25 November 2008

2659) We Demand Justice

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Dear Friend,
If you agree with the content of the letter appearing below, please click on We Demand Justice to add your name. Thank you for your time and attention to this matter. . .

We Demand Justice

On November 17, 2008, Mr. Edik Baghdasaryan, a highly respected journalist, Chief Editor of the Armenian daily Hetq (Track) and the President of Investigative Journalists’ Association of Armenia, sustained severe head injuries after being attacked by three assailants as he was leaving his workplace; the attackers also stole Mr. Baghdasaryan's camera. This incident occurred following repeated “warnings” and "threats" received by the Hetq staff.

This assault on Mr. Baghdasaryan highlights a disturbing trend of physical and other violence on Journalists since the February 2008 presidential elections. On August 11, 2008, Ms. Lusineh Barseghian, the correspondent of the Armenian daily Haikakan Zhamanak (Armenian Times), was assaulted and also sustained head injuries outside her home. A week later, Mr. Hrach Melkumian, Acting Head of the Yerevan Office of the Armenian Service of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, was also attacked. None of the culprits has been brought to justice. The police is unperturbed at best and appear to be intent on harassing the journalists and their staff. The circumstances related to Mr. Gagik Hovakimian, Ms. Anna Zakharian, Mr. Gagik Shamshian, and Ms. Gohar Vezirian, are all examples of police intimidation, harassment, arbitrary arrest and unlawful detention. Violence against Armenian journalists and their staff seem to be a common-place occurence these days.

We strongly condemn these acts of violence and intimidation, and call upon the authorities to investigate these crimes and persecute the culprits. The international community has also taken note of the frequent violations of basic freedoms of the press. For example, the Paris-based organization, Reporters Without Borders (RWB), has dropped Armenia from 77th to 102nd position on a list of 173 countries ranked by their press freedom. The perception of foreign observers following the beating of Edik Baghdasaryan was succinctly captured in a letter addressed to Mr. Edward Nalbandian, the Foreign Minister of Armenia, by the OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media, Mr. Miklos Haraszti, who wrote: "Violence against journalists is not 'crime as usual', because it undermines a basic institution of democracy - the free press".

We, the undersigned, deplore any undertaking that hampers the growth of democracy. The world will be watching and expecting concrete and prompt action from the authorities in Armenia.

1 Ani Boghossian BA Toronto Canada
2 Antranig Bedrossian BA B. Comm. CMA Montreal Canada
3 Aram Adamyan MSc MBA ACCA Toronto Canada
4 Ardavast Avakian Florida USA
5 Arsine Attarian Activist Montreal Canada
6 Artin Boghossian PhD Toronto Canada
7 Avo Bedrossian MASc. P. Eng. Ottawa Canada
8 Berge Minassian MD FRCP(C) Toronto Canada
9 Davit Zargarian Professor Ottawa Canada
10 Dennis R. Papazian Professor California USA
11 Dikran Abrahamian BA MD Penetanguishene Canada
12 Edgar Manukian PhD Toronto Canada
13 Hagop Kouyoumjian MA Architect Beirut Lebanon
