2603) Pseudo-'Assyrians' And 'Kurdish' Terrorists: Liars Fostering Chaos And Genocide

© This content Mirrored From  http://armenians-1915.blogspot.com In three previous articles, we revealed several recent aspects of the Anglo-French colonial involvement (by means of gullible local proxies) in parts of the Asiatic Middle East inhabited by the Armenian Nation, which after three (3) millennia of existence became the target of Western European colonial policies. .

* The Ongoing Armenian Genocide, Fabricated Pseudo-Assyrian Nation, and Kurdish Terrorists
* Looming End of Oriental Christianity: Unholy Alliance of ´Kurdish´ Terrorists with Pseudo-Assyrians
* Anti-Christian Unholy Alliance: the Forged "Assyrian" Pseudo-Nation and the PKK Terrorists´.

Under the auspices of the Apostate Freemasonic Lodge which controls the colonial establishments of France and England, a ´holy alliance´ has been forged between the terrorist "Kurdish" organization PKK (practically speaking a construction of the French secret services) and the ´Assyrianist´ organizations of the Armenians. This further endangers the survival of the Armenian Nation, either the nationally integral and conscious Armenians or the disoriented and bamboozled ´Assyrianists´.

In this article, we will continue the re-publication of the insightful research which was first published in the Armenian website . More particularly, we republish translated (by the Aram Nahrin team - from Turkish) excerpts from the Kurdish newspaper Berxwedan that relate to discussions (lit. proceedings of a meeting held on 22.4.1993) between the "chairman" APO of the terrorist organization PKK and the board of Assyrian Democratic Organization. The brusque falsification of the Ancient and Christian History of Mesopotamia became apparently the foundation on which the two terrorist organizations intended to base their effort for another Hell in the multi-divided region. We will complete the present series in a forthcoming article.

Translation of Berxwedan

After we provided you with general background information which we felt was important, we present below to you the complete translation of the PKK newspaper Berxwedan of 15 June 1993.

The newspaper Berxwedan was published in Turkey. The language used is not the standard Turkish as spoken in Ankara and Istanbul. The grammar is bad. In spite of the good knowledge of the members of the translation team, yet it was sometimes quite a challenge to translate some parts.

Therefore we are infinitely grateful to the team of translators who scarified their time and energy to translate as good as possible the newspaper. The left column is the original Turkish text and right column is the translated text in English. We also have made a high resolution A3-scan of the original newspaper, so that the reader may download to read it or to compare with the typed text of the left column.

Kurdish Newspaper Berxwedan of 15 June 1993, Page 16
(Please click on the scan below to download the high-resolution scan of page 16 or to read it online)

Page 16, Column 1
We report on the meeting took place on 22.4.1993 between Chairman APO and the board of Assyrian Democratic Organization. (Note: APO is nickname for Abdullah Ocalan).

Chairman APO: You are one of oldest peoples of Kurdistan. The cooperation between the Kurds and the Assyrians is again oldest one in the history. This was also a little bit with Armenians. However the cooperation between the Kurds and the Assyrians was more intense. Until today one gets confused: why did these people became strangers to one another, drifted apart. Undoubtedly, the faith is one of the reasons.

However one of the most important reason little bit also the dominating era of the Turkish - Ottoman Empire of Sultanate and/or the era of republic. They crushed the peoples and set them against each other as well. Some of these peoples were moved from the place where the lived. Perhaps the Kurds did not die, yet they became in a situation which is worse than the death.

With the Assyrians it seems obviously that it was polished off a bit in quite. Of course, they considerable set the Kurdish leaders, Sheiks against them. The treacherous rulers who ruled the Kurds and Kurdistan have brought you and Armenians in this thorny situation.

In that time we had this kind of traitors and today they are still who caused us severe damage. With this (people) we are completely in combat. The last war in southeastern (of Turkey) is a continuation of that. That is to say, this is little bit connected with the fact that these issues in the past have been neglected. When a nation does not enjoy freedom, its neighbors will also have no freedom.

It seems to be like this, that the extent of subjection of that nation, being neglected by the world, this also became the fate of its neighbors. That is to say, the bad situation of the Kurdish people, explains to my opinion also clearly the bad situation of the neighboring peoples.

Again, the situation you now find yourself in, explains our bad situation. The solution is this: the peoples will only have freedom; in particular the nations living among each others, if they themselves fight for their rights, otherwise the world will also not recognize them. I believe that the struggle of PKK is not the struggle of the Kurds only. The intention was little bit the liberation of all Kurds. As I just said before, the increase of the strength of our struggle was meant that the existed cultures and their owners should have had liberated.

Page 16, Column 2
You have a very important place in the history. Your case is very intense interrelated with the Kurdish reality of the past. To my opinion, the Armenians made a mistake in the history by relaying on closed nationalism. The Ottoman Empire misused this very badly by inciting the Hamadiye armies against them and they lost.

