2239) The Very Last Trip - Poem

Sooner or later, you shall take a trip on an unknown and definitely inevitable day.
"You are free to choose the date, the hour". This, alas, no one will be able to say.
It will be unlike all other trips you so far have planned.
Since that special day, on a "no-return road" you will land.
No matter whatever you were, king or slave, all for you that day will ultimately end.

. . . .

You will not need to prepare luggage nor bag.
Ticket? Forget it, no one will, from you directly, a single penny beg.
You might wish a companion, willing, your lonely trip with you to share.
No easy task to find someone, loving you so much as to embrace you in the coffin that people bear.

You will no longer carry, whatever you once believed belonged to you.
Nor have a chance to influence the sentiments, as you once used to do.
You, unconditionally, will have to accept whatever others bear in their hearts, old or new.
No need to worry any longer, what thinks who.

Don't allow tears to mislead you.
Feelings in the heart do not turn into teardrops always.
All depends on how you have evaluated your life, spent your days.
Was it as a real human being, showing respect, tenderness to others.
Or failed to make some real friends, best way to assure that no one ever bothers.
Don't embrace the illusion that prayers, "fatihas", after you've left, will help any.
Imprint, while alive, words of love and friendship in all clean hearts,
So much the better, if they are many.

Mersin, 26 June 2002 Kemal Rastgeldi

(Translated from Turkish by Hasmig Sallakian and Kemal Rastgeldi
Dec.01.2007, Damascus and Mersin.)

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