14 Hagop Sevakian Management Consultant Toronto Canada
15 Haig Baltadjian DDS MScD Montreal Canada
16 Haig Misakyan P. Eng. Toronto Canada
17 Hasmig Kurdian MEd Toronto Canada
18 Hratch Tourikian PHC KCSO Toronto Canada
19 Kate Tairyan MD MPH Vancouver Canada
20 Kevin McGill Activist Montreal Canada
21 Koko Yerevanian P. Eng. California USA
22 Nader Rastegar MBA London England
23 Ohannes Hagopian PhD Ridgewood NJ USA
24 Raffi Chitilian B. Eng. Montreal Canada
25 Rita Charchyan Toronto Canada
26 Ruth Cooper BSW (Hons.) RSW Waubaushene Canada
27 Shirley Fersch RPN Penetanguishene Canada
28 Unus Ali BA Midland Canada
29 Vigen Ghazarian CFA Toronto Canada
30 Viken L. Attarian P. Eng. MSc MBA Montreal Canada
31 Virginia Misakyan B. Comm. Toronto Canada
32 Ara Sanjian Dearborn USA
33 Donikian Denis writer Paris France
34 Bruce Tasker Mr/Blowing the World Bank Whistle Yerevan Armenia
35 Garen Karapetian PhD, BA England
36 Antranik Dakessian MA, MPhil Beirut Lebanon
37 Vicken Cheterian PhD Geneva Switzerland
38 Peter Adourian Toronto Canada
39 Zareh Sourouzian MA-Phil., MA-Pol.Sc., PhD-Cand. Yerevan Armenia
40 Lala Aslikyan Yerevan Armenia
41 Robert Cabi Akman Lausanne Switzerland
42 Alice Der Kevorkian Pianist Los Angeles USA
43 Ara Ter Haroutunian MA Toronto Canada
44 Hasmig Garabedian Assistant Director :BA Beirut Lebanon
45 Victoria Daghlian Reference Librarian, BA Yerevan Armenia
46 Seta Margosian UAE
47 Gevork Kherlopian Dr., Prof. Glendale USA
48 Gurgen Aleksanyan Leading engineer Yerevan Armenia
49 Davit Tadevosyan MMA Yerevan Armenia
50 Vrejouhy Atikian Reg . Nurse Calgary Canada
51 Mardig Djansezian BscEE Doha Qatar
52 Norman Harutunyan Toronto Canada
53 Mihran Meneshian Montreal Canada
54 Paul Adjemian Canada
55 Jack Tcherkezian Canada
56 Karnig Sarkissian Florence Italy
57 Myrna Karamanoukian MSc Montreal Canada
58 Haig Karayan Athens Greece
59 Hovsep Torossian P.Eng., Ed. D. Farmington Hills, MI USA
60 Vahe Manook D.D.S Toronto Canada
61 Armen Charchoglyan PhD Guelph Canada
62 Alice Momjian Ravary Montreal Canada
63 Aram Ourfalian Chemical Engineer Toronto Canada
64 Zareh Tchelikdjian BSc Montreal Canada
65 Yeran Tchelikdjian BSc Montreal Canada
66 John Tcherkezian CRSP Toronto Canada
67 Artin Arzoumanian MD Montreal Canada
68 Hourig Attarian Montreal Canada
69 Lara Djansezian Energy Market Analyst Montreal Canada
70 Alik Arzoumanian Cambridge, MA USA
71 Berdge Manoukian P. Eng Montreal Canada
72 Anoush Newman Executive Director Calgary, Alberta Canada
73 Antranik Chaderjian C.D.S.C.F.(Paris),C.G.A.(Canada) Mississauga, ON. Canada
74 Haykuhi Avetisyan MA Yerevan Armenia
75 Eli Takesian U. S. Navy Chaplain (Retired) Reston, VA USA
76 Tony Terzian Salesman Montreal Canada
77 Noubar Manoukian Bridgewater, NJ USA
78 Tsoler Tekeyan Montreal Canada
79 Newton Kupelian PhD Calgary Canada
80 Ara Baliozian writer kitchener Canada
81 Narine Doumanian MA Ainjar Lebanon
82 Nayiri Mghrdichian MA Beirut Lebanon
83 Salpy Saghdejian MA Kessab Syria
84 Hagop Daghlian Beirut Lebanon
85 Azad Hergelian BA Ainjar Lebanon
86 Tamar Hergelian MA Ainjar Lebanon
87 Lia Doumanian BA Jordan Jordan
88 Angela Pinto MD, MPH Los Angeles USA
89 Matthieu Gues Calais France
90 Vartkes Nicolian B.Sc., CLP, MCSE, CISSP Toronto Canada
91 John Gulbankian Southborough USA
92 Armine Gulbankian USA
93 Vahe Avetian Writer Stockholm Sweden
