2399) To Find The Genocide of Truth: -There is No Monster in the Attic - Letter To The Editor by Sukru Server Aya

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Dear "Armenian Genocide Resource Center",

In reference to
Can Armenians & Turks Ever Reconcile & What Can Be Done To Achieve This?" Letter To Ara Baliozian
and the friendly letter of a reader to Ara Bey, I should like to make the following comments in reference to the question and the lengthy essay of Ara bey. Since I am not that knowledgeable to match Ara’s ironic and philosophic observations, I should like to make the following comments, as one of the very few readers of Turkish nationality, but not necessarily of any ideology as opposite to Armenianism. I will try to make only some comments on what really catches me, apart from almost everything that he always writes it courageously and wisely… These lines do not intend to butter or demonize any person, because of his past or present nationality or faith, which we all automatically inherit, beyond our personal preferences.

Firstly, I am ordering the very same book to Amazon… Ara Bey is one of the very few writers, for which I have an inexplicable appetite to “read and learn” what that wise (not smart) person wants to relay to his readers, which are heavily addressed to fellow Armenians. Other than several similarities, I prefer to by-pass certain observations! My silence may interpreted as an “approval” of what he is speaking about!

Secondly, I am putting in my CD player the Quadromania by Herbert von Karajan, (Tchaikovsky, Brahms, Mozart and Beethoven) to let myself to the tides of good music, which I always liked to listen to, when I am writing. Music makes more relaxed and tolerant, compared to few drinks that you do not know what way they will work!

Thirdly, to answer my good intended Armenian reader of Ara bey, let me very frankly rectify some erroneous prejudices that especially the diaspora Armenians are made to believe, to be the oxygen of their breaths. . .

* Turks in general terms have “No Reconciliation” problem. All Armenians living in Turkey (some 70.000 whilst there is not a single Turk or Moslem living in Armenia, which was 60% Moslem back in 1850s) have no problem, other than being irritated by Diaspora’s “Continuous Stirring the Manure” in Ara’s words!

What more, some 50.000 peasant Armenians who came as a tourist to Turkey with great fear simply to earn some living at very low wages to support their families in Armenia, are also much worried, since they live and work illegally and can be kicked out any moment! One of them had said to a newspaper correspondent last year “there is no bad or good nation; there are always good and bad persons”. It is that simple and true! The Armenian community outside Armenia, has the possibility of reading some free publications! If you had at least read some of the Free E-books, such as Pasdermadjian and good many others, you could have thought differently!

* Ara Bey, very wisely writes of the “Patriotic Pundits or Panchoonies” who dragged their people into disaster, and they always come out on top, with profits in their pockets and lots of excuses and promises for the destitudes!

As you can read HERE, our Governmental Party who had obtained 46.5% of the votes, is now competing with Kocharian, in abusing administrative power, and turn justice into a “fan’s pleasure”! So, Ara and I are speaking of the usual stinky characters, in the same or separate cesspits!

* I have many good friends that we could always trust each other of Armenian ethnicity, but I do observe that the few who immigrated to USA, soon fall within the grip of AGBU or ANCA and while the party flags adorns their walls, they turn 180 degrees in their relations with Turks. I personally have many examples, when very warm relations all of the sudden become ice cold, and “they do not like to be called upon or related to any person who happens to be a Turk”. In Ara’s words, we are all “Cannibals” and the Armenians are “Innocent Victims”! Suggest that you first read Pasdermadjian, then have a glance at the newspapers under “Innocent-Armenians” label of the same website. If we only are told of the murder of poor Hrant Dink, (by some idiot fanatic, making tens of thousands protest this murder on street), but forget altogether over 40 Turkish diplomat killings in more than 230 terror acts and the role of Murad Topalian as “Angel Gabriel” (
you can watch the video same place) then we are evaluating matters by different scales, length versus weight, etc.

* I have written a book in the past 3-4 years to find the “Truth” as [much as it can be found]. My book is titled “The Genocide of Truth”; it is some 700 pages with excerpts mostly from Armenian and anti-Turkish or neutral writers. I have avoided using “all Turkish sources or other historians easily labeled as DENIALISTS”.

Well, I do not know what will be the ticket I get from guys like Pamuk (who is n absolute ignorant and has sold out his status by speaking something he never read or studied about! He was TOLD to UTTER the magic words if he wanted the REWARD), or Akcam whose books are paid for by Zorian Institute or “his master’s voice Dadrian”

This terror convict and prison runway person (that I much doubt his language proficiency), all of the sudden turned out to be a “scholar” (kiss my hand) in history, when he had a little study in “Sociology”. Never mind what his branch was, is or will be; this guy may be heard loud like a rooster, but so far has not laid even ONE PROOF for his fantasies!

