2295) The Forgotten "Smurf Genocide" And The Always-Evil Turkish State

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As the world keep being hypocritically silent, the glorious nation of Smurfs are being murdered by Turkish "establishment". It reminds us the horrendous genocide period of 1910s, when over 10.000.000 Smurfs were killed by the order of Turkish ruler of the time, Sultan Gargamel.

In the cold, bloody hands of the Turkish government, the remaining Smurfs (a tiny population of two, namely Papa Smurf and Smurfette) are desperate in Turkey, fighting for their lives and waiting for the helping hand of the West.

After making your donations for our noble cause by clicking the banner below, I'd like to explain how come could I pick the courage to revive this dangerous subject as a Turkish journalist. * * *

Well, simply because I have heard of the relieving solution of a tragical murder and I remembered the Smurf Genocide instantly.

Fuat Deniz, a Swedish scholar of Assyrian background, was killed on December 11th last year.

According to the latest news, Swedish detectives have arrested a suspect who confessed that he committed the bloody crime. Now it is clear that the murderer was a family member of the deceased scholar and it was all about an old feud between two men.

As Deniz was working on the subject of Assyrian "genocide" by Ottoman state in early 20th century, Swedish police had pointed out "a political motive" at first.

Swedish media was also very quick to present Deniz as a new Hrant Dink, implying that Turkish state had secretly ordered the "assassination."

Bloggers started to suggest that this is another crime by Turks, denouncing this "act of racism" by being racist themselves. You know, presenting a nation as a usual suspect at the first opportunity and starting to do it regularly sound really racist...

So all "political motive" suspicions are disappeared now, but as we say in Turkish, "throw mud on someone and he will remain stained even after he cleans himself."

Blaming Turkish state (which actually has not been existing then) on all kind of genocide allegations of the last century is a fashion now. Truly, Assyrian genocide allegations have been just irrelevant and unscientific by the beginning, hence they have a bitter smell of opportunism.

The Armenian lobby earns a lot (money, titles, prestige, etc) by accusing Turks without showing any historical evidences, just by relying on the support of some governments -which can use it as a political trump against Turkey.

So why not Assyrians now? I don't know, maybe the next one would be Aztecs. Or Zulus? Why not the poor, innocent people of Incas who were tortured and mass murdered by evil Turks?

Oh, and surely Smurfs... These blue, peaceful, indigenous people of Anatolia have been subjected to massacres in the hand of forever-and-ever-evil Turks!

To summarize, the tragic murder of Fuat Deniz, a respected man of my lands, our lands, reminded us the lies about the so-called Armenian genocide: It is true that somebody had died tragically, but it was nothing to do with Turkish state.

Something which is not as funny as the Smurf Genocide: Today was the first anniversary of Hrant Dink murder. He has been killed by an ultra-nationalist youth who was considering him as a traitor. He was not. He was neither Turkish, nor Armenian, he was over the boundaries of races; he was a human in universal terms. That's why he didn't belong to any kind of lobby, he didn't make money by supporting the genocide allegations even though he also name it as a genocide. He was just a son of Turkey. Rest in peace.

Source: The Istanbulian :Personal Chronicles of a Turkish Journalist