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The Armenian people were the victims of genocide in their homeland under the guise of World War I, planned and executed by the Ottoman Turkish state. .
This ethnic extermination was part of a larger plan to create an exclusively Turkish state out of the ruins of the crumbling Ottoman Turkish Empire It was predicated on the elimination or forced assimilation of Anatolia's non-Turkish minorities, including Armenians. Greeks. Assyrians, and Yezidis.

Turkish forces and their surrogates exterminated nearly two-thirds of the native Armenians of Anatolia, plundered their property, destroying every vestige of their material and spiritual culture, and further, endeavored to eliminate them from the Caucasus and Persia. The intent of the Turks was to remove the capability of Armenians to exist as a nation on their ancestral lands.

Today's Armenia is not the culmination of a natural cultural process, but rather a geopolitical repository for the survivors of that genocide. This ex-Soviet Republic is a state subject to Great Power political manipulation and survives at the vagaries of its neighbors It is a landlocked state, not self-sustaining, lacks sovereign access to Black Sea ports, and currently over seventy five percent of whose borders are under blockade.

Reparations from the Turkish state to the Armenian people for the crime of genocide must include a land transfer for Armenia to exist as a self-sustaining state. Sovereign access to the Black Sea is the requisite element for its survival The accompanying regional map delineates the extent of this compensatory land transfer.

Land Reparations (Click Above map To Enlarge)
This indemnifies land area enables the development of a sufficient transportation infrastructure between Armenia and the Black Sea. This is a requirement for the long term survival of what remains of Armenia

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do a majority of Armenians agree with the land reparations outlined?

Many Armenians demand much more, including restoration of the borders of the 1920 Treaty of Sevres, and hundreds of billions of dollars worth of cash reparations. Some Armenians only demand the symbolic inclusion of Ml. Ararat while others only demand an apology from Turkey for crimes against humanity. None of these demands include a cogent argument centering on the requirements for the long term survival of what remains of Armenia. This web site is specifically concerned with introducing land reparations only.

2. What is the geographic rationale for the land reparation boundaries as shown on the map?

The indemnified land area enables the development of a sufficient transportation infrastructure between Armenia and the Black Sea

3. Why isn't Nakhichevan included in the land indemnification?

Nakhichevan is not under Turkish sovereignty and not a requisite part of a land transfer predicated on providing access to the Black Sea.

4. What will happen to the inhabitants on the indemnified land?

The indemnified land area is inhabited by about one and a half million people, many of whom are not ethnic Turks, and some are Armenian speaking. These inhabitants will be offered full Armenian citizenship. Any inhabitant wishing to relocate to Turkey will be fully compensated by the Turkish state. Inhabitants will not be required to change their way of life, nor to relinquish private property as per Armenian and international conventions

5. How will the loss of Georgia's frontier with Turkey be addressed?

This is a complex regional issue requiring negotiation between Armenia and Georgia

6. What will be the relations between a self-reliant Armenia and Turkey?

Relations will be vibrant and mutually beneficial. The conditions under which Turkey provides reparations will have to evolve from the untenable present Turkish policy of denial.



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