1872) Turcophobe Robert Fisk Defending Again His Masters The Armenians

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The international correspodent for The Independent -- the British journalist Robert Fisk -- has been banned from entering the United States ever since 2005. Fisk has been covering war zones for decades, but is above all known for his reporting from the Middle East for more than 20 years. His critical coverage of the Anglo-American invasion of Iraq, and the occupation which followed it. He has repeatedly enjoyed exposing the U.S. and British government disinformation campaigns . .

It should be remembered that it was first the Turkish government who kicked him out of Turkey in 1991 for reporting injurious lies against Turkey siding up with the Kurds, during the first Gulf Oil Crisis. He was banned from returning to Turkey and stayed away from the country eversince

Just a few years ago he was beaten severly by an Afghan mob who almost killed him. This shows that he is not a sociable fellow and not welcome whereever he is. Yet, he still writes without end , uncomplimentary articles against Turkey and Turks.the following is an example:

Bravery, Tears And Broken Dreams
Robert Fisk- The Independent,London,England
Mount Ararat, Towering Symbol Of Armenia, Is An Awful Reminder Of Wrongs Unrighted
04 August 2007

There is nothing so infinitely sad - so pitiful and yet so courageous - as a people who yearn to return to a land for ever denied them; the Poles to Brest Litovsk, the Germans to Silesia, the Palestinians to that part of Palestine that is now Israel. When a people claim to have settled again in their ancestral lands - the Israelis, for example, at the cost of "cleansing" 750,000 Arabs who had perfectly legitimate rights to their homes - the world becomes misty eyed. But could any nation be more miserably bereft than one which sees, each day, the towering symbol of its own land in the hands of another?

Mount Ararat will never return to Armenia - not to the rump state which the Soviets created in 1920 after the Turkish genocide of one and a half million Armenians - and its presence to the west of the capital, Yerevan, is a desperate, awful, permanent reminder of wrongs unrighted, of atrocities unacknowledged, of dreams never to be fulfilled.

“Armenian Americans from across the country are encouraged to place calls asking the panelist a variety of questions on topics ranging from the politics of oil to the Armenian Genocide and how the New York Times is engaging in revisionist denial, a topic Fisk is covering during his current tour of North American cities.”


I know, Mr. Fisk, that you are beholden to your masters the Armenians' slightest wish for the achievement of a negative propaganda in order to blacken the honor, and the good name of Turkey and Turks. I know that you’ve been readying yourself to begin to attack Turkish interest as soon as you find an opening in order to start your diatribes, and pour out your ‘fictitious knowledge” and your heart, on the subject of the alleged genocide by Turks inflicted on the poor unfortunate, lily-white Armenians of the Ottoman Empire. I also know that you’ll begin to claim perhaps with your initial paragraph that you are an expert on this issue and on many other subjects dealing with the Turks. I hope you tell your audience that you were booted out of Turkey for reporting injurious lies concerning Turks during the 1991 Gulf war.

Mr. Fisk, there is nothing worse in this world than being labeled a "know-it-all". A person by that title is one who pretends to know something about everything but really knows nothing about anything . Since the knowledge of things you try to talk about does not seem so great, you shouldn't mind my asking you how and when you became this way? I’m sure it was not by accident . There must have been extensive pecuniary reasons for your accepting to work for the world-wide Armenian interests. .

You want to appear to be a genuine expert in that field of the so-called Armenian genocide I, for one, have been noticing your irrational, biased, and prejudiced behavior through the years, vis-à-vis the venerable nation of Turks. Every article you write concerning the Turks is replete with offensive passages, undeserved accusations, at times innuendoes, and some out and out lies hurled against them. You don’t mind parroting the bulk of Armenian claims when they say that it was the Turks who initiated the very first alleged genocide of the Twentieth century and decimated the Ottoman Armenians. You seem to be stuck on this one subject sound like a broken record every time you bring it up .

