2172) Moment Start To Doubt, Search & Enjoy Pleasure Of Self-Discovery, Feel Much Better

Reply to Mr. Raffi Kojian’s Open Letter

Dear Sir,
I have no idea about your age, profession and the depth of knowledge by which you challenge “all Turks” to evaluate matters, by “your standards of understanding and interpretation”.

First of all, it appears that your Armenian ethnicity overrules your “human identity” in so far that you discriminate humans according to their nationality, ethnicity, religion etc. You identify yourself as one of the “diaspora that does not hate Turks”! Are we to interpret this that you are “different and better than all others, because you DO NOT HATE Turks, which is almost a precondition for being a GOOD and TRUE ARMENIAN”! I happen to have too many Armenian friends, with whom I shared and share the best moments of my life and friendship. It is because this affection that I have been studying this matter in the past decade quite deeply, and I have solid reasons to believe that whilst most diaspora Armenians may have their sincere unilateral beliefs, they do not attempt to break the wall of information and knowledge, they are fenced inside. In short they do not have the courage to read or hear anything that does not confirm their concrete prejudices. .

To learn, you must first be open to SUSPECT, to DOUBT, to QUESTION, to believe no one you hear and even SEE unless you are sure of its being TRUE. If it were to be your own knowledge and conclusion, you would not have had to give a long list of TAILORED ARTICLES or parrot- like scholars for reference! I think that I read much more than the list of names you have given and if they were to be straight, and devoted to finding the truth, they should have reached my findings well ahead of me. So, it is either that you trust the " I O U " you hear from whispers, or the signed check (or documents) you hold in your hand!

The moment you start to doubt, search and enjoy the pleasure of self-discovery, you may feel much better

and may error less, about people that you have not met or socialized as yet! As one poor Armenian woman(who came to work illegally in Istanbul from Armenia simply to make a living and support her relatives in Armenia)put it to a newspaper reporter: "there is no GOOD or BAD NATION. There is GOOD and BAD PERSONS"!

I read everything that is posted on this web site , who posted your letter, but I doubt it very much if any of you follow the treasure of genuine bi-lateral and universal information posted on their blogspots and electronic library or www.tallarmeniantale.com/ which is treasure island of information but most likely TABU to read, everything with references!

I do not wish to enter into any useless arguments on screens, unless we have some uniformity in our frequency of thinking and the angle or width of our vision. I kindly invite you, to AT LEAST read over 2000 circulars which appeared on this web site in the past two and a half years, which should make not less than some 20.000 pages of reading, which is just the top of the iceberg. How can I argue with you, if you have not read the various newspaper articles of old dates which have been posted, speaking for the braveries and innocence of “some of the Armenians who dragged Turkish Armenians into catastrophes, and who are those to blame ?”

I presume you never read the books of Akaby Nassibian, Hovannes Khatchaznuni, A.A. Lalaian, nor several un-fabricated documents which despite the heavy propaganda of Christianity and using Armenians as decoys, proves the width of the distortions in this subject. If you had only read the book “Why Armenia Should be Free” of Armen Garo, printed in Boston in 1918, you will already have photographs and actual explanations of one of the most reputed humpabets, Dr. Pastermadijan, who from the Ottoman Parliament joined the enemy and started the rebellious activities even before the war started. Read and learn Sir, that Turks offered AUTONOMY to Dashnak Armenians in Congress in August 1914, in return of their siding with Turks, but that they preferred to desert the Turkish armies and join the enemy. Read and be proud or blush with Armenian victories or fifth column activities. Read that “Armenians have not been butchered like sheep, but on the contrary have fought bravely…” ample reading is already provided in posting #2169 with details. I have MUCH MORE of similar information but I prefer to stick to NON-TURKISH sources because others are so easily labeled as “denialist or paid Turkish State Agent”. Before you expect an answer to your last shallow question, I ask you NOT TO BELIEVE in what I said above, NOR all the “soap references on which you base your conclusion” but to READ what you are not supposed to read and suspect everything! (starting from the Bible, written by men but said to be the “Word of God”! If you are to believe in that, you must go back into Any Papirus and the Book of Dead of the pharaoh, and go further back to Sumerians and Gilgamesh episode). There is no Noah Ark on Mount Ararat! There was no Adam, no Eve, no Garden and unless you start to accept these basic facts, you will get stuck forever with the “genocide obsession” and find satisfaction in the foggy yesterday, instead of looking forward to tomorrow and compassion between all humans.

I do not want to live through the dramas of 1915 and it does not make any difference what nationality or faith we had. We are all good and bad as the poor woman said. Try to stay good and think good for others that you have not met! I express my best wishes to you and everyone on this planet, before our breathing moments stop. . After you read the above Armenians’ books, most of which are available in the E Library, please send another open letter and tell whom you prefer to believe.

By the way, did you ever think of the staggering amounts of money being collected from Armenians in USA and other countries and where they “all” end? This Genocide SHOW must GO ON because it is business for some!

Kind regards and best wishes, and let your curiosity and desire to discover the truth override your prejudices.

Kind regards

SSA (an elderly Turk)


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