* The answer to your question Sir, is to “get rid of these modern humpabets” who continuously ask donations for this monument or this congressmen or victorious lobby, etc. etc… “The Reno Evening Gazette” (same web site) had written in 1915, that {these are professional beggars, they make up impossible stories and milk all benevolent persons; that these rascals live in luxury with victimization stories, when all others are deprived”. Cyrus Hamlin, who was the greatest father of Armenians, finally wrote in 1895, that these persons are killers and they are drifted by Russian gold only!} Now the Russian gold, has been substituted by “on-line donations” for the good cause. Unless these “patriotic charlatans, who suppress everyone and have full control of the media, clergy and management” are kicked out and replaced by “people of common sense”, there can never be any reconciliation, because these persons now controlling the diaspora and running all operations, and even the scandalous governmental institutions in the tiny Armenia, there can be no peace of mind! Can RECONCILIATION bring any profit to those ring or gang leaders? Suggest you also read the Doctorate thesis of Heather S. Gregg on the Internet and have an idea of the network of AGBU and ANCA! These flag runners who may not be even 5% of the community stand as if they are the “legally elected representatives of all Armenians of the World” since they make their voice heard. Ask yourself Sir, as a decent human:

a- Would you embrace your neighbor who calls and advertises you as a criminal, without any PROOF or verdict?

b- Would you welcome your neighbor who lays claims on your land property and requests indemnity for some past regrettable crimes, where his grand parents were the major perpetrators? Can crime and punishment be hereditary? How far back and on what grounds?

c- The Armenian general public is made to believe in this fictitious version of a regrettable drama. Yes Sir, read Pastermadjian and learn that Armenians were not slaughtered like sheep and how well they killed!

d- Now, for almost 140 years, some adventurers and Western powers have always used the Armenian joker card for free. Read Akaby Nassibian and learn how the British used and threw Armenians like waste paper. Sir, like most Armenians outside of Turkey, you are made to believe that there is TURKISH monster in the attic that ate your grand parents! Well Sir, unless you open the attic door yourself and see that there was never any monster inside, there is hardly anything that can be done as long as this nationwide psychology persists and ares made to believe that their grand parents were all innocent and they were victimized for which now “they possess a chance of becoming rich by pursuing a worldwide fight of grudge to be rewarded by indemnities,” and which are even tax-free and spending projects on paper are already made! I am afraid Sir, that Millions of people are made to believe that Santa Claus will bring them the Treasures of Ali Baba! Sir, in one of Ara’s books there is a story about a fly that raped the elephant!

Well, Turkey is a country of over 70 millions, Istanbul a city of over 12 million and the whole Armenian people in the world will not even fill a quarter of this city. Who is sour to whom, and who is to get anything other than another drama or frustration by continuously challenging and obstructing Turks. Did the present ring leaders tell how much Armenia lost by kicking herself out of the pipeline project and now by the railway connection? There are no feelings of animosity in Turkey against any race or religion. There never was… If you are taught to believe in the monster in the attic that waits to chew you up… what can we do, but wait until normal people speak up!

NOW, let me share some notes with my wise teacher Ara Baliozian (Ambassador of good will and honesty).

Controversies: Yes, they want never ending conflicts! We are both speaking the same!

* We don’t give a s - t about these empty bragging of denialism, anti-Armeniasm… Don’t we have the same blood and DNA’s? Let us speak FACTS with intelligence… I loved your example of cannibalism.

Comments: I wish I could hug you for everything that you well explained.

Choices: When we speak of good Christians who accept the misfortunes as punishment, there is not much difference with the Moslem teaching that “God wanted you to be so”… Can’t people use their intelligence and kick the back of these “paradise real estate agents”? Yes Ara, we’re all HUMAN, that’s what counts! Rest is b.s.!

Reflections: I consider myself fortunate for having read may be 30-40 times more than Akcam on the subject. Pamuk? He has not read a thing; he has been only whispered to! He is a total loss on this topic plus many!

Angels: After having read about the innocence of Angel Gabriel when punishing fellow Armenians, I hate them even more… Incidentally it is still being undecided if they are male or female! Well about Kocharian, and the tiger, he was put there by his masters and it is not easy to always please mafia masters or disobey!

Memo to K: Yes Ara bey, we are speaking the same language and thoughts!