94 Armineh Arakelian Founder of IDHR, Internaional lawyer Yerevan Armenia
95 Joe Yalkezian Accountant Cobourg Canada
96 Aida Boudjikanian PH.D. Montreal Canada
97 Sossie Nahabedian B.Sc. Montreal Canada
98 Eddy Emmian Eng. Verdun (IDS) Canada
99 Kevork Gulluian American Armenian Socieaty Presdent Florida USA
100 Sevan Abrahamian Penetanguishene Canada
101 Lita Donelian Australia
102 Anna Ohanyan Ph.D., Professor Concord, MA USA
103 Gagik Hovhannisyan CFO Yerevan Armenia
104 Nicolai Romashuk Hairabedian Assen Netherlands
105 Ari Armen Missirlian Busto Italy
106 Ara Karakuzu Boca Raton USA
107 Robert Ohanjanians Buillder Thornhill Canada
108 Joseph M Hovsepian BS, MBA, PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT Paramus, NJ USA
109 Souren Kazarian educator, M.A. Saint-Laurent Canada
110 Astrid Kazarian educator, M.A. Saint-Laurent Canada
111 Minas Kojayan Teacher, Lecturer Van Nuys, California USA
112 Christine Abrahamian Nutritionist, MS,RD,LCD,CDE Boston USA
113 Daniel Boyadjian Canada
114 Harut Chantikian USA
115 Asdghig Kazarian Special Ed./ Writer Saint-Laurent Canada
116 Hovhanness Israel Pilikian Professor London England
117 Mihran Kouchakdjian Montreal Canada
118 Razmik Zargarian Glendale USA
119 Kristi Rendahl USA
120 Zovig Nicolian Realtor Toronto Canada
121 Roupen Dekmezian MD Houston USA
122 Joseph Kayoumedjian N.D. Naturopath Doctor Woodbridge Canada
123 Rita Odjaghian MBA Thornhill Canada
124 Violet Saydam Canada
125 Angela Barseghian Esq. USA
126 Hacob Mkrtchian Ph.D USA
127 Noel Shahnazarian BSC Canada
128 Levon Kordzian CREB Montreal Canada
129 Vartkes Aghamanoukian DDS USA
130 Darwin Jamgochian genocide archivist Southbury USA
131 Vartan Malkasian USA
132 Marie Karakanian MBA Los Angeles USA
133 Knarik Meneshian USA
134 Murad Meneshian USA
135 Alice Kevorkian Toronto Canada
136 edward sarafian M.Sc.A., Ll.B. markham Canada
137 Berj Der Sahakian Bookstore owner Glendale, California USA
138 Hagop Soulakian USA
139 Armine Petrosyan MIA Toronto Canada
140 Marlin Adamian B. Comm. Richmond Hill Canada
141 Arsen Torosyan MD Yerevan Armenia
142 Sirvart Kalemdjian Montreal Canada
143 Taline Feghali Vice President in Banking Los Angeles USA
144 Vatche Kassemdjian Banker, BA Economics abu dhabi UAE
145 Amalia Poghosyan BS Yerevan Armenia
146 Maro Badiguian Montreal Canada
147 Suren Vardumyan PhD Yerevan Armenia
148 Jerry Manoukian MD USA
149 Anna Harutyunyan Armenia
150 Yeghishe Hajakian Mahwah, NJ USA
151 Larisa Movsisyan Yerevan Armenia
152 Greg Baduian Canada
153 Zaven Kalayjian PhD Yerevan Armenia
154 Marina Galoyan Acc. Yerevan Armenia
155 Ashkhen Minasyan economist Yerevan Armenia
156 Gohar Dilanyan BA Yerevan Armenia
157 Vrouyr Makalian Montreal Canada
158 Maria Kharabian Toronto Canada
159 Vahn Balabanian CET, BCQ, RHI Toronto Canada
160 Grish Begian Electronic Eng. Toronto Canada
161 Hagop Istanboulli Milan Italy
162 Michael Torosyan Armenian Radio Stver (stver.com) North Hollywood USA
163 Isabella Sargsyan MSc Yerevan Armenia
164 Avo Jerejian Petaluma,CA USA
165 Gassia Manoukian MA Lesa Italy
166 Samvel Teymurazyan Activist Yerevan Armenia
167 Asbed Bedrossian USA
168 Bob Connor Scotland
169 Vardan Tserunyan PhD Yerevan Armenia
170 Arevik Tserunyan BA Yerevan Armenia
171 Serouj Baghdassarian Beirut Lebanon
172 Talar Kalayjian Cyprus