(Note of the translators: Hamidiye was a Turkish army unit consisted out of only the Kurds, established by Sultan Abdul Hamid, hence the name "Hamidye". )

A wrong strategy. This (partly) also by moving a bit in the direction of Europe. However as for Europe, their interests are above everything. If necessary, they also will sacrifice nations. However, if the Armenians paid attention to unity with the Kurds, would have worked together for common liberation, for sure their situation would not have been like that.

The struggle of Assyrians (Syrians) resembles a bit to that. They moved in the Western (sphere of) influence, did not paid attention to extra cooperation with the Kurdish nation, did not establish basics. To a certain extent, this short-sighted behavior has led to their decline. For now, the necessary things which we have to do are that (the bad experiences of the past) easily can be removed (forgotten) from the history. I feel sorry for your current situation that you became refugee. I see that you have even like the Armenians left your fatherland. What is left of them is that their culture and history is still remained there

As far as I know there are around 5.000-10.000 persons more or less left in the Eastern Kurdistan. An important part of those stayed behind run away after 12th of October. Lately we made a call to return back to their villages. In Hakkaria, where the villages were evacuated, we sent them immediately back. We revolted against the village-defenders, who had entered the villages around Midyat, (and) committed various killings.

(Note translators: village-defenders were Kurds paid by government to protect the villages against the PKK)

In reality there are but a very few of you left. You are living here (Syria), you of course understand your situation much better than I do. Those (Syrians) living in Syria, Lebanon lately have carried our more bit activities, I believe however they did not gain any step further.

Page 16, Column 3
The movement of rapprochement is also becoming visible. I wonder, what possible we can do together? It is important to think about this. From the beginning, I had experience. No matter how small the requirements might be, even how small the hope might de, we still should not be discouraged. Our movement is an example of this. For years I struggled alone, but at this moment the PKK achieved such a level that it is undefeatable.

We want you also to contribute to this / to become a part of it. This would give evidence of your reliability. We are ready for that and are eager to see that (from your side). We also want to help when you return back to your villages. We are ready to do everything possible we can.

Yes, I don´t know exactly, what is your real requirement, what is the status / structure of the organization (to be established), this issues I wish to here from you.

(Note translators: With this remark Mr. Ocalan is referring to the sister organization of the PKK, namely Gabo´D´Hiruto D´Bethnahrin (GHB), or Bethnahrin Freedom party, established by PKK/ADO after their return from Syria to Germany).

A.D.O: We wish to thank you for these nice words we heard. We expect that you inform us more about acute matters. We also wish a comprehensive explanation about matters connected to the PKK. We want now to tell you something about ourselves.

Our organization, the Assyrian Democratic Organization, is established in 1957. It was established in our homeland, Mesopotamia. The first goal and reason of the establishment of our organization was to make known the history of our people and to unify our people. The history of our people starts 4000 BC in Mesopotamia. Our people were living in four different centers in Mesopotamia. These were Akkad, Sumer, Babel and Assur.

Chairman APO: They all are one people?

ADO: Yes, they all are one people. They were Assyrians, according to our few, it is like this.

Page16, Column 4
Some historians say this: "The origin of Sumerians was not Mesopotamia, they came from somewhere else". We view this issue in different way. One of the oldest people are Sumerians, the first kingdom was established in the land of Sumeria. From the capital city Sumeria all the area of Beynilnehreyn (Mesopotamia) was ruled. The cities Akkad, Babel and Assur were excluded from this.

Our view on the history is as follows: The capital city Sumer was followed by Babel and after Babel finally the power came in the capital city Assur where it was continued. They followed each other. It does not means they were separated from each other. They shared the same culture and civilization.

The peoples of these different cities of Mesopotamia were the children of Assyrians. The kingdom of Assur lasted longer than its predecessors. The civilization of Assur included all these cultures in itself and represented them. Exercising the power over the kingdom from different capital cities is not important to us. We believe it is the same people.

The fall of Babel took place in 539 BC by the attack of Persians. Although after this, the people revolted from time to time, all this it failed, without victory. They continuously were defeated. From that moment on, until our days this people is considered as Assyrian people. It is known in the world and we also see like that.

When the Macedonian Alexander the Great came to the region in the year 333 BC, he knew this people as Assyrian people. (Because in Greek alphabet, there is no letter "~_" (= Sh), they were called A-syrians "Asyrians" and after a while this became "Asiryan" and than "Syrian").

(Note translators: This is known as the "missing- A" trick. By claiming that the letter "A" was lost in "Assyrian", it was shortened to "Syrian" and by this trick they claim all the "Syrians" are Assyrians.)

Chairman APO: Is it like that? Did the Greek say like that and meaning of this is "Assyrian"?

Page 16, Column 5
A.D.O: The word Syrian also originates form here.

Chairman APO: Like the word "Syrian" originates from here, also the word "Syria" originates from here.

A.D.O: In Syriac language we still call the Syrian people "Esoryoye"

(Note translators: In Turkish the pronunciation of "E" is comparable to the English "a" in ´back´.)

