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06 June 2008

2489) "Turkish Society Must Recognize The Genocide" Ali Kazancigil"

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Political Franco-Turkish, Ali Kazancigil is secretary general of the International Social Science Council, a non-governmental scientific organization responsible for promoting international cooperation in social science research. He is the author of The Turkey at the turn of the century, published in 2004, published by L'Harmattan

"There has been a long journey until I accept myself to the idea that Turkey and Turkish public opinion, Turkish society must recognize the genocide. . . .
That is reach out to Armenians, recognize their pain, their memories injured, and pay Justice. That is the only condition for there to be reconciliation between the two nations."
Ali Kazancıgil
Political Analyst

Editor's Note:
Above Text is an automated translation from French and may have some errors.
Video Clip of the interview in English from France24 TV could be watched here