2608) Overall Participant Statistics For All Questions In Our Survey & Sample of Open-Ended Text Responses from Comments

25/7/2008-30/10/2008 . .

How Often Do You Visit Our Site?
  • Every day or More Often 17%
  • Several times a week 29%
  • About once a week 28%
  • Less than 4 times a month 18%
  • About once a month or less 8%

What Prompt You To Visit Our Site This Time?
  • Web Surfing 33%
  • Friends Recommendation 21%
  • RSS Feed 19%
  • Emailed Post Excerpt 12%
  • Post Excerpt at a Forum / News Group/Social network 15%

How Likely Are You To:
  • Return to this Web site? 95% Likely 4% Not Likely
  • Recommend this Web site? 93& Likely 6% Not Likely

What Features Do You Like Most ?
  • Exclusive Articles 19%
  • Armenian Media News 18%
  • Turkish Media News 14%
  • Other Media News 11%
  • Cultural/Travel Articles 8%
  • Book Reviews 13%
  • Videos 8%
  • Humor 9%

How Did You First Hear About This Site?
  • Search engine 34%
  • Another web site/Forum/Yahoo/Google Group Social Network 28%
  • Friends recommendation 22%
  • Dont know/dont remember 9%
  • Other 7%

In A Typical Week, How Many Hours Do You Spend Working On This Website?
  • 0 to 1 50%
  • 1 to 2 23%
  • 2 to 4 9%
  • 4 to 10 5%
  • More than 10 13%

What Features Do You Like Most ? / What Features Had Influenced Your Decision To Continue Using This Website?
  • The Truth,
  • Middle East History
  • Books
  • Articles And News From Different Media And Humour
  • Need For Balance In Reporting Of Gemocide Claim
  • To Lern More About How Modern Turkey Deals With Past Injustice
  • Interest In Finding The Truth And Seeing Armenians Veiws
  • News And All Features About The Armenians Prompt Me To Continue Getting Touch With The Site
  • Armenian/Turkish issues
  • Updated Often + Informative
  • History
  • Seeking More Info On Turkish Side Of Armenian "Genocide"
  • To Learn And Know More About Events Of 1915
  • The Way The Sight Is Laid Out
  • Elections In The Us Of America
  • Its Being Up To Date
  • I Use The Site Because It Is Balanced In Its Approach
  • It Is To The Point, Continuously Updated, And Provides Information Mainstream Media In The Us And In Turkey Almost Always Fail To Report.

What Is It About This Site That You Would Most Like To See Improved? / What Changes Or Additional Features Would You Suggest For This Website?
  • Dates Of The Articles Are A Bit Confusing On The Main Page. Not Sure Which Ones Are Latest. I Like The Archieves Banner.
  • Make It Easier To Access Articles. More Critical Analysys Of Books On The Subject- Proof Not Allegations
  • Accept That Anatolia Was Not Only The Homelad Of Turks
  • All Good
  • Almost All Items Selected Very Carefully But Probably It Does Not Have Many Readers Since The People Of Us Never Like To See The Reality.
  • Doing An Excellent Job
  • Better Layout.
  • It's Very As It Is.
  • The Design! Please!
  • What Reputable Historians Say Or Write
  • Accuracy Of History......Addressing How A Whole Race Was Exterminated, Both From The East And West. Was Russia Present In The West?? Facts Not Being Distorted
  • Graphics And General Design
  • Lessclutter
  • There Is So Much Information. A Simple Search Engine Is Probably Not Enough. Is There A Way To Assemble The Content In A Hierarchical Way, Like An Archive Or Catalog For Easier, Ad Hoc Access? I Know You Guys Are Few, And That Another Feature Would Be A Burden, But I Thought I Mention This.
  • Hate Campaign Against Every Thing Which Can Not Be Turkish
  • Pictures Muest Be Used
  • Better Layout.
  • None At This Time.
  • Need More Time To Be Able To Comment
  • No Excuses When American Eyewitness Explain What They Saw With Their Own Eyes As To What Was Happening To The Armenians All Over Anatolia During Late 1800's-1925
  • Email Updates

How Did You First Hear About This Site? & Further Feedback/Suggestions
  • After They Comment On My Articles In The New Anatolian
  • Turkey Can Not Change What Was Happened In Anatolia In 1915 ..Sites Likes This Can Make Just What Happened Look More Nasty Thanks Will Be Back
  • Thank You For Informing Us.
  • Keep Up The Good Work.. Too Many Americans Feel Empathy For The Armenian Cause, Because They Are "Christians"
  • Always Seek And Talk About Truth. Let Us All Find Out About The Truth About Folks In All Sides Have Suffered And Experienced, Not What The Politicians Think That They Know Better.
  • You Have Been Lied To By Your Government. My Family From Sivrhisar Lost Many Members During The Massacres My Grandmother.. Fuck You You Cock Suckers.. Taner Akcam, Because Of His Truth Telling, Is Considered A Criminal In Turkey. Turks Want To De Face Him And Call Him A Traitor.. I Personally Met Him And Can Tell You That He Is A Very Smart, Educated Individual. This Is Unlike Most In Turkey..
  • Not To Be On One Side
  • Tx For The Good Work. Really Appreciate It.

We'll Be Responding Some Of The Points Here In The Next Few Days


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