The newest form of your idiosyncrasy, showing your obsession in defending the Armenian causes, is apparent in your following sentence: "Turkey's genocide of its Armenian community in 1915 left the bones of one and a half million Christians across Anatolia and what is now northern Syria."

Really, Mr. Fisk . These statements of yours prove that you are an incorrigible Turcophobe. You cannot help yourself. Chances are either you were born with that affliction or someone inculcated that prejudice into you when you were a most vulnerable young child to discriminate against Turks. You see, Mr. Fisk, whatever background you may possess , you cannot denigrate the Turks, no matter how much you try to do so. That honorable nation of 'Turks', whose early ancestors brought civilization to the European continent, when its inhabitants were still wallowing in muddy huts and tribes decimated each other in fratricidal, and animalistic wars.

The Ottoman Turks, on the other hand, knew even then, how to vaccinate people against diseases caused by bacteriological factors. They were reaping the benefits of time-telling devices when the Europeans were about to discover the uses of 'sundials'. A newly produced documentary film called, Empire of Faith and narrated by the British actor, Ben Kingsley, of 'Ghandi' fame extolled the superiority of the Muslim world. More than half of the presentation was consecrated to the achievements of the Turks in various fields, other than military, let alone their legendary tolerance and magnanimity in treating differing religions when Europe imposed on the Jews the cursed inquisitions and forced conversions. When no Christian country wanted to admit into their domain any Jew expelled from Spain and Portugal, it was the Turkish Sultan 'Beyazit' who welcomed them into his vast empire to come and settle there and flourish in freedom of religion, and the pursuit of their own language and culture. Turks even sent sea-faring galleons to Spain to transport these unfortunate people, free of charge, to any and all points of their realm. Turks, for centuries, helped to enlighten your ancestors. Sometime it was a losing proposition. Europeans learned from my ancestors, but they derided them at every chance they had.

There were, however, intellects such as the renown British anthropologist and historian Edson L. Clark (1827-1913) who said in his "Nations of the World” Series,1900,N.Y. (pp. 84,87.) that the Turks whose honor and the dignity you have been pummeling and mauling lo these many years, were, and I quote: "..Turks were.far better men and far abler rulers than the wretched tyrants whom they suppressed....the Turks were in advance, not of their Christian subjects alone, but of the greater part of Christian Europe."

Mr. Fisk, I know that you are British and do not consider yourself European. However, you must admit that you live on the European continent and are a member of the European Union. What I am driving at, Mr. Fisk, is the fact that your ancestors were then as you are now, an inferior exemplification in comparison to the Turks. Let me elucidate a bit more by adding that you belong to the illustrious school of 'Political Science' of the turn of the century when one British Prime Minister by the name of Lloyd George was getting ready to annihilate the last remnants of the dying Ottoman Empire, and was gloating at every chance he got by saying to the whole world the following:

"The Turks are a human cancer, a creeping agony in the flesh of the lands they misgovern, rotting every fiber of life. I am glad that the Turk is to be called to a final account (referring to the impending Greek invasion of Asia Minor ) for his long record of infamy against humanity." The British PM, not being an adequately -educated British subject, reminded me of you, Mr. Fisk. He was unaware of the above-mentioned quotation from Edson L. Clark. Thus, a rancorous, vindictive and vengeful Lloyd George, not unlike you , launched a 'doomed from the beginning' campaign in the Ottoman Turkish lands in

Gallipoli, against those "human cancers" the Turks. Even though aided by the French and the Anzak military forces and the world's most formidable naval armada, the Allied forces were repulsed. Lloyd George not only lost his post as the Prime Minister of his disgruntled country, but he lost his shirt, too, in the process. In addition he carried down with him, to the abyss, his favorite, but incompetent advisor Winston Churchill, who was the First Lord of the Admiralty.

