2185) Pretend To Act Like The Three Monkeys

Dear Turkish Armenians,

Re: PanArmenian about Taner Akcam

Refer to:Message From Holdwater or www.tallarmeniantale.com/holdwater-message.htm

I appreciate your “Unilateral Flexibility To Post All Writings, Including Those Slandering Turks and Turkey” as an evidence of the open card treatment of this “World Wide Charlatanism” already written down in the 1915 “Reno Evening Gazette”. However it seems that PanArmenian either does not follow you, or pretend to act like the three monkeys.

However, every time I see something out of the mouth of a past “terror criminal who escaped from prison” and for some he proves to be a scoundrel rather than a scholar, I immediately remember the following credentials to be the “ TRUE SHAMEFUL ACT” of a person well explained in your posting # 2181 by Ara Baliozian in his short, string of pearl-like words:

“A Toothless Dog Always Barks From a Distance” proves to be an excellent example of a reputed Toothless Dog acting like a Prophetic Goat because: . .

a- As well explained by Holdwater in referred above postings, this sample being over shades other decent scholars, when treated at the same degree of ethical and educational credentials, with such shallowness of knowledge and reputation as a turncoat. ,

b- This person advertises himself to be a “Turkish Scholar”. The only record this person has in Turkey is a “terrorist criminal”. The ‘Mantle of Scholarship’ is gifted by mentors in Germany such as Tessa Hofmann and such as Dadrian in USA. So, he is not “Turkey’s Scholar” but Zorian’s etc. scholar. When he escaped from prison, he was a communist terror criminal, not any scholar! If he were to be a true “Turkish Scholar”, may be he would have had the courage to sit at the same table with other Turkish scholars, who think different then him. My knowledge is that this being, is scared to have even any Turkish audience in his parrot-acts.. As Ara bey has given the example, he always barks from a distance. What's more, he is not as cute as the dog seen in “His Master’s Voice” records and hand cranked players!

c- He is not ashamed of calling Erdogan “His PM”, neither slandering with fabricated scenarios and lies, none ever proved to be factual. Indeed I am ashamed to have the same ID in my pocket as equal with such a ‘grade of personal honor’ or lack of dignity. He can do at least one “ACT OF HONOR”: or “shame-free act” by resigning from Turkish nationality and adopting any of the several masters’ who would like to keep and feed him. But he prefers to abuse the liberties given by Turkish Republic, and compete with the Dashnak humpabets’ treason to the Ottomans. He says that he will have 500 documents from Turkish Archives on a book to come out in 2008. Why he does not produce any documents from Dashnak archives in Boston, or Yerevan? What’s wrong?

d- Now coming to the alleged charges, said to be made by Mr. Edward Alexander and this person:

1- The Ottoman Government has performed no “Shameful Act”, but the Republic of Turkey has produced such a Shameless propagandist, who will listen and bark like his Master’s Voice. Words such as “the evidence is overwhelming” is no more than a typical bully. The “Historical TRUTH” lies in the documents, not in the fabrications and scenarios or eye watering grand-ma stories of one side. I would be very much interested to see any news, if not written by missionaries of Johannes Lepsius type (who made a confession to Sou Sever too late, because he was scared of his life), but I do have the articles of General Bronsart von Schellendorf the right hand of Enver Pasha and Liman von Sanders, who was the very top, commander. Does he have anything to belie these reputable and knowledgeable persons said? If he is a scholar, is it possible that he is not aware of these? Regarding the dependability of Morgenthau as a source, scholars must consider the many discrepancies between his book contradicting his diary and family letters and evaluate the study made by Heath Lowry, turning inside out. Heath Lowry’s findings, are confirmed in a much stronger voice by George A. Schreiner, after his book was out. Morgenthau’s duty as given by Wilson and Lansing, was to “create humane reasons” to enable participation of USA in WWI for “Moral Reasons”. Morgenthau’s correspondence held by Andonian and Schimavonian has never been objective and truthful. It was prejudiced from the first day, and even after he wrote his book and participated in the Paris Conference. Magenthau too listened to “His Master’s Voice”!

2- Regarding the Kangaroo Courts set up in Istanbul in 1919 to please the Victors, this shameless liar writes history “assuming they have been destroyed after Turkish Nationals took over”. Again not logical slander:

a- Why did the five neutral countries refused to take part in the International Investigating Commission when they were asked in early February 1919?

b- Why the British did not use any such documents to convict 144 dignitaries they held in Malta, which they released without even making a charge

c- How come that the Armenian person in charge of the Archives, after British occupation could not find and produce these documents, before the Kangaroo courts?

d- Why did the Armenians delegation of the new Armenian Republic founded as a “Protectorate of the Ottoman Empire” paid their courtesy and thanks visit to Sultan Vahdettin in September 1919, offering their loyalty, instead of accusing his government for killings?

e- Why is it that the Treaty of Gumru in 1920, “Forgives The Atrocities Done By The Armenians”?

f- I have a mountain of evidences written by Armenian historians, PM and ringleaders about the atrocities they made! Apparently these persons have not even read the book of Pastermadjian, who can be taken as a heroic example of treason by this bullying voice.

g- Since he says that he has studied all archives, how come he did not read the order of the 3rd Army Commander “not to humiliate or insult the persons being relocated and protect their possessions”.

h- These persons who claim to know more than most of us, of course do not see the old articles from various U.S .Newspapers you have posted, proving the Armenian Treason with photographs and their atrocities… They mention “evidence Of The Killing Of The Armenians”, how about the mountains of evidence about the “butchered Turks” by thousands laid on streets, filled in wells?

Conclusion: First lesson in journalism is: “If a dog bites a man, this is no news”. “If a man bites a dog, that’s news”.

Request: We would prefer to communicate with decent persons of reason of sincerity to end such mud slinging, but some beings make a living by it!… And they do not want to lose their jobs, by letting matters to be normalized within human compassion.

I quote Ara’s words of Gostan Zarian: “Our political parties have been of no political use to us. Their greatest enemy is free speech”.

Reader’s suggestion: Say and write what is worth reading and spending our time on it.

We are not scared of barking dogs, but it just irritates our peace of mind and wastes our time.

Does PanArmenian write your comments as honest as you write them ?

(Note: I've had criticized HW for devoting so much time to answer this “Being” in the above posting. Now, it made even my blood boil. Readers are advised to read above references and acquaint themselves with this person),

Kind regards

Sukru S. Aya


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