2378) Turks Forget... by Emre Kizilkaya

Another "peaceful" march in "democratic" Armenia..

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Now please step back and try to break free from the anti-Turkish propaganda machine...

Just realize that the way Turks (much more than any other Islamic nation) are being presented to you -the Western audience- as the Evil. It might indeed be the result of an ideological and ethnical hate.


Greeks tell you how Turks occupied Cyprus brutally...

Armenians seek your help for the recognition of the "genocide" that Turks had practiced against their forefathers...

So has it got to be true if it is said by a million people?

Or is it just a social extension of the historical hate against once-a-superpower nation, mixing with the current political interests?

If you leave your ideological specs away, finding the first hand sources instead of believing the pulp fiction, you would see that the second option might be the right one.

Basically, it is happening because Turks forget and you hear only the Armenian or Greek side of the story.

So you don't know how Armenian militiamen were systematically killing Turkish civilians during the WWI, while Ottoman government was desperately trying to move its Armenian population to another part of the falling empire in order to protect not only Turks, but also innocent Armenians...

You don't hear Turkish thesis in the international media frequently (it is even banned in Switzerland). All you hear is the Armenian fiction, which is just being told over and over again for sake of compensation and prestige... You're being bombarded about a fiction of 80 years old, but you probably haven't ever heard of i.e Hocali Massacre of 1992 that 613 Azerbaijan Turks had been killed by Armenians...

Because Turks forget. They don't know anything about lobbying.

Probably you didn't know how many Turkish Cypriots were killed just before Turkey's intervention in Cyprus... Nobody showed you the photos of Turks who were slaughtered by the Greek militia in their houses, their throats cut in their own bathtubs alongside their babies...

Because Turks forget. They don't know anything about propaganda.

And now we listen to the same old song in Germany...

Neo-Nazi groups try to burn Turks alive, more and more everyday, while German government is trying to cover-up everything.

I am sure that in some years, this fact will be forgotten and another imaginery tool will be invented to accuse Turks:

"They came from Turkey in 1970s." (But weren't they always around since the Habsburg-Ottoman clash?)

"They stole our jobs." (But weren't you saying that Turks were lazy and unemployed hobos who try to seize your social benefits?)

"They stole our women." (But weren't you telling about how ugly, how beastly, how hideous Turks are?

"And what about their disgusting cuisine..." (But aren't you the one who consume döner most?"

So it's legitimate, keep burning them.

Because Turks don't remember...

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