of our people, I would like to believe that our intellectuals concerned about the future of our people, that she - after our huge losses - would take narodoubiystvom continuation of the old and on the basis of the basic necessities of life, will have the goodness to rise over a party member, at least in the matter of self-defense of our people.

Henceforth, our history should not be a repetition of the terrible mistakes, but they are corrected.

Now - nothing of what was done and done to facilitate the activity of our enemy. That should be our current call for vigilance and rescue.

And if so, if you behave well, our intellectuals - the people of tomorrow we will achieve what want.

Mankind is unable to imagine that the height, which can reach an individual or entire populations through the development of their spiritual power.

The future of those peoples who understand and implement in practice this truth.

Tomorrow will win whoever wins today, even in his soul.

Understand absorbed this truth and work for the sake of our future - if we do not want to disappear as a nation.

Translated from the Armenian. Yerevan, 1989

Published on the publication of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation. Yerevan-1992 Series «Depi Yerkir», book number 5.


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