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 © This content Mirrored From TurkishArmenians  Site armenians-1915.blogspot.com Armenians are once again organizing massive events to force Western governments into ‘recognizing the Armenian Genocide.’ In actuality this means, of course, ignoring the fact that Armenians killed hundreds of thousands of innocent Muslim Turks because they wanted to create a state of their own (a Christian state), that they rebelled for years, and supported the Russians in their attack against the Ottoman Empire, and that 1,5 million Armenians could not have died (this is the most popular number nowadays) since population counts indicate that this means that approximately one million of them died, only to stand up again like Jesus . . Christ Himself.

But, they want the West to call what happened to the Armenians genocide nonetheless, because the West may then pressure the Turkish government into giving up lands and money.

So, what do they do? Right, they organize grand events, hang up posters, and so on. Here is one of the posters, below it my commentary:
 © This content Mirrored From TurkishArmenians  Site armenians-1915.blogspot.com
Personally I consider this one to be funny. Why? Because it’s so dishonest, that ‘funny’ is the only way to deal with it. It says: “Over 8,400,000 liters of Armenian blood were wasted during the worst crime against humanity [holocaust anyone?]. The Armenian Genocide was committed [says who? no agreement about this except for under Armenians] by the mass murdering artists: the Ottoman Empire (known as Turkey today) back in 1915, April 24th [pardon me? this is just about racist and bigoted and the Ottoman Empire isn’t known as Turkey today; the Ottoman Empire was quite a bit, you know, larger. O, and are they saying that it only happened on one day? On one day, Turks committed genocide? Even the Nazis weren’t able to do that]. Over 1.5 million [stop pumping up the numbers - there were only 2 million Armenians living back then, which makes it rather strange that 1.5 million Armenians later moved to the newly founded country called Armenia] innocent Armenian children, women and helpless old people were massacred… [what, only those people? If you commit genocide, wouldn’t you, you know, kill the ones who can actually fight against you and therefore pose a danger? Man were let off the hook or something?]

And so it goes. They keep up their fight, and those who know better keep up their fight.

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April 16, 2008
Do you know that sometimes Armenians use photos of Ottoman Muslims massacred by Armenian revolutionaries that were helping the Russian army invade the Ottoman Empire to promote their genocide claims?

April 16, 2008
We wont give them a dime or a portion of Ararat. Say good-bye to those dreams. They’ll succeed to have the remaining countries recognize their story. We should not be angered by this as that kind of battle has been lost anyways considering the number of countries that have already recognized it. We’ll keep our stand and deny any of their claims whatsoever. On the other hand, we should not help their voice to be heard more by trying Elif Shafak or Orhan Pamuk. Dont try anyone for insulting Turkishness, backing so called Armenian genocide. Trying them is as absurd as the outrageously angered reactions to cartoons insulting Prophet Mohammed. When you show your vulnerability this way, it’ll be so easy for anyone to do it so and believe me there is many more who would gladly insult Turkishness. Instead, ignore them as they are surely not worth of even to talk about.

P. Connolly
April 16, 2008
Yes thanks Michael for calling this campaign what it is. The poster’s argument that "the Ottoman Empire [is] known as Turkey today" is not only inaccurate and misleading, it is clear evidence of Armenian Ethnic Hatred. The fact of the matter is that the Reforms instituted under Mustafa Kemal that created what we know today as Turkey constituted a decisive repudiation of the past in Turkish Culture. He referred to the Ottomans as "usurpers", swept away unrelentingly the very underpinnings of the Ottoman system, directed a new path of "peace at home and peace in the world", and established a system clearly calculated to keep the Turkish people on a progressive and socially integrative track. What the Armenian Propagandists are doing with this ruse is searching for an excuse to vent their ethnic hatreds on present-day Turks.

April 16, 2008
It should be noted the genoposts.com website appears to originate from Kuwait, so your ridiculous nit-picking over semantics (ex. playing dumb that Armenians actually claim with this poster that 1.5 million Armenians were killed on April 24, 1915 and therefore the Ottomans were many times more methodical and evil than Nazis) should keep in mind that this work is not representative of people with a complete command of the English language (and the poster shows it). One poster is not representative of all Armenian claims, especially not of Armenians in America with more proficient English, and cannot be used in a post like this to represent an entire side of the debate, of which you set up like a straw man only to make it look like you just easily knocked down, and by extension everything related to 1915.Also Turkey is the successor state to the Ottoman Empire, I don’t think anyone disputes that and there’s nothing "racist" about saying that. Just because the Ottoman Empire had a larger territory doesn’t mean Turkey is not it’s succesor state. Is the US a different country than it was at the turn of the century because it used to be bigger, owning the The Philippines? Or a different country than the US of 100 years ago because it didn’t have Alaska and Hawaii, or different than the US of the 1860s which didn’t have the entire south? Is Britain a different country without its empire? We don’t even know who made this poster, how about taking on real Armenian spokespeople and historians instead of anonymous poster makers. This is the same tactic as is demonstrated by TallArmenianTale who attacks all Armenians as claiming Ataturk killed babies because an Armenian college student blatantly doctored a picture to put him into a picture with a dead Armenian child. No one ever tried to pass this off as proof of the genocide, and yet Turkish papers made it a front page story with the original picture in a side-by-side demonstrating this college student’s project as a something the diaspora created to prove the genocide when it had nothing to do with the diaspora at large.

It looks pretty bad that you’re just trolling around sites made by random Armenians just looking for poor-English posters to attack.

A. A. B.
April 16, 2008
There’s one thing I don’t understand: Why don’t Turks just ask for a "Turkish genocide" to be recognized for that same period?

P. Connolly
April 16, 2008
The Armenian Propagandists are using this term "successor state" in a racist way. Technically, in political science, the term "successor state" is used in reference to any government/state which rules over the same culture or geographic region that was ruled by a former regime. But Armenian Propagandists are clearly using the term in such a way as to imply that the present-day Turkish government should be held responsible for misdeeds committed by a former regime. That’s racist because the people who committed the misdeeds in question are quite dead but the rancor, bitterness, and hatred which was kindled in the breasts of Armenians has obviously been kept quite alive all this time and it is searching for a living object upon which to vent.
The misdeeds I’m referring to are not "genocide" but an unreasonably harsh reaction to the serious problems created by the Nationalist and revolutionary activities of some Armenians.
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by Michael van der Galien April 16, 2008 poligazette