2175) Numbers Don't Lie; Liars Do! By Ergun Kirlikovali

Today, I will present to you, the fair-minded, truth-seeking readers, the plain truth behind the “Armenian numbers” of alleged Armenian casualties. You will be able to track the “growth” of this number yourselves and stunned with the Armenian deception.

1- Paris Peace Conference: 200,000

The following is directly from the official documents:

“…The Preliminary Peace Conference at the plenary Session on the 25th January, 1919 (Minute No. 2) decided to create, for the purpose of enquiring into the responsibilities relating to the war, a Commission composed of fifteen members, two to be named by each of the Great Powers (United States of America, British Empire, France, Italy, and Japan) and five elected from among the Powers with special interests. .

The Commission was charged to inquire into and report upon the following points:

1. The responsibility of the authors of the war.

2. The facts as to the breaches of the laws and customs of war committed by the forces of the German Empire and their Allies, on land, on sea, and in the air during the present war.

3. The degree of responsibility for these offenses attaching to particular members of the enemy forces, including members of the General Staffs, and other individuals, however highly placed.

4. The constitution and the procedure of a tribunal appropriate for the trial of these offenses.

5. Any other matters cognate or ancillary to the above which may arise in the course of the enquiry, and which the Commission finds it useful and relevant to take into consideration.

At a meeting of the Powers with special interests held on the 27th of January, 1919, Belgium, Greece, Poland, Roumania, and Serbia were chose as the Powers who should name representatives (Minute No. 2. Annex VI.)”

I will bypass the long lists of names and cut to the chase:

“…Mr. Lansing (Hon. Robert Lansing, an American, parenthesis mine) was selected as Chairman of the Commission which then decided to appoint three Sub-Commissions:

Sub-Commission 1, on Criminal Acts, was instructed to discover and collect the evidence necessary to establish the facts relating to the culpable conduct which (a) brought about the world war and accompanied its inception, and (b) took place in the course of hostilities.


Sub-Commission 2, on the Responsibility for the War, was instructed to consider whether, on the facts established by the Sub-Commission on Criminal Acts in relation to the conduct which brought about the world war and accompanied its inception, prosecution could be instituted, and, if it decided that prosecution could be undertaken, to prepare a report indicating the individual or individuals who were, in its opinion, guilty, and the Court before which prosecutions should proceed.


Sub-Commission 3, on the Responsibility for the Violation of the Laws and Customs of War , was instructed to consider whether, on the facts established by the Sub-Commission on Criminal Acts in relation to the conduct which took place in the course of hostilities, prosecution could be instituted, and, if it decided that prosecution could be undertaken, to prepare a report indicating the individual or individuals who were, in its opinion, guilty, and the Court before which prosecutions should proceed.


When the reports of the Sub-Commissions had been considered, a committee composed of …..was appointed to draft the report of the Commission….

The Commission has the honour to submit its report to The Preliminary Peace Conference. The report was adopted unanimously subject to certain reservations by the United States of America and certain other reservations by Japan….”

(See Annex II and III, respectively, attached to this report. Parenthesis mine.)


Please find below the finding of this mighty, fact-finding Commission relating to the Turkish-Armenian civil war, selected out of a long list involving all defeated nations. Bear in mind that “Might makes right” mantra applies and the victorious members of this Committee could point to any group who “in its opinion” were “guilty”. Even then, the following is a stunning revelation, I am sure, to most:

“ Particulars: Massacres of Armenians by the Turks systematically organised with German complicity. More than 200,000 victims assassinated, burned alive, or drowned in the lake of Van, the Euphrates or the Black Sea.

Date: .

Place: Several Turkish Provinces and particularly the Armenian Vilayets.

Authors: Turkish Government authorities, military and administrative. Turkish civilians. German authorities . (More than 50 names have been officially authenticated.)

References: Memorandum of the Armenian Patriarchate of Constantinople addressed to the Ambassadors of France and Great Britain.

Armenian Memorandum addressed to the conference. Report of the American Relief Committee in favor of the Armenians and the Syrians.

The treatment of the Armenians in the Ottoman Empire (presented by Viscount Bryce).

Various documents in the possession of the British Government.

Dr. Martin Niepage’s report, professor at the German Realschule of Aleppo; and notes of a German traveller in Turkey during 1915. (Published by the Swiss Committee for the Relief of the Armenians.)”


Here we are, dear readers, the victorious powers get together in 1919, right after the First World War, around a magnificent feast table to happily devour the spoils of the Ottoman Empire and others. The victors appoint a committee to facilitate this process by researching who they should go after, how, and for what crimes. In other words the victors want names, casualties, numbers… They want facts… The committee is formed; members work hard; talk to Armenians, scan the British and other archives, even listen to the war-propaganda generator Viscount Bryce, reach out to the Germans and the Swiss… And they report their findings:

200,000 casualties!

