2456) Hate Propaganda Against Turks in Canada

Turkish community of Canada condemns the latest incident of hate-mongering in schools

Carleton University in Ottawa has become the latest scene of anti-Turkish hate campaign. Posters were placed in various locations in this major university, in order to distort Turkish history and spread hatred against Turkish Canadians. On April 7, 2008 offensive posters were observed on display in the tunnels under the library and in the Unicentre (Atrium) building of the Carleton University. These posters, in an attempt to defame people of Turkish origin and the entire Turkish nation, use the Turkish flag - the flag of modern Turkey, the "Republic of Turkey" - along with false and severe accusations. The posters, which call Turkey and people of Turkish descent unspeakable names, have upset our children who, nonetheless, have maintained their serenity.

 © This content Mirrored From armenians-1915.blogspot.comStudents and citizens of Turkish origin are shocked at this recent and extreme incident of ongoing hate campaign. On behalf of the Turkish community of Canada, the Council of Turkish Canadians condemns this latest display of hate mongering against the Canadians of Turkish origin, a peaceful and loyal ethnic group which wants to take its equal place within Canadian multicultural mosaic.

For years, Armenian diaspora has intensified their worldwide campaign of terror and misinformation against Turkish communities:

- Armenian terrorists have murdered and maimed innocent Turkish diplomats and Canadian citizens. Some of the perpetrators are still at large.

- Armenian lobby has infiltrated Canadian politics and institutions. They have brought their political agendas to school boards. Most recently, Turkish Canadians have objected to a Toronto District School Board course which intends to teach a distorted and inaccurate version of history using only sources favourable to the Armenian claims. One of the course's sources offers $500 cash to teachers who teach the Armenian "genocide."

- Using false documents, Armenians have deliberately misguided Canadian politicians to believe that the United Nations had recognized their genocide claims. The truth is that the United Nations have never recognized the events of 1915 as "genocide." ("[The] United Nations has not approved or endorsed a report labeling the Armenian experience as Genocide." Farhan Haq, U.N. spokesman, October 5th, 2000.)

- Armenian students have bullied Turkish students in schoolyards starting as early as kindergartens. Authors have proudly chronicled, in Canadian press, their hatred for all people of Turkish origin. ('At my Armenian school in Montreal, the worst insult you could hurl at another kid wasn't a four-letter word, it was "Turk lover."' Line Abrahamian, Reader's Digest, Canada, October 2006 issue.)

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And now, at Carleton University of Ottawa, there are posters on billboards that show severed heads under the title "Turkish Trophies" and posters that call Turks "mass murdering artists." According to one poster, while other nations have sought glory by exploration, research, education, scientific invention, trade and politics, Turkish nation has chosen "slaughter." These malicious attacks and false accusations are very alarming.

Turkish Canadians have repeatedly voiced their concerns about Canadian official bodies' and top politicians' efforts of appeasing Armenian nationalists. A few years ago, Canadian parliament has passed a private member's bill to lend credit to Armenian claims of a genocide. At the time, Turkish community of Canada was assured that this was only to recognize the suffering of the Armenian people, the "genocide" label did not carry any weight and the resolution would not have any negative consequences for the Canadians of Turkish descent. The idea that was presented to us was one of "What is the harm of recognizing a community's past suffering?" As it turns out there is plenty of harm in recognizing selective sufferings, especially when it is done at the risk of truth and at the risk of well-being of other communities.

Today, hate propaganda escalates as a result of these "harmless" recognitions. Attempts at appeasing Armenian lobby groups who have political agendas elsewhere in the world, only intensify anti-Turkish hate propaganda. The reluctance to address the anti-Turkish sentiments spreading widely among the Armenian children and youth puts Canadian multiculturalism and ethnic harmony at risk. At present, Canada is raising a new generation of Armenian Canadians who are taught to hate Turkish Canadians and all Turks around the world.

We hope and expect that all responsible bodies and institutions in Canada will condemn these hate campaigns and reaffirm their commitment to equality, fairness and truth. We are asking our politicians, press and news media, and in particular our school boards and university administrations to pay attention to our concerns and to do their utmost to ensure the safety of all students and citizens, at all times.

We also wish to warn our community members that, as it has been the case every year in April, more hate-inciting messages are expected to appear in public places. We are asking all Turkish Canadians to exercise caution, to inform us of all incidents of hate, racism or bullying, and to remain calm and collected in the face of such attacks. The purpose of these campaigns is provocation. Canadians of Turkish origin must not give in to these aggressions. In order to make official complaints about these un-Canadian hate propaganda incidents, we are certain that the members of our community will utilize their rights as citizens and apply to the proper venues available to them.

The Council of Turkish Canadians
April 2008

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2456) Hate Propaganda Against Turks in Canada