2053) "Don’t Let Yourselves Down! Idiocy Is Not Hereditary, Nor Limited To But A Few!" Open Letter by Sukru S. Aya

Dear All,

Don’t let yourselves down! Idiocy is not hereditary, nor limited to but a few! Those who thought that USA was immune, are proven wrong by a multitude even much more selfish than the president! Armenia may be landlocked only, but the Western-Christian prejudice has locked their “logic, ethics and sense of being neutral, just and suspicious.”

The Inquisition condemned Galileo, insisting that the world was flat. He had to write a letter to save his life, saying that he was wrong, when he was damn right! It took some decades until Galileo was confirmed to be correct and the Church wrong. History as usual, is recycling and we must teach the “perfect idiots, their absolute ignorance and stubbornness” leading their own country into chaos, by insisting on being wrong, because they would not listen or look to any opposite opinion, thus acting un-American!

It is not the end of the World for Turkey, nor the reparation collections are in their pockets! That will take some time and until then, it must be our duty to enlighten the decent U.S. citizens regarding their unjust representation by irresponsible politicians devoted to their seats and incomes, rather to their country.

A very hard working Dashnakist ANCA management has finally succeeded in marketing their hatred and grudge, by employing US Congress members as their salesmen, who are tipped, out of the tax-money of the US citizen, granted to Armenia (the largest grant per capita almost equal to Israel) rather than caring those needy in USA, who cannot afford to have a lobby and pay them from collections or tax-money! Too bad for them!

It should be the duty of the good willing and compassionate people of USA and Turkey to continue, trusting in each other personally and convincing their democratic (?) elected (?) or campaign supported (?) representatives to exercise care in reinforcing human compassion, versus easy destruction by hearsays and tall tales. At least I have enough evidence from U.S. newspapers and undeniable documents from Armenian and other anti-Turkish sources, that there was no cause, intention, time or means to plan any mass killings and that the Armenian drama inflicted heavily by famine and plagues, has taken much less Armenian lives, compared to five-fold Moslem lives, which no one counts! Convictions cannot be made on hearsays! Unfortunately Capitol Hill, has proven that corruption or corrosion of political systems, can go right to this hill as well, from where they lectured justice to the world. I sincerely believe that this is an act but of total shame, staining the image of USA which will be hard to erase, from the world history.

The worse can become true if the people of Turkey are goaded to react to the people of USA in emotional frenzies! The bus of U.S.-Turkish friendship and bilateral alliance, has been knowingly driven into swamp! We can no longer expect such drivers, to save the bus! Unfortunately, it will need our joint sweat and effort to put it back on the road and kick out such crazy drivers. (Let the ANCA wreckage truck wait for the call, and large fee they expect to collect!) But we have to admit that those ANCA guys worked very hard and finally dragged the bus into this mud or swamp, which may take years to pull out and wash-up. My personal feelings for the great and compassionate people of USA has been but augmented, by adding my sympathy for the quality and ethics of their representatives, and in this particular case, rallying ours! I take this opportunity to express my best wishes for a healthy, wealthy life and recovery from economical and political recessions we are all dragged into by selfish ignorant. This message stands valid for my many Armenian friends and most others held in bathrooms, for showering brains with the “Genocide shampoo” !

I am fine in good health, and trust that my book will answer this “world- wide act of swindling”, when it will be out in English-Turkish by the end of the year. I trust that I will be still welcome when I see my much valuable friends in USA again!

Salute, Love and Best Wishes even to those who may be hating me for nothing!

Sukru S. Aya Oct. 11th, 2007


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