2280) Stalin’s Land Demand From Turkey, And The Armenians

The USSR leader Stalin brought Armenians, who were residing in various countries of the World to the USSR following the World War II, for locating them at the Turkish lands, which he was planning to invade and use them as a pretext for his invasion. . .

The Soviet administration first prepared the legal basis of that policy and later it accepted that all the Armenians would be Soviet citizens from the moment they set foot on the USSR.

According to a note at the “Relations of the United States: Diplomatic Papers`` FRUS 1947 binding IV, which is classified by USA Ministry of Foreign Affairs; “The USSR Supreme Presidium had accepted that all the Armenians would be Soviet citizens from the moment they set foot on the USSR, in the framework of the policy of the Soviet government had determined.”

These Armenians, who were brought from the other countries, were planned to be used as a pretext for the annexation of lands from Turkey by Stalin, according to the documents of the USA Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

This was clearly demonstrated at the message send to Washington (FRUS, 1945, binding VIII) by Edwin C. Wilson, the USA Ambassador of Ankara, in 19 December 1945.

The Ambassador indicated that “bringing the Armenians to USSR is the part of the plan regarding populating the Turkish land, which is planned to be annexed at the future.”

According to the message of the Ambassador, not only the Armenians from USA, Europe and Middle East countries but also Armenians from Turkey were attempted to be brought to USSR.

The Ambassador stated the following at his message which he indicated that about 200 Armenians had applied to the USSR Embassy in Istanbul (at his message dated December 22, he stated that the figure was about 1500):

“It is estimated that the Soviet plan was aimed at bringing as many Armenians as possible to the Soviet Republic of Armenia and for the Armenians will not be able to find enough land for residing, it would prepare grounds for the annexation of the Eastern regions of the Turkish lands.”

Once more, according to another document at the same binding; USA Ministry of Foreign Affairs had send the following message to the diplomatic missions in Europe and America (Ankara, Moscow, London, Paris, Beirut, Sam, Cairo and Baghdad), in 1945.

“The Soviet Consulates in countries like Turkey and Ankara had enrolled the Armenian origins, who desired to go to Soviet Armenia. Nevertheless, the lands of Soviet Armenia would not be enough for crowded population. Consequently, with the artificial population question, the country wished to lay grounds for the demands (probably) to the Eastern regions of the Turkish lands.”

The Armenians, who were brought to USSR from the various parts of the World, were regarded as a problem this time by the USSR administration following their invasion plans were fizzled out.

According to a article issued at the ``14/15 - Winter 2003-Spring 2004`` copy of a magazine called ``Cold War International History Project Bulletin``, which is published in the USA; when the Armenians could not be located at Turkey, they were sent to Siberia by the Moscow administration with the grounds of “lodging a spy among them for they were coming from the Western countries.”

There is a message dated 22 May 1947 of Grigori Arutinov, the Communist party Secretary of the Soviet Republic of Armenia to Stalin, in the 403rd issue of this bulletin, which can be reached from the address of ``http://www.wilsoncenter.org``. It is expressed that the total figure of the Armenians, who came from USSR was 50 thousand 945.

The following were noted at the afore-mentioned document, which is indicated to be obtained by Karen Haçatriyan, the Manager of State Archives of Armenia: The ones, who came had suffered difficult circumstances, some of them wanted to go back and even 21 of them had escaped back to Turkey from the border. It was pointed out at the 400th page of the document that when the West took sides with Turkey, the invasion had failed, so thousands of Armenians were sent to Siberia and Kazakhstan to exile.

Consequently, tens of thousands of civilian Armenians were once again used as a toy in the policy of the great countries and when the plan could not be realized they were thrown away by sending them to Siberia.

Source: (*) Anadolu Agency-01.12.2007

The Other Name Of Terror Is Armenian

(…) It is designated that the PKK, which is cornered at the Northern Iraq, has been searching a new “home” for itself. The preparation of the terrorists, who were planning to move to Nagorno-Karabakh, which is under the invasion of Armenia, was found out by Turkey.

Following the start of the military strike, the PKK which started for searching new places, is looking for a way out in northern Iraq. It came out that PKK has attempted to locate the Armenian origin terrorists within PKK to Caucasus. Turkey established contacts with the regional countries for preventing the PKK from settling to Caucasus.
The PKK issue was brought to the agenda during the visit of President Abdullah Gül to Azerbaijan and Georgia. Gül warned both of the presidents of the countries for preventing PKK from using Caucasus. Also attentions were called to the Armenian origin terrorists within the PKK at the Turkey report that was presented to Mixed Commission of the European Parliament.

Moreover, it was reported that the PKK established contact with some of the members of the Armenian Diaspora. (…) Armenia has lately, located many Kurds, who immigrated from Iraq and Syria, to Nagorno-Karabakh. The PKK has radio stations and a newspaper in the region.

PKK has used the Caucasus as a base for smuggling for years. Besides the drug smuggling, the organization has laundered its money at the Caucasus by the help of its Armenian origin terrorists.
(…) On the other hand, it came out that the terrorist organization PKK had fought against the Azerbaijanis at the Azerbaijani-Armenian war, in 1992. The PKK, which signed an agreement with Armenian terrorist organization ASALA in 1987, took sides of Armenia at the Azerbaijani-Armenian war, in 1992. PKK has settled to the mountainous region at the Armenia-Turkey border with this intention. PKK intensified its terrorist actions at the rural areas of Kars and Ag(r?, during 1992-1995, again at this period. The effort of the administrators of the organization, which was cornered in the Northern Iraq, for going to the Caucasus, has activated Turkey and the regional countries.

Turkey started to trail particularly 153 names that were given by the USA and Iraq governments. The PKK terrorists, who used the lands of Turkey and Iran for going to Armenia, send their men, who were sheltered in Iran for fighting against Azerbaijan Turks. 40 terrorists, who went to Armenia from Iran in May-June 1992, fought with Azerbaijan at Nagorno-Karabakh.

The primary target of the briefing and decipher movement for preventing the address change of the PKK, will be the European countries. PKK solves its financial problems with the associations it founded particularly in Germany, Austria, Spain, Belgium, Greece, ABD, Finland, Denmark, Romania, Russia, Ireland, Swiss, Norway, Italia and England.

Source: Aksam Daily Newspaper-03-04 December 2007
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