2340) Weems’ Book Teaches A Lot

(*) The following is stated in the article dated 2 January 2008 written by Valeri Petrov at the “Islamnews.ru” internet site:

“What is the reason for anti-American sentiments in the Islam world? What lies beneath the hostility between Muslim world and USA? Many Americans have started to seek answers to these questions especially after the 11 September 2001 incidents. And one of them, is Samuel A. Weems, who is a jurist at Arkansas and who used to be a judge and who is a faithful Christian. Weems exposed one of the most significant reasons why the Muslim world hated Americans. According to the book written by Weems; Armenia, which is a tiny country, have made various efforts for years in order to activate the Christian world against Islam and Muslims by using its race, which is spread all over the World.

The American jurist, who examined London, Paris, Rpme, Moskow, Istanbul and Washington archives, presented all his efforts in details in his book entitled “Armenia: The Secrets of a Christian Terrorist Country”, which was published by St. Jones Pres” in USA/ Texas and made great impact. Samuel A. Weems indicated the following in his book consisted of 400 pages, which was based on the documents and the testimonies of the witnesses: “Today, we regret the presence of a group of American citizens of Armenian origin, who started a hatred campaign against Turkey, which is an old and a reliable ally of USA.”

Weems wrote the following in his book: “This small group of gang has forced the American law institutions to adopt completely baseless resolutions, which accused Turkey for 1915 the so-called Armenian genocide. I exposed evidences, which prove that the Armenian origin Americans have spread out historical information that are not true for earning money both from the Turks and the American Christians. I wish to ask Americans the following question: “Which one do you believe? The Americans living in that period, who witnessed the Armenians, left the Ottoman Empire safe and sound or the Americans, who claim without any evidence that 1, 5 million of Armenians were killed with the instructions of the Ottoman Empire?”

According to the book, which is based on the historical documents, including Armenian sources; the American public opinion has to decide on who is telling the truth and who is telling lies for the sake of their selfish interests. It is possible to learn many things for both the USA and the Russian public opinion, who are not aware of the issues like the following from Weems’ book; How did the Armenians, in fact become Christians? The fact that the demands of the Armenians from Turkey are baseless and are based upon lies, How do the Armenians use their own churches for applying their terror policy? How was the genocide committed against the Karabakh Muslims? The ones, who fought with Hitler are treated with respect at the present Armenia, Armenia is under heavy corruption claims, How did the Armenian lobby in the USA prevent the friendship relations between Washington and Baku and How does the Armenian agents effect the American public opinion?

The expression “This book should be read by each Christian in USA and everyone who pays his taxes!” on the cover of the book, is calling attentions. I think this book should not only read by American citizens or Christians, but some people else.” (*)

At this point, it will be worth reminding that the ones, who defend the thesis of the Turkish side, are being threatened by the armed Tashnak organizations just because of the “thoughts” they maintain, and in this framework, Samuel Weems is also threatened with death.

In another words, it is possible to give instances on the inhuman applications like “threatening with death”, “blackmailing” and “annoying” that one, who defends a different thoughts, could encounter in Armenia.