1957) Letter To Mr Abraham Foxman from Bulent Akarcali, Former Minister

Mr. Abraham Foxman
Director, Anti-Defamation League
New York, USA Ankara, 06.09.2007

As you know, the decision of your league to recognize the Turkish-Armenian conflict between 1915 and 1918 as genocide has been a source of deception and much concern in Turkey.

Being one of the architects of the renewment of Turkish-Israeli relations after 1984, ( by organizing on behalf of the Prime Minister Turgut Özal a high level meeting at Israel Embassy in Washington with the participation of the Ambassador, two diplomats from Israel, Mr. Paul Berger-head of the American Jewish lobby and my self ) and being a supporter of Israel during my 20 years of political career, I would like to request some information and clarification about your position to the Armenian genocide recognition. This will allow the Turkish Public opinion, if not to accept but to understand your new position.

  1. What has been the origin of your decision? Did you get new proofs, documents on events which happened almost 90 years ago?

  2. Did you perform or accomplish any new historical research that you might have started many years ago?

  3. Did you try to contact some very well known historians as Bernard Lewis about these allegations?

  4. As Anti-Defamation League, do you have or did you have similar position on what happened :
    • - during the colonization of Congo where more then ten million Black people were killed by the mercenaries of Belgium King Leopold I.

    • - in Latin America, where not only the bodies but the culture, religion, language, books, monuments of forty millions Incas, Aztecs and Mayas have been totally annihilated by very catholic Spanish.

    • - to Indians in USA

    • - to Algerians by France

    Do you have any public position on these events ?

  5. Did you denounce in the past the passive participation of Vatican, USA and England to Jewish genocide:
    • - Catholic Church did nothing to stop the Nazis

    • - While the USA and British Intelligence services were able to detect the most secret Nazi military installations and bombard them, it is strange that they have not been able to detect the Nazi concentration camps and bombard railway connections and their technical facilities.

Mr Foxman,

Turkey was the first country in the Middle East along with France and Italy to recognize then independence of Israel.

Greece and Spain did it 30 years later because of the obligations when they became a member of the E.U.

In 1940 the population of Thessalonica was about 200,000 and 110,000 of them were Ottoman Jews.

In 1945 there were only 1,000 Jews alive. Greeks started the first Balkanic ethnic cleansing and 109,000 of them were exterminated.

In the mean time Turkish Embassies and Consulates all over Europe were distributing passports, identity documents to all Ottoman-Turkish origin Jews to save them. Turkish Diplomats with courage stopped Nazi death trains and saved people. More then fifty thousands Jews were saved from the Nazi’s bloody hands.

And now all those countries are considered as innocent and as angels. Nazis as you know are extra-terrestrial people who came to earth in 1930 and left in 1945 !

To clean, re-comfort the ugly and dirty conscience of all those countries and nations, Jews have been selected as the best target or as scapegoat for centuries.

Now, which is the black humor of the life, Anti-Defamation League presents Turkey as the new scapegoat.

Bulent Akarcali
Former Minister

Kindly Forwarded by Sukru Server Aya


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