The glorious victor of the Dardanelles, the military genius of the Gallipoli campaign, the great Mustafa Kemal had taught them a lesson they never forgot. Lloyd George died as a broken, destitute soul after having sheepishly underestimated and unjustly denigrated the noble Turk. Let us hope that you, dear Mr. Fisk, may be spared such a predicament of fate. ( I hope you are listening, Lloyd George, wherever you may be.)

I've been asking myself the following question over and over again concerning you and people like you: "What is their problem.?" I try to answer my very own questions. I find no answers. I am unable to decipher the origin of your arrogance and your disrespectful behavior when it comes to Turks. Your defense of the Armenians who have made a profitable industry of accusing the Ottoman Turks of having perpetrated the most heinous of all crimes, the crime of genocide, and in the same breath denying that they have even bloodied a single Turkish nose. When neutral, non-Turkish historians accept that for every Armenian who was killed in that civil war, within a World War in 1914-1918, four Muslim Turks, Kurds, Sircassians, and Azerbaijanis, lost their precious lives. But I guess you don't pay too much attention to that because they were not Christian.

Most observers can not tell us where this hatred for Turks is emerging. You are a part of that equation. The only source of frustration from which you are suffering may be the result of your government's inability to prove that Turks were guilty of a premeditated so-called genocide. There was not an iota of evidence found in the infamous trials held on the island of Malta by the British occupiers of the Ottoman capital, Istanbul, when they arrested and took with them a goodly portion of Ottoman government functionaries to the Island of Malta and imprisoned them for over a year, trying to extract from them juicy confessions, but at the end they totally failed. The final communiqué sent to Lord Curzon was very disappointing to the Armenians and their 'bootlicker' friend, you Mr. Fisk. The royal report said:


Nevertheless, Mr. Fisk , if you are still unconvinced, then please listen to what the U.S. government had to say. The American General James G. Harbord, of the U.S. government's investigative commission, sent to Anatolia in the fall of 1919 by none other than President Woodrow Wilson, declared unequivocally the following in his official report. General James G. Harbord concluded :

"The Turks and the Armenians lived in peace, side by side for centuries; that the Turks suffered as much as the Armenians at the time of re-locations, that at the start of World War I and before, Armenians never had anything approaching a majority of the population in the territories they call "Armenia"; they would not have a majority even if all the re-located Armenians returned; and the claims that returning Armenians would be in danger were not justified."

Mr. Fisk, have you read the forged Adonian papers?, have you watched the often exhibited painting of the Armenian skulls piled up in a grotesque heap claiming that it was the Turks who had caused it to happen? Well, the photograph Armenians claim was taken in 1915was actually a stolen copy, a painting done in oil by a late Russian painter, named Vasily Vereschagin. Th e canvas is dated 1905 and it is still hanging in the Tretyakov Art Gallery in Moscow today. Now Mr. Fisk, I got a hunch you'll deny this too, as you always do, instead you will invoke the infamous Hitler quotation as a last resort. Here is a rebuttal for it, also.

Hitler may have been a monster as claimed, but nobody yet accused him for being a stupid individual. According to Prof. Dr. Turkkaya Ataov, Chairman, International Relations Division, Ankara, Turkey, and the Nuremberg Germany NAZI War Crimes Trials, that invented quotation does not hold any water. Adolf Hitler never made such an idiotic statement in his life. Prof. Ataov says, however, that Hitler said a few words about the Armenians, and that is true. He made one reference to the Armenians in a talk delivered on December 12, 1942, in which he described them as unreliable, (Unzuverlassig) and also dangerous,(Gefahrlich). It is rumored also that Hitler was furious about the Armenians when he used those adjectives. I'm afraid those two adjectives are also very appropriate to describe you.

Therefore, you must deservably belong to a distinguished family of international criminals such as Adolph Hitler, Lloyd George and the unreliable and the dangerous Armenians.

Mahmut Esat Ozan
Chairman-Editorial Board
The Turkish Forum -USA


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