1982) Sample Letter to ADL


Dear Authorities,

We regret for the change in your organization’s stance, which describes the 1915-1917 incidents, as “genocide.”

As a matter of fact, we consider that it will be helpful to present the statement once again to your attention, which indicates that “the Jewish Community in Turkey regretted the change in ADL`s stance over the 1915 incidents” and stresses that “the Jewish organizations in the USA will maintain their attitude not to support the Armenian thesis regarding 1915 incidents and the related resolution no 106 as they will not serve a compromise between Turks and Armenians.”

Attempting to find a solution to the matters connected with history via scientific methods, which would comply with the present-day, Turkey initially believes that, historical analysis should be based upon multi dimensional studies. In this framework, with one-sided point of view, it is evident that each and every claim, which is supported with baseless statements, will contain political comments which would slander the facts and would not represent the history.

The “Genocide” expression is a great accusation. And putting oppression over a state and its nation with statements, which has not been proven under any circumstances and which is still extremely deficient and controversial, is an unacceptable situation.

It is particularly desirable for the present representatives of a community that has personally experienced genocide, to base their decisions on concrete archival documents when taking concrete decisions.

As known, Jews were exterminated for only being Jewish. However, a racist stance was never observed in the history of the Ottoman Empire and human being, who flee from oppression and cruelty, have always preferred this geography for centuries long as an address for taking a shelter.

There has never been a “racist” or “religious” propaganda campaign against Armenians in the Ottoman Empire as it was the case in Nazi Germany. None of the Ottoman rulers attributed the cause and responsibility of all evil in the country upon Armenians. On the other hand, while Armenians were forging and developing separatist and illegal organizations so as to establish an independent Armenian State on the Ottoman territories that they would snatch, the German Jews made all the efforts to maintain their lives as faithful citizens of the country.

During the years of the World War I, while the German origin Jews were doing their military obligation with sacrifice in the armies of their countries, the nationalist circles among Armenians, had started collaborating with the Tsarist Russia and betrayed their country.

Motivated by this fact, the Ottoman rulers transferred the Armenians, who were in Eastern Anatolia at the war zone to the back fronts in the spring of 1915.

Was it possible for a Jew who was residing in Berlin in Nazi Germany to save his life by fleeing to Frankfurt?

Or would the faith of a Warsaw Jew have changed, if he had moved to Hungary that was under occupation or to another city of Poland?

The answer of these questions is of course “NO”! This answer is enough to refute the theses of those who seek similarity between two different events one of which is a tragedy or of those who claim that what happened to the Armenians was as if they had been the preparations of the Jewish holocaust”!

If 1.5 million people had been massacred, as asserted, the following questions need to be answered:

- Would not they have been buried in mass graves?
- Where are these mass graves?
- Why one cannot find even a single grave belonging to Armenians, while Turkish mass graves are revealed one by one and the burnt out ruins of the city of Van exist as it is?

In an American archival document dated November 1922, which was opened on May 5th, 1961 it was exposed that, in addition to 817.873 Armenians, who immigrated from the Ottoman Empire at the end of the war, 281.000 Armenians were living in Istanbul and Anatolia, and 95.000 Armenians were Muslims. In other words, although the total number of “surviving” Armenians was not half a million but almost 1.2, why the reality is disregarded?
When the incidents that realized in the history are presented as they had never existed, under the political influence of some racist Armenian stances, in other words, they are attempted to be distorted, they gain a political identity and consequently, it is not possible to approve the one-sided clarifications of the nongovernmental organizations, where free and scientific thoughts are discussed.

The rhetoric lacking the proof move before the science and the realities accommodated in the archival documents passing events to the coming generations depending on the objective scientific values are ignored. In other words, the activities of the most important terrorist groups of the 1900’s who cut the communication links of the single army defending the country where they lived, who hit behind the army by cooperating with the enemy and who murdered almost all of the people by attacking the settlement units are forgotten or made forgotten with care. This situation is a clear example of the fact that the rhetoric that is moved to the dimension of legend in its fullest sense are preferred to being scientific and are “politicized” in a strategic way.

On the other hand, it should be kept in minds that “genocide” can only defined by law and historians, politicians and journalists cannot reach a decision on the subject and also the “events”, namely the Armenian “incidents” of 1915 cannot be described as “genocide” according to the United Nations Convention that was signed in 1948 and entered into force in 1950.

Thus, there is no judgment of a court, which exposes that the incidents are genocide. And in this framework, it is hard to perceive why the parliaments are passing resolutions. Also, describing the incidents as genocide without a judgment of a court, would not comply with the international law.

In this regard, when reaching a judgment on the matters of the history, which contains doubts over its accuracy, it is expected to take at least an “objective” stance and “struggle” against the statements, which do not include nothing but “slander”.


Source: GenocideReality.com


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