2470) Armenian Allegations by Talya Najari

President Bush has once again made his April 24 speech to commemorate the Armenian tragedies by leaving out the one word the Armenian-Americans so much desire to hear...genocide, in order not to upset Turkey. Yet, he has not once ever . . mentioned the massacres of Turks and Muslims and Turkish-Jews in the hands of Armenian Revolutionaries, and never once spoke of any of the assassinations of Turkish Ambassadors committed by Armenian terrorist groups nor has endorsed the proposal made by Turkey to Armenia to open their Ottoman archives for a historical review of the past. And each year Turks stand back and watch,and listen silently, as Politicians accuse and condemn and degrade Turks on events that have been exploited politically through an aggressive genocide campaign which is well financed by the Diaspora and one that fills the pockets of many Armenian genocide supporters and so-called scholars. Barack Obama has once again stated that he recognizes the genocide and will pressure Turkey to admit and accept which means basically to, 'just shut up and apologize', if he should become the next U.S. President. Never mind that Turkey has been an U.S ally for the past 50 years, never mind that Turkey has been supplying their Military airbase to American troops, and helping Iraq and Afghanistan in rebuilding their war-torn countries, and never mind that Turkey is a major player in the Israel-Syria peace making process. As it stands,if the next President is a Democrat, the U.S. will no longer need Turkey's services and therefore, the guilty verdict will be given to Turkey,without the determination by International Courts, by bringing the S.Res106, which by the way goes directly against UN policy on genocide,... to a full Senate vote in courtesy of Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi.That is the agenda on Turkey-U.S. relations in the near future.And I am sure Britain and Israel will soon follow.

There are thousands of documents in Britain and France and U.S. and Russia as well as the A.R.F in Mass. where there is clear evidence of the Anatolian Armenians plans to start an internal war against the Turks while the Ottomans were getting ready for war to fight the enemy at several different fronts.And this is also documented in the book of Hovhannes Khatrchaznouni, the first Armenian Prime Minister in its plea to his Dashnak party to 'end their existence'. The book 'Dashnaks have nothing left to do anymore' is a strong indication that what the Ottomans did, they did out of self-defense which resulted in the relocation of some of the Armenians. If Armenians do not believe anything that Turks say , and if they believe that all Historians that present the Turkish side are secret agents of the Turkish Government, then what do you call an Armenian Prime Minister who wrote this book back in 1923!

Do we truly believe that all these Politicians and Governments that have supported the Armenians claims, have based their opinions on any Ottoman history books or even have investigated the archives of Turkey and Armenia before passing judgment on Turkey? Or have they just watched some anti-Turkish documentaries and listened to horrible 'grandparents' stories. Because if that's the case,Turks have loads of stories of their own tragedies for those Politicians ...but the Turks stories all fall on deaf ears while one more state or one more country passes a resolution against Turkish history. Perhaps because Turks' voices are few and Armenian population is almost 2 million!

Not surprisingly, hostility and racism against Turkish-Americans have escalated in recent times ,due to the resolutions and the school curriculum teaching false Ottoman history .There are anti-Turkish hate graffiti in school yards and hateful,threatening comments on YT against Turks by Armenians and now by Greeks also.All this and then some, with the Turkish Government just watching our history being re-written with no other effort to fight the allegations, except for when the genocide Resolution is brought forth in the House and Senate each year. It is up to Turkish-Americans across the United States, if not globally to protest these hateful campaigns by Armenians,and by American Politicians,against our race,history and culture. Enough is enough and it is time that we demand recognition of the Muslim victims ,demand attention and recognition for the Khojali massacres in Azerbaijan, demand recognition of the assassination of Turkish consulate members .We should and must demand our voices to be heard ,in the media ,in Universities and in Congress!! This isn't over by a long shot

Talya Najari
Turkish-American descendant of Erzincan massacres