Until 1500 AD., we wrote as Esoryoye, after this it became "Soryoye", that is to say Syrian. The Arabs called as also "Asiryan". This people became culturally and linguistically known as Syrians. This change does not mean that it is a different people. The old name is ´Assyrians´ and later it became ´Syrians´,

Chairman APO: That is to say, change in words...

A.D.O: We know that after the coming of Jesus, our people almost completely together accepted the Christendom. Our church adapted the name Syrian Church. Those Syrians living Mesopotamia, in Northern and Southern Mesopotamia, all of them belonged to more or less the same church. The unity within our people attracted the attention of Rome, they started to doubt about them.

According to them, under this condition in the future, even if they stayed under the influence of the church, a situation would become into being for the Syrian that their power would increase. This could cause the separation of Syrians from the Roman Empire.

Chairman APO: That is to say, this would take place via the Church, right?

A.D.O: Yes, via the church.

Chairman APO: This means that this church is bit an opponent of Rome?

A.D.O: It is understood in that way. Via the Church one would have separated from Byzantines and started to unify.

Chairman APO: As I understand, in these difficult times the Syrian Church became very large. Before the Church of Rome was officially established, the Syrian Church already was established and was extending. Can we understand like that?

A.D.O: That is true. Firstly, what has caused us the most damage was anyway at the times that Byzantines and Romans officially accepted Christianity. This persecution was worsened under the cover of Christianity.

Chairman APO: I want to say something here; in that case actually the Syrian Church should in a way struggle against Rome for liberation. When they officially adapted the faith, they subsequently damaged it.

A.D.O: Anyhow, this was the biggest cause. The Assyrians didn´t feel the necessity of such liberation movement. Thereafter they started to divide the Christianity in denominations.

Chairman APO: They have divided.

A.D.O: Yes. The East - Syrians (Nestorians) and West - Syrians (Jacobites) were divided among themselves.

Page16, Column 6
Chairman APO.: Where is the centre of Nestorians currently?

ADO: In general the Nestorians lived in Upper- Mesopotamia. In the north of Kurdistan they were living in Hakkaria and surroundings.

Until now, our traitors not only have caused severe damage to their own nation, but also damaged the people who lived amongst us. This people should certainly in no way be connected with the Kurdish people.

The majority of Jacobites were living in Nusaybin, Mardin, Urfa and province of Diyarbekir.

Chairman APO: Were the Jacobits more cultivated?

ADO: The most important here is that the Byzantines have divided them in two parties and damaged their unity. The north of Nusaybin, the Upper - Mesopotamia, came under the dominion of Persians, the provinces situated in the Western Mesopotamia came under the dominion of Byzantines.

Chairman APO: Also the Kurds have similar situation, the same story.

ADO: The biggest division of the Syrian took place in 500 AD. After the advent and the extend of the Islam around 700, this again took place. To be liberated form the persecutions of Byzantines and Persians, the Syrians stretched the hand of peace to the Islamic Arabs. With their choice in favor of Arabic - Islamists, they thought their situation would improve. The lands belonged to our people like Bagdad, Babel, Ceylanpınar (Ser Kehniy, Resuleyin), Tur Abdin (Midyat surroundings) was opened to the Arabs without war and on the basis of peace. With the help of Arabs our people recovered a bit their breath. That is to say, this recovering of breath was delivered by Arabs to our people. Much more under the Muslim Arabs than under Persians and Byzantines the Christian Syrians enjoyed (peace and) quite.

Chairman APO: Does Islam know freedom?, interesting.

ADO: In the beginning it was like that, later it starts to change. The Arabs who in that time came to the region promised Syrians that they would harm them in no way. The Syrians paid more attention to the expansion of their culture and civilization. They worked on every field of science, to the astronomy. In those times there were even university and academy in Nusaybin (Kenneshrin), Ruha (Urfa) and Mardin (Deyr Ul Zahfaran monastery).

Chairman APO: There was academy in Nusabin. And in Ruha, university.

ADO: We say Kennishrin and Urhoy. Kennishrin means in Syriac "The Eagles´ nest".


Picture: Urhoy - Edessa Osrhoene - Urfa, a leading Armenian capital and centyer of Knowledge, Science, Art, Religion and Philosophy.

Abgar VIII first sided with the Romans, who proceeded in 195 to liberate their eastern ally Nisibis, but returned to Edessa when it turned out that Osrhoene had revolted.

The events are shown on the triumphal Arch of Septimius Severus at the Roman forum.

We can see how Edessa is attacked with siege engines (bottom) and Abgar surrenders (central scene).

In the upper register, we see how Septimius Severus announces the annexation of Osrhoene and Nisibis. Abgar was pardoned and continued to rule until 212, although a procurator was to supervise his acts. Osrhoenians served as archers and cataphracts in the Roman army.

by Dr. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis
American Chronicle
September 24, 2008 CA


Clio said...

« a ´holy alliance´ has been forged between the terrorist "Kurdish" organization PKK (practically speaking a construction of the French secret services)»

The PKK is a fabrication of the Soviet and Syrian services. It was a relay to the ASALA, which became too independent. The French services have have nothing to do with this case.

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