Combination: Kleptocrats you are very right… But we have even more capable ones now in Turkey, they sell everything, all state belongings and the future of our grandsons… Most of them manage to run away very rich!

God Save Armenians: I agree with your statement of DNA and which has several good examples of the past history. The difference is that Armenians “need the existence of such an enemy” (so they are milked by saviors of this danger), whereas here we don’t give a damn about the fly that buzzes all the time!

Popularity: Speaking of politicians and problems… I am afraid all manure stinks, some more or in shorter time!

Hooliganism: They make much more sound than the intelligent good people they live on! As regards the “GENOCIDE INDUSTRY”, sooner or later you will have to admit that the “attic was always empty NO MONSTER

Religionism: Oh Ara bey, you will find so many examples in my book… Personally, I don’t care what every persons like to do or believe in his/her own bedroom! But when he takes his “idiocy” thinking it is “ideology” and tries to “save others” by doing so (when in reality he is saving his own budget and status), you find good examples in every religion TO KILL IN THE NAME OF GOD! Did you ever hear atheists fight on beliefs?

Karajan: I bet the Armenian who wrote you will be surprised to see that a Turk listens to Karajan! Did you ever hear an Armenian who said “but I am a Turk” when so many Turks were killed in terror acts? Convert to WHAT?

Familiar Misconception: Do you have any antidote for the idiocy of “Leaders”? If I had, I could give you some!

Aghber: Regarding the races on patriotism, this very much reminds me of an anecdote where a jack ass started to run next to horses in a horse race, “thinking that they were competing for the length of their cocks”! The jack ass certainly would win against horses but only on that!

Regarding you in person Ara bey, I don’t give a damn, if you are Armenian or Peruvian or Hindu or Tibetan, if you have any faith in any “stale tales”, this would form no credit in my impression about you. Trying to “remain honest” amidst so many crooks and hypocrites, takes all other ambitions in our life. But how relaxing is not to lick but kick asses! However, I would be more considerate than Raffi, there are good, decent and compassionate decent persons, even amongst merchants and clergymen. If this friction was to be left to the arbitration of Turkish and Armenian merchants, it could have ended long time ago, sharing profits instead of empty words of bragging.

Dupes: You are right, but we are only “very slightly better”…

Road to hell: Yes Sir, you are right… Now I wonder what my “label will be and where to”?

Problem Exposed: Yes Ara bey, you hit the bull’s eye…and truth seekers and speakers are not LIKED!

Bitching: I take your posting at home, to have time to read… Never mind the others keep on writing for the minority who at least “try to understand what you try to tell them”… When “brains were preserved in jars” and reincarnated bodies were told to pick up the brains they liked, every one picked up their old brain! Even Einstein’s brain was not picked!

Open Letter to Yerevan: Fine, well said but I read a few unpleasant examples of Armenians going to Glendale and speaking differently than the usual clan! Even in USA they were not liked. Remember, the Turkish Armenian Patriarch who was invited to USA, was prevented from delivering his speech at the University by ANCA, but at the very same time Patriarch Karekin from Etcmiadzin, did not only made the “advance and sanctifying prayers” in the Capitol Hill prior to HS 106, but after the committee decision he came back to thank! Hurray! His prayers really worked it out! But the Patriarch from Turkey, Mesrob II, was not even permitted to speak in a different place! And you call this FREE SPEECH and FREE country USA? Huh!… kiss…

Getting Wisdom: Ara Bey, you forgot the most important ones! How about being normalized – naturalized?

Homeland: If I were “the people’s Armenian government” holding power, “I would have donated free land to build villas” to patriotic diaspora panchoonies and tell them, “come, build your house for free in the HOMELAND and live with your own countrymen, whom you volunteer to defend but only from outside? I agree with every word of Ara bey!

And a last word to the reader of Ara Bey: First, “don’t be afraid” of what you can read in this web site under various labels! If you are scared that your opinion may change after reading, then do not complain to any one and keep on staying happy in your fantasy-world. If you have picked up enough information from the E-library and some 2500 postings and have the guts for MORE LIGHT, place an order for my book which is not on sale, contacting me via I have a blank trust in an Armenian I have never met, because we have the same sentiment of trusting each other’s word and credit! What about the “Patriotic Politicians”? Would they trust at all? Any one but their very own selves?

Remember, “There is no monster in the Attic”!

Kind regards to all of you,

Thanks to "Armenian Genocide Resource Center" and Ara bey for his openness.

Sukru S. Aya