173 Artin Jebejian MB, BCh, MSc, DPM, Affiliate RANZCP Newcastle Australia
174 Gabriella Djerrahian MSc Montreal Canada
175 Madlen Avetyan Northridge, CA USA
176 Aram Melconian MSc Manchester England
177 Ani Saakyan Activist Whittier USA
178 Hormoz Khoodian supervisor Markham Canada
179 Jean Eckian Journalist Paris France
180 Aram Apatyan MSIS Yerevan Armenia
181 Vartan Abrahamian B.Sc. Toronto Canada
182 Isabelle Marilier Marseille France
183 Seta Melkonian Lebanon
184 Baghdig Avedikian Montreal Canada
185 Sebouh Boyajian M.Sc. P. Eng. Toronto Canada
186 Anoush Wiggins BA, MA Hampton, VA USA
187 Mike Balabanian M.Sc. P. Eng. Toronto Canada
188 Azad Temisjian Montréal Canada
189 David Sahagian Software USA
190 Arto Avedissian Los Angeles, California USA
191 Harry Moorachian USA
192 Berj Balabanian Toronto Canada
193 Michael Kouchakdjian Ph.D. Lexington, MA USA
194 Krikor Hovelian Paris France
195 Harry Parsekian Boston, MA USA
196 Surik Mehrabyan RA Ithaca USA
197 Davit Abrahamyan MD, PhD Yerevan Armenia
198 Nishan Gerjekian BSEE / MSF West Bloomfield USA
199 Margaret Stepanian Retired Providence USA
200 Raffi A Hermonn Reporter, Columnist, Populary Diplomate Istanbul Turkey
201 Viktor Badalyan Accountant Glendale USA
202 Simon Maghakyan USA
203 Vahak Sarkis Ph.D.-Retired Educator Florida USA
204 Harut Der Tavitian BA Sun Valley USA
205 hovsep fidanian phd glendale USA
206 Emma Iskandarian Boca Raton USA
207 Philip Pilikyan Boynton Beach USA
208 Donna Pilikyan Boynton Beach USA
209 Gayane Gharibian Woodside USA
210 Andrew Iskandarian Boca Raton USA
211 Elizabeth Boghossian Boynton Beach USA
212 Gayane Hovanisyan MD Toronto Canada
213 Abraham Celikoz Architect Toronto Canada
214 Janet Galoustian USA
215 Perigaud Jacques Ingénieur Paris France
216 Neery Melkonian NY USA
217 Annette Melikian BA Reseda USA
218 Audrey Kalajian Cambridge, MA USA
219 Lena Klemans USA
220 Ani Kalayjian EdD, DDL, RN, C, BCETS New York, USA
221 Shant Melkonian Interior Designer, MA Los Angeles USA
222 Haig Khatchadourian Emeritus Professor of Philosophy, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Ph.D. Milwaukee USA
223 Emilie Kasazian France
224 Sol Askijian Architect AIA San Rafael, California USA
225 Serguei Hovsepian armown.com project Los Angeles USA
226 Armineh Adjamian BA Lyon France
227 Simon Shekerjian Studio City USA
228 Jasmine Zeynalyan Allstate Insurance Agent Tujunga USA
229 Ani Vosgerichian Toronto Canada
230 Jeannette John U.S. Foreign Svce Officer,retired Watertown USA
231 Lucy Melkonian BA Granada Hills, CA USA
232 Ara Zeibarian philadelphia USA
233 Irma Tavlian Marketing Manager, BA Appleton USA
234 Azad Chichmanian Architect Montreal Canada
235 Tatul Sonentz Papazian Editor Boston USA
236 Christina Voskerchyan BA - International Diplomacy Yerevan Armenia
237 John Hovagimian toronto Canada
238 Caroline Castillo Attorney Granada Hills USA
239 Varoujan Knouni ATHENS Greece
240 Armen Hacopian tehran Iran
241 Asdghig Karnikian teacher vitry sur seine France
242 Hratch Barian Retail Ventura USA
243 Vakhtang Siradeghyan Journalist Yerevan Armenia
244 Lucine Nicolian Saint Savournin France
245 Louise Dupuy la valentine France
246 Joseph Bekiarian saint savournin France
247 Armen Avetyan Tujunga USA
248 Zaven Khanjian BBA Glendale, CA USA
249 Migirdic Migirdicyan Toronto Canada
250 Serouj Ourishian BSEECS Los Angeles USA
