2518) Cypriot's "Symbol of Gratitude" Towards Armenians

Southern Cypriot Administration (GCA) was present at an opening ceremony of an “Armenian Genocide Monument” in Larnaka with the attendance of their president…

The Southern Cypriot Administration President has described the monument in question as a “symbol of gratitude” of their government towards the Armenians, who have been expelled from their country by pulling them away their roots.

Following the dispersion of the USSR one of the leading countries, which has recognized Armenia’s independence declaration in 1991 was, Southern Cyrus.

Southern Cypriot Parliament is again took the second place among the 18 countries, which recognized the extremist Armenian’s fake claims during the interpretation of the 1915 incidents.
It should be better to refresh our memories.

On 24 December 1964, Accusing Turkey and the Cypriot Turks on Cyrus at the United Nations Security Council, as a result of the cooperation with the Armenians Cypriot Foreign Minister Kipriyanu stated that the 5oth anniversary of the baseless Armenian massacre would also be commemorated.

It was the Greeks, who contributed both physically and morally to ASALA and claimed the similar terrorist organizations even at their foundation phase.

The Cyprus Greek Democratic Party in power stated in a announcement delivered in 1977 that Cyprus Hellenism will support Armenian struggle unlimitedly.” And it was Kipriyanu, who was the head of the administration and who was rewarded with a “sign of Cilicia Cross because of his service for the Armenian cause” by Armenian Patriarch Kohen. (1)

Cyprus Greek side was one of the countries, which were settled by 950 ASALA militants, including high level officials, who left Beirut and Sidon in June 1982. (2)
If the memories are refreshed objectively, the instances are countless!
Can the incidents that occurred be evaluated as a reflection of the endless attempts of Greek-Armenian cooperation in the West Anatolia and Cyprus during the World War I and National Struggle years?
Can’t it be assessed as a crime partnership, mutual hatred and mutual hostility of the past?

“The Greeks, who massacred Cypriot Turks in 1912 and killed over 1000 Turks until the year 1974, when the Cyprus Peace Movement had occurred, are continuing to the crime partnership with the Armenians, who have become professionals on massacres and massacring.” Doesn’t this comment points out a “forgotten” massacre?

At this point, isn’t it clear enough why Cypriots feel gratitude towards Armenians?

An interest towards the ones who are one of them… Coming together at lies, interests, treachery and anger…

Isn’t the need for presenting a cliché question, which concerns historians to be in the lead, the science circles, by erecting “monuments” which increases numerically and “symbolically” every year, an obsession or a mental and memory disorder?

Briefly, this hysterical race for erecting hatred monuments can only become visible at the lands, where hatred is born and produced. At this point, it is sad that only hatred and hostility that are encouraged among the societies; not peace, which is the most significant visible fact!

1.See Gündüz, 21 September 1998 for the news on ”ASALA Exhibition in Yerevan”
2.Çitlioglu, ASALA, Reserve Subcontractor, page 17, Kaytzer, London, August 1980



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