2327) Weekend Humor: Armenian Conspiracy

Great Evil Conspiracy by Satanic baby-eating Armenians or all similar versions refers to a conspiracy by ethnic Armenians to take over the world and enslave the Turks, . . Azerbaijani's, Greeks, Lithuanians Kazakhs, Lithuanians, Anti-Zionists, Koreans, Elves, Terrans chia pets and other free-thinking people using propaganda, communism, bribes, moral decay, fascism, liberalism, and Chinese restaurants. They are known to be the direct cause like Stalin and the Neanderthals. This is evil propaganda, proof Armenian try to take over world. They control the newspapers, news stations, satellites, Hollywood and 94% of the worlds used-car dealerships. [1]They also have an complete monopoly on the lucrative pita bread and shish-kebab military-industrial complex. Armenians are believed to be able to use their unholy occult powers to shape shift in a venomous Armenian viper, winch then then use to suck the blood of sleeping Kurds[2]. This is similar to way Jews turn into cockroaches, but a cockroach is more resistant to pesticides, though less dangerous. Similar powers allow them to practice mind control on non-Armenians, so they can convince others of their lies. It is believed that early Armenians may have intermarried with Jews, as both like money and propaganda, though Jews are somewhat better with Money and Armenians somewhat better with propaganda.


Roughly 600 years ago the the first Armenian was hatched. His name was HAYK, since it spelt KYAH backwards. Since Hayk was short and did not have many friends, he decided that he would 'show them all' and take over the world. He gathered his brothers, who hatched from the eggs around him, and they burrowed their way from the dark cavern from which they were created and into the sunlight. At first, the sun burnt their eyes, and they were forced to take refuge in strip clubs and internet cafes. Eventually they were able to evolve massive eyebrows to shield themselves from the sun, and so so walk amongst humans unnoticed. However, Armenians still remained short, as it made it easier to quickly burrow to escape enemies. Using a system of underground tunnels they spread, telling more and more lies the farther they went.

At one time the Armenian Conspiracy attempted a merger with the Jewish Conspiracy, but the two parties had trouble settling on terms. You see, as the Jews considered a big nose the sign of superiority, the Armenians were insistent that bushy eyebrows were more important, and so the have been enemies up until the New World Order was founded, in which case they agreed to collaborate for the greater good of evil conspirators everywhere..

Recently, several key cells of the Armenian conspiracy were relocated to Uzbekistan, since the earth there is softer and easer for burrowing.

The Armen Hammer was no doubt built as part of this conspiracy, as another tool for wiping out Odar.

The conspiration of Armenia

200 years ago, Armenians have forged an Armenia, stealing Azerbaijani land. They succeeded forging monuments with a device brought from their spaceship to build monuments which dating would suggest being 600 BC. They were successful in driving the Azerbaijani (who's language being the native dialect of Adam and Eve) who were the native people, those Armenian conspirators also forged Arabic, Greek, Hebrew documents to add their newly formed nation as reference in expectation that such reference will come one day handy.

Years later after carving their Armenia they have successfuly resettled millions of Armenians from their spaceships to this land. Those spaceship being empty the Armenian King Hairy Body II of the planet Hayastan requested them back to motherplanet because they were unused. But because those Armenian conspirators avarice they didn't want those spaceships returning back knowing that they could make a lot of money by selling them. In 1915 therefor they have decided to repopulate them so they had to leave a part of the land they previously populated which they did. In fear of being caught and being exposed that the land of Armenia is an Armenian forgery they have forged a genocide. Those Armenian conspirators have killed millions of Turks and Azerbaijani's and passed them as Armenian victims while the alleged Armenian victims were hiding in their spaceship.
List of Conspirators

All these people work for Armenian World Domination!!

* Dr. Jack Kevorkian- he has made a cheep and effective way for Odar (which Armenians call all other people, which they believe are inferior) to kill themselves. Soon you will see everybody but Armenians killing themselves, then who you believe?
* Cher – Produces much bad music in hopes get headache and be more vulnerable to lies.
* SOAD produce much devil-worship music, in hopes of getting you to worship Armenians (which are very similar and easily confused)
* Maddox- tries to get Odar high on testosterone, so he get in fights with other Odar and they kills each other off.
* Russia- Russia controlled by evil Armenians sect known as the ‘Sons of Aarat’. Armenians there try to start nuclear war with America, so that Odar die and leave more room for Armenians. When war start, Armenians would have hidden in their burrows, and recolonized the world one no one else was left.
* Gary Kasparov- An monstrous Armenian/Jew hybrid of unfathomable power. The Hybridization undoubtedly multiplies the evil and the conspiracyness. He even plays chess(!!!)
* Seymore Skinner- also known as Armin Tamzarian, teaches children to be more obedient, so they will make better slaves to their Armenian Masters.
* Hitler- Hitler was very evil, but not a Jew. By process of elimination, he was an Armenian.

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Raffi is also an Armenian!!
Raffi is also an Armenian!!
Life Cycle of the Conspiracy

Armenians are born from a soft-shelled eggs hidden in monasteries and catacombs in high mountain passes. The eggs hatch into a limbless scaly larval form, an organism called an Armenilemming, which spends several years in the mountain forests, feeding on pomegranates and young Gypsies. After the Armenilemming grows to a certain length, it spins a finely woven and elaborately decorated silken cocoon. Soon from it emerges from the cocoon adult Armenian. It is at this time the typical Armenian joins his comrades as part of a conspiracy. Armenians look much like normal Humans, but can be distinguished by very dark eyebrows and evil look in eyes. Also, you must watch out for his claws, which are retractable. It then quickly migrates to a big city where it joins an infestation of other Armenians in a local neighborhood. From there it will spread, telling lies and stealing money and business from honest non-Armenians. They they spin wild story about evil Turks to scare the non-Armenians into worshiping them and giving them money.

When female Armenians reach breeding age, are call Ararats, as they are the chief producer of migrating Armenian swarms.


All Armenians worship Satan, or failing Satan, they worship themselves.

Armenians sometimes call themselves ' Hai '. It is unknown whether this is a reference to bizarre esoteric drug use in the Armenians occult rituals, or the fact all Armenians consider themselves superior (hai-and-mighty) to all other people.