2221) “Good News” For Armenians In USA: “Armenian Genocide Museum & Memorial”!

Dear All,

Here is some “good news” for Armenians living in USA for “Armenian Genocide Museum and Memorial”! . .

See attachment in jpg formats, for the Press Release and letter sent out by the Armenian Assembly of America on Nov.9th, about the new museum to be built as a "memorial" [for hatred and grudge], which I believe that is being constructed on “Lies, Lies and More Lies” (book by Ret. Col. Masud Akhtar Shaikh - Islamabad)!

It becomes evident that the benevolent members of the AAA, will have to pay and support this “magnificent design of (psycho-therapeutical inoculation) building”!

Who knows, some day AAA may even think of many Armenians in Armenia, in need of ‘better physical health care buildings in their own deprived country’, instead of monuments of animosity so far away!

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