251 Alexandra Eurdolian BA, MBA Cambridge, MA USA
252 Ruben Arslanian Los Angeles USA
253 Hovsep Khurshudyan Spokesperson of Heritage party Yerevan Armenia
254 Raffi Babikian BA Montreal Canada
255 Hagop Karlozian Business Man Montreal Canada
256 Papken Hartunian B.Sc., M.Sc.,JD Springfiled USA
257 Armineh Hovanesian Glendale, California USA
258 Ardemis Jerikian USA
259 Anoush Ter Taulian Multi-Media Artist, Artsakh gamavor New York USA
260 Nevarte Kelledjian France
261 Margaret Tellalian Kyrkostas anthropologist/curator, MA New York USA
262 Nshan Balian Los Angeles USA
263 Araz Eivazi USA
264 Nayiri Tavlian Consultant Montreal Canada
265 Artash Napetian Roseville USA
266 Aida Ohanian Sydney Australia
267 Berj barsoumian USA
268 Isabel Apkarian Esquire California USA
269 Dikran Ekizian USA
270 Varoujan Boghossian Los angeles USA
271 Nora Ohanjanians B.A., M.A., B.Ed. Toronto Canada
272 Sonia Podetti Nanterre France
273 Beatrice Edwards Ph.D Washington, DC USA
274 Ohannes Keuylian MBA Texas USA
275 Ara Assadourian Business COSTA MESA USA
276 Karine Macri MA Forest Hills USA
277 Michael Mirolla MA/Freelance Journalist/Writer Toronto Canada
278 Elias Bejjani Chairman for the Lebanese Canadian Coordinating Council Toronto Canada
279 Jacqueline Weiss MD Dr. Physician vancouver Canada
280 Janis Bazian Artist, Activist, Dearborn, Michigan, USA
281 Ani Toranian MS Yerevan Armenia
282 Stepan Mantarlyan Financial manager, lecturer Yerevan Armenia
283 Ani Balian Milan Italy
284 Christine Papazian Los Angeles USA
285 Kevork Barssoyan MM Brisbane Australia
286 Ignazia Mechitarian Italy
287 Misha Osipov Engineer Tbilisi Georgia
288 Joanne Small Wyevale Canada
289 Hatchikian Etienne Directeur de Recherche CNRS, retraite MARSEILLE France
290 Joel Condon Lebanon
291 Alex Hernandes Barboza lawyer Campo Grande, MS Brazil
292 Naira Nazaryan Muffoletto interprète agay France
293 Sylvie Balian BA Karlsruhe Germany
294 Misak Ohanian BA London England
295 Alvard Gasparyan Armenia
296 Beert Verstraete Professor of Classics, PhD New MInas NS B4N 4C8 Canada
297 Arous Saakian BA in Music Lexington Park USA
298 Michael Kolton Retired penetanguishene Canada
299 Nazareth Izmirlian Civil Engineer, MS Dubai UAE
300 Karekin Dickran Art Director Aarhus Denmark
301 Linda Cherken Philadelphia USA
302 Charles Sahagian needham, ma USA
303 Lisa Kopooshian New Jersey USA
304 Joy Kogawa Novelist Toronto Canada
305 Andranik Hovhannesya Armenia
306 Berdj Terzian Cairo Egypt
307 Brydon Gombay B.A., M.Ed., Ed. D. Toronto Canada
308 Ara Manoogian Martuni Artsakh
309 Michael Moradian MA Racine USA
310 Shahan Deirmenjian BAA, MCIP, RPP Toronto Canada
311 Yuri Vieira writer Goiania Brazil
312 Ara Nahabedian BS, MS, MD, (Ortho) England
313 Laurie Wells BA (Sci) MD CCFP Penetanguishene Canada
314 William G Grant Retired Human Resource Mgr.t Ottawa Canada
315 Lorilee Ali RN Midland Canada
316 Robin Ali B. Eng. Canada
317 Sean Ali B. Eng Canada
318 Arlene Ali BSc. Canada
319 Lana Ali Student Midland Canada
320 Alexandre Aslanian Lawyer Paris France
321 Laudet Annette France
322 Garo Hakopian Uppsala Sweden
323 Yotta Morgan Egypt
324 Melvin Shipman B.Eng, Ed.D. Toronto Canada
325 Sam Racoubian Editor In Chief TIDAG magazine Beirut Lebanon
326 Lena Karabajak Chief accountant MBA Beirut Lebanon
327 Arusyak Ludy Geneva Switzerland
328 Zohrab Atarian BA Fresno USA
