2063) Dear Abharik Ara (Baliozian),

Turkish-Armenians web site, is the only place where my secretary looks and makes a print of the various useful and serious news and editorials. Since they are too many, I take them home and Ara Baliozian and Holdwater are the most important sources, from whom I may learn something new and share or exchange my counter views.

Your posting came together with several other good essays, which I could not have by-passed by a quick glance. Since I would like to share your precious views, I hope that you will not mind if I share this reply with Murat and other friends, some of which I believe, may enjoy reading your above article, to which I dare to add just a few comments of mine, to assure you that you have at least, one appreciating reader.

Since your essay came under some interesting others, and I do not know if you observed them and I am pretty sure that some of the friends reading this reply are not aware of, I briefly give the links as below:

a- Speech of Armenian Patriarch Mesrob II, who was not permitted to speak in USA by the Dashnakists, and reconfirming your paraphrase of an Armenian definition of free speech, viz: “Free speech is what I say it is. If you disagree shut and f*** up!” Poor Mesrob II, who is a Gregorian Patriarck respected by Turks and Armenians in Turkey, could not enjoy this freedom because the Protestant Dashnakists, ANCA-ARF knew that he was not going to approve them. Why should, when his Church’s property in Cyprus was sold off by AGBU or Assembly and was rubbed off $150 million? Another serious irony and shame, is the Armenian Dashnakist Patriarch making his prayers and speech in the US Congress, prior to meeting on HS 106! So, this shows how correct you are in your Hitler’s example “Gott Mit Uns”! Looks like the Patriarch carried God all the way into the US Congress, so that Nancy Pelosi this time can say “God is with us”!

This tells us where God can be found, but that truth, logic, honor, decency and compassion is annihilated!

b- The essay is a serious scholar work, which all taking interest in this subject, should know, since it is a nice resume of a spread out story.

c- This Article is no news to you but typical of how child’s innocence and need of compassion, can be easily sacrificed in exchange of hatred and grudge.

d- Article by Dr. Siddik Arslan is a valuable explanation, proving all the nonsense of the article of Jabarian and Mode, which I had replied on telling them to first read their own historians.

e- Apparently most Armenians never heard of Katchaznuni or his sincere confession

f- The essay by Nick , giving a piece of Ara style teachings from a British saying: ‘If you sup with the devil, then sup with a long spoon’. It is the first time that I hear about Hovsep Arguthean, Katherine the Great’s principle adviser on Caucassian affairs. The rest of that essay has all the footnotes and everything matches with other sources.

Now finally commenting on your diamond bright words, there is hardly anything that I would not endorse or enjoy reading and sharing! Just to share with other friends, I much enjoy your (Murphy’s Law style) Ara’s life principles:

* Never call a moron an imbecile, he may take it as a compliment and spend the rest of his life trying to live up with it!’ (Thanks for the explanation, but I still get confused in making the right choice. Who knows, I may be one of them? Similarly I get lost between who is stupid or a dupe! Are they twin brothers? )

* Study says half of fraud victims relied on trusting relationship! How true but we never learn to learn ourselves.

* Delivering patriotic speeches is like offering free drinks to alcoholics! Sure, they mustn’t have a chance to think!

* Revolutions and rascals replacing each other… (99% true, with few exceptions, Ataturk, Gandhi even Castro etc)

* Thanks on Santa Tersa of Avila. Luckily she had her doubts about God and did all with her own logic!

* Brits advice “we have neither friends nor enemies, only interests”. This advice is, proven wrong by the Dashnakist successful teachings: “Use your friends, to excavate interests out of your enemies’ purses”!

* I would like to bring clarification to the vague expression “denialist” contributed to the dictionary of language of hatred!. Before calling any one a denialist we must be absolutely sure as regards what the truth is!

According to the Inquisition, Galileo was a denialist of the truth confirmed even by the bible! Isn’t it that he was not denying anything but was speaking the very truth! And many are afraid of the truth and losing their illusions.

* Goodyear-blimp sized ego. Clearly told to those who at least know that you don’t mean New-year!

* Regarding the “Inexplicable” after reading above no.2043, I would suggest that you glance through “Armenian Affairs” by Arthur Derounian/John Roy Carlson, Winter 1949-50 Vol.1, No.1 and read about the racist records of the Dashnakists or a more comprehensive essay.

I imagine that you already k now who is more or less of a racist, but this like two pans talking to each other:

‘Your bottom is black and dirty’. Reply: Your bottom is more black and dirty than mine!’

On Moral Superiority, everything you say is right, but I think that you forgot to mention the heroism of the Dashnakists, ASALA and Commandos of Justice who assassinated over 42 Turkish diplomats between 70s and mid 80s. Turkish Armenians have posted An excellent video presentation about Murad Topalian, a prominent businessman seating on the table with Clinton and his involvement in the ASALA killings, his conferences making collections (to support training of terrorists in Lebanon). It is a true NBC documentary program, no propaganda… Accidentally surfaced in USA. For those who did not see it is definitely a MUST and REALITY.

Dear Ara Bey, I hope that you understand that your being of Armenian-Greek-Japanese-Inca etc. Nationality and what your beliefs and likes are, would have made no difference in this message, because we are communicating to each other as decent, sincere humans stripped off prejudices or dictums, using our own judgment and knowledge, as far as it goes, and we are not scared of learning if we were wrong, because we try to be correct and equally respectful towards all other humans! No superiority or inferiority and I think that this understanding of logic is more dependable than obligations of camaraderie -because of nationality, religion or other factors-!

We have a hard task Ara, we are not even one in a thousand trying to communicate in languages, many others would not like to hear, because it does not please their hearing. Let me end with a Turkish example.

An ant was speaking to another ant walking in haste and asked: -Where are you going in such a rush? - I’m going to Mecca for pilgrimage! - But Mecca is a too long way from here! - I know, and I don’t care; If I die, let them say that I died on ‘my way to Mecca’!

I know what we may say about each other, which is much more important than what many Avanakians think about us, unable or unwilling to use their brains!

Take care my friend, and keep on teaching your lectures… Who knows I may even win a prize of Compassionate Fellowship from you!




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