2371) The Real Face of the Armenians

The documents at the archives prove that the Armenians had use the USA against the Ottoman 100 years ago.

To Clinton and Obama…

The work entitled “The Armenian-American Relations at the Ottoman Documents” which is consisted of 190 documents and two volumes is a respond to Clinton and Obama, who have promised to recognize the so-called Armenian genocide for the Armenian votes.

The Great Pressure to the Congress

“The Armenians, who became the citizens of the United Statess without permission, used dual citizenship for rising against the Ottoman. The Armenians led the USA Congress to adopt resolutions against the Ottoman. And they organized meetings at New York.” . .

The Congress has Reached the Truth

The Armenian newspapers in USA were filled with fictional reports. The Armenian newspapers called for uprisings. When the delegation of the Congress saw the massacre of the Armenians in Van, they acknowledged the Ottoman decision on relocation to be right.”

The General Management of the State Archives has published “The Armenian-American Relations at the Ottoman Documents” where Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, who attempt to gain the votes of the Armenians at the elections in the USA, can learn about the effects on their country on the Armenian issue. Yusuf Sarınay, The General Manager of the State Archives stated the following at the preface of the book in question: “The General Management of the State Archives continues to publish series of books based on the archival documents, which are the primary source of the history, aimed at enlightening Turkish and World public opinion and display the single-voiced insistence that has been persisted for years. We wish this work of art, which is based on the documents from the Ottoman Archives Department of our General Management, would help enlightening the historical facts with the light of science.”

There are 97 documents in first volume of the books, which comprise the period during 1839-1895; and 93 documents in the second volume which comprise the period during 1896-1916. There are a total of 190 documents in both volumes.

Dual Citizenship Game

The documents in the books display the real face of the Armenians. The Armenians attempted to use their dual citizens, which they acquired during that period without the permission, against the Ottoman state for terror and attempted to lead the USA Congress for adopting resolutions against the Ottoman.

The President of the USA in 1893 had delivered speeches at the USA Congress, which acknowledges the rightfulness of the Ottoman. There are some interesting detections at the second volume of the book on the actions, massacres and uprisings of the Armenians, who had co-existed with the Turks for centuries without any problem, and the incitements of the American missionaries, the efforts of Armenian members of committees to collect money by threatening, and the relocation practice of the Mersin Consulate.

Striking Notes of a Missionary

Francis E.Clark the head of the missionary organization “The United Society of Christian Endeavour” summarized the reasons beneath the dispersion of the Ottoman Empire and Western country’s effort for using the Armenians and the Greeks for expelling the Turks from Anatolia, as following: “We have learned from the six hundred history that it is no use to waste our breath on changing the Turkish domination. There is no other way than giving an end to this domination. An itinerant, who comes from Palestine to Anatolia, meets a country, which has lots natural sources. A country, which has productive soil, and infinite precious mines… A country, which has vigorous rivers, and steep mountain views… If they expel Turks from this country, it can be opened to tourism. The secret treasures and the mines no one lays hands on the mines, people would keep on being wealthy. They do not give permission for opening these mines to the foreigners and let them carry loads of silver.”

Here are Some of the Documents

First Volume Document Number: 20; is about the attempts of the Armenians living in America to obtain autonomy like the Bulgarians by organizing meetings and publishing falsified news at the media.

First Volume Document Number: 33; is about the review of the American President at the opening of the Congress, on the Armenians for exploiting their US citizenship for revolutionary targets against the Ottoman Empire.

First Volume Document Number: 92; is about the demand for expelling American missionaries from the region, who incited Armenians during the turmoil in Mamuretülaziz (Elazığ).

Second Volume Document Number: 5; is about delivering a diplomatic note to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of America about the incitements and its results of the missionaries at the lands of the Ottoman country.

Second Volume Document Number: 8; is about American missionary George Knapp’s incitement of the Armenians in Bitlis.

Second Volume Document Number: 41; is about the American Consul General Dickinson’s feeling about the Armenians, who obtained US citizenship, were in fact, thinking of perpetrating a revolution.

Second Volume Document Number: 78; is about the letter, which was written by American Consul General in Mersin to the USA Embassy, on the attitude of the Ottoman Empire towards the Armenians, who were led to relocate.

Second Volume Document Number: 93; is about the cruelty of the Armenians against the Muslims in Iğdır and the scrutiny of the American victual delegation on the Armenian cruelty in Beyazid and the interviews with the victims.

Türkiye Daily Newspaper-31.01.2008