329 Nayiri Abrahamian Student Penetanguishene Canada
330 Jake Griffin Student Midland Canada
331 Glenn Cameron MD Canada
332 Seta Tokatlian Teacher BA (Hons) Wolverhampton England
333 Linda Cox Teacher BA (Hons) England
334 Repig Mavlian Armenia
335 Betty Apigian Kessel columnist Bloomfield USA
336 Gordon Sedgwick CA Midland Canada
337 Stefan Karadian Hye ArARAT Net Control-N8BGD West Bloomfield USA
338 Mark Van Der Wal H.B.S.W. Sarnia Canada
339 Leo Manuelian USA
340 Sona Manuelian USA
341 Odett Zeynalyan BS USA
342 Gary Hanson Dr. retired profl of History Saskatoon, SK Canada
343 Harry Mardirossian M. Arch. Toronto Canada
344 Alex Avedessian BA Toronto Canada
345 Roger W Smith Professor, College of William and Mary Williamsburg VA USA
346 Vicken Babkenian MA Sydney Australia
347 Gary Garabedian Toronto Canada
348 France Kandaharian BA, MLS Toronto Canada
349 Nina Tadeoss Bs.Radiology/sonography Instructor Los Angeles USA
350 Raffi Savazian Technology Consultant Sydney Australia
351 Vahram Gurjian New York USA
352 Lena Karaguezian Dipl. Informatik Beirut Lebanon
353 Hovik Nersissan Operations Director, MA Khobar Saudi Arabia
354 Tessa Hofmann Dr.phil., MA; sociologist and writer Berlin Germany
355 Hratch Koumrouyan Ph.D. London England
356 Sarkis Shahinian President of the Switzerland-Armenia Association Bern Switzerland
357 Margarete Walcher Dr. Hoechstadt Germany
358 Margarita Woskanjan Berlin Germany
359 Hagop Toroyan BA Toronto Canada
360 Hasmik Sucuyan Istanbul Turkey
361 Bedros Mouchian Editor Toronto Canada
362 Dikran Derderian Toronto Canada
363 Astghik Abaghyan HR coordinator Toronto Canada
364 Albert Kachekian EE Phoenix USA
365 Armine Kachekian Phoenix USA
366 Arevik Abaghyan GIS Analyst Toronto Canada
367 Marie Reine Hairabian Peruis France
368 Elaine Waddington Toronto Canada
369 Hratch Jabrayan NVP Toronto Canada
370 Levon Sevunts Journalist Montreal Canada
371 Houry Ellezian MSc Geology Beirut Lebanon
372 Artur Gevorgyan MSc, MD Toronto Canada
373 Ida Martyrossian USA
374 Seda Goulizar Editor Brighton and Hove England
375 Lesllie Lawlor B.A. Toronto Canada
376 Maida Icliatesian BSc. Psych Toronto, Canada
377 Serge Artunoff Dental technician Brusels Belgium
378 Hrant Vartzbedian BA, Chairman of the Armenian Patriarchate of Alexandria, Egypt Alexandria Egypt
379 Toros Sarian Hamburg Germany
380 Mack Vahanian J.P. Sydney Australia
381 Keith Barber Retired Librarian (BA) Worcestershire England
382 Raffi Jabreayan Canada
383 Dana Mazalova JUDr. Prague Czech Republic
384 Shavarsh Bedrossian Australia
385 Nikolaos Ouzounoglou Professor Athens Greece
386 Claire Giudicenti Cultural Agency Paris France
387 Tigran Sarukhanyan Dr, Research Fellow Göttingen Germany
388 Alexander Groessing BA Vienna Austria
389 denise nesbitt Canada
390 Mehran Artinian President - Auto Tech Toronto Canada
391 Vazgen Ghazaryan MA Yerevan Armenia
392 Rob Garnett BA, LL.B. ottawa Canada
393 Hagop Avakian MD, MRCP London Liverpool England
394 Taline Papazian PhD Paris France
395 Varti Patton San Carlos USA
396 Lili Sevag BioChemist PhD New York USA
397 Doris Cruz USA
398 Vrezh Movsessian Sydney Australia
399 Ragnar Naess private consultant Oslo Norway
400 Avo Arzoumanian Beirut Lebanon
401 Vahe Baloulian Vienna Austria
402 Rita Berberian Montreal Canada
403 Hovanes Gasparian Student Berkeley