Not more than a million… Not 1.5 million… Not 2 million… Not 2.5 million… Not between one and one-half million… Not even up to a million… Like the big media claims and writes…

And you know the Armenian Patriarchate inflated the numbers to receive a larger piece of the loot. You know Bryce was a liar and a propagandist working for the infamous Wellington House established for wartime propaganda purposes. You know Turkey did not exist until 1923, so any reference to Turkey is simply incorrect. In spite of these and many other fallacies, this report is still very damning for the Armenian claims of genocide where allegedly 1.5 million Armenians were killed.

When Prof. Halacoglu, the president of the Turkish Historical Society, declared a few years ago, that the latest research reveled the total Armenian losses as 54,000 (and only about 8,200 of those could be traced to atrocities committed by Turks, Kurds, Circassians, and other Ottomans, in retaliation to previous Armenian acts of violence, the rest being casualties of wartime conditions such as starvation, epidemics, and other causes not related to mutual atrocities) the Armenian lobby and their Western supporters ridiculed the results. Now you can see why the figure of 54,000 appears closer to the truth than the Committee report of 200,000 above. After all, when the Ottoman Empire compiled police reports on atrocities, they had no idea that they would lose the war a few years later and that those reports would be used against them.

All told, therefore, the Armenian casualties of civil war are “more than 200,000” according to the Paris Peace Conference in 1919 and “54,000” according to the Turkish Historical Society’s research of the Ottoman archives conducted in the last decade.

Before anyone jumps to conclusion to dismiss the Ottoman archives study by the Turkish Historical Society revealing the casualty number of 54,000 Armenians, know this: Those archives are still there and access is free. The Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan proposed to the Armenian Prime Minister to establish a joint committee of historians to study these and other archives to sort out this complex human tragedy based on facts, not hype. Armenians refused to come to the table for research and dialog, as expected from those who have a habit of “embellishing” their stories.

Moreover, studying the Ottoman archives requires fluency in the Ottoman-Turkish, a rich amalgam of Turkish, Arabic, and Persian, steeped in Turkish tradition and Islamic religion. Without studying these archives, one cannot see the complete picture. I can reasonably safely say that none in the “genocide crowd” has ever gone in to study the Ottoman archives. Furthermore, extremely few if any at all, in the Armenian camp are equipped with the knowledge of Ottoman-Turkish to study the Ottoman archives. (This is exactly why the Armenian attempts to fabricate fake Ottoman documents to prove the alleged genocide were exposed rather quickly by the Turkish Ottomanists, as the Armenians do not even understand the Islamic lunar calendar. Andonian, for example, the infamous fabricator of the Talat Pasha telegrams, placed dates on his fake documents which translate into something like 32nd of February!?)


2. Aid Campaign Poster in 1919: 600,000 casualties

Now here is the twist: in my son’s history classroom last May, during the open house, I saw a poster that read something like this: “Help the starving Armenians in the Ottoman Empire. More than 600,000 killed by Turks. 1919”

Note that date! 1919!

And then note the number: 600,000 !

Whoa! How did that happen? Let’s think about all this for a minute. Wasn’t it 200,000 in the Paris Peace Conference report above, dated March 29, 1919? How did that 200,000 become 600,000 in the same year? How can a finding by an authorized research committee be TRIPLED going from an official report to a hype and drama poster seeking donations? (The Armenian designer probably thought "Who's going to know?" Triple the damn number... The higher the bettr..." He was right; nobody in the West cared enough about the truth to question this shamefully bogus number on the poster.)

3. Nowadays: 1,500,000 - 2,500,000

Here is your “Ah-huh!” moment… If you are talking about the Armenian lobby, it certainly can… It can even go up to a million… Or 1.5 million… And it just did that…

I have seen numbers as high as 2.5 million in memorial plaques residing within Armenian “church” property!?

Yet, the “Times” of this country continue to pump “million-and-a-half” number to the unsuspecting masses, because they say, there is a “consensus” on this issue…

Since when research and scholarship takes a back seat to “consensus”?

When people like me talk like this, they get censored. In 2002, a Los Angeles Times editor wrote me an e-mail ( I still keep it) telling me not to bother writing on this subject because whatever I write will not be considered for publication. You guessed it, this editor served Glendale.

When I complained to the top management at LAT, they wrote back (I keep those e-mails, too) saying that the LAT editor was within his rights when he exercised his “editorial freedom”.

If you are confused by all of the above, here is a simple translation for you:

Consensus: A tool lynch mobs in editorial boards of the big media use to censor dissenting views

Editorial freedom: A fancy code name for censorship

Freedom of speech in America? Only for those who do not question the consensus…



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