2360) Message From Defence Minister Peter G. Mackay Regarding The Armenian Genocide Course In Toronto High Schools

People who sent letters to Peter G. MacKay regarding the Armenian genocide course in Toronto high schools received this letter from Mr. McKay:

Dear Xxxxxx:

I have recently received your correspondence concerning the Armenian Module of Course CHG38M. Thank you for notifying me of this.

As education is not a federal area of jurisdiction but strictly a provincial one, there is little I can do to prevent the adoption of this course by . . the Toronto District School Board.

Thank you again for taking the time to contact me on this issue.

Peter G. MacKay

Below Is A Sample Answer People Can Send To Mr. Mackay To Respond
Minister of Defense Peter MacKay’s email address is: mackay.p@parl.gc.ca

The Honorable Minister of Defence Peter G. MacKay:

We very much appreciate your response to this concern. However we find that the response that education is a provincial area of jurisdiction rather than a federal one is a legal maneuver on your part to dismiss the issue, and hence unacceptable.

Why is that? It's simply because HATRED is not a provincial problem, but a very pressing issue that has been swept under the rug and that has had real consequences for minorities within the entire Canadian society.

This course was brought about with the intention of defamation of Canadian citizens of Turkish background. Canada is alarmingly racist and increasingly hateful towards its citizens of Turkish and Islamic descent, not to mention that she has failed miserably in integrating non-Christian and non-European minorities into the system...

Recently, global news agencies have given flash news about an "immigrant fire" in the city of Ludwigshafen, Germany. That was not an "immigrant fire". All the immigrants in question were Turks. The building that burned down was occupied entirely by Turks, 9 of which, some of them children, were killed. The incident appears to be an arson targeted to the Turkish community.

Germany has historically had a "tradition" of covering up these "hate crimes" by not labeling them as such, but instead calling them as "disputes between town residents, teenagers, neighbors"; or "accidental coincidences", such as this recent fire.

Germany is not the only country where Turkish or Muslim communities or individuals are threatened in their every day living and exposed to hate crimes. The kind of "hatred" towards people of Turkish origin is not a recent phenomenon either. It dates back to the age of enlightenment whereby the Anglo-Saxon man of Christian background solidifies his superiority over people of other races or religions, one of them being the "Barbaric Turks".

Hatred is an incredible phenomenon. "If there was no Jew, the Anti-Semite would invent him, says Jean-Paul Sartre, and how true that is. Of all myths pertaining to creating and spreading hate and using hate as a unifying element, the notion of "Barbaric Turks" has been one of the most powerful methods used by European powers in terms of propagating businesses of slavery, colonialism, and war. Specifically during the Ottoman period leading to the First World War.

One of the shortest and surest ways to raise ultra-nationalist awareness in peoples of various ethnicities and religions existing within the large Empire was to inject large dozes of "hatred" within these groups towards the very Empire they were made to revolt against. Specifically Britain, and to an extent France and Russia, have been extremely successful in achieving that via all forms of communications, including the media. As a legacy of this phenomenon, nowadays Turks stand for anything and everything that the "masses" of European and Christian background abhor and detest.

This divisive class has been secretly prepared for over two years while excluding any involvement from Canadian citizens of Turkish descent. In fact, hatred within Canadian Society towards Turks has reached appalling proportions recently. Canadian Reader's Digest published an essay on the theme of “Turkish Hatred” in 2006, where an Armenian journalist has bragged about her upbringing in which she has been groomed to unconditionally hate Turks. That Canadian media would glorify such hatred towards people of Turkish and Islamic descent is unbelievably racist, and utterly unacceptable.

Rest assured that the efforts of passing of Armenian Genocide resolutions within various parliaments as well as teaching it to impressionable teenagers is viewed as part of a much bigger picture within Turkey. A picture where powers that be, including Canada, are pulling their strings to manipulate different peoples to shape the world according to their needs and desires, via appealing to racist and hostile elements within their society to purposefully alienate and disenfranchise minorities of non-Christian and non-European descent.

Mr. MacKay, your response to our former letter is duly appreciated and respected. Unfortunately, the way you wash your hands off this type of hatred in your society via appealing to the "provincial" nature of this specific problem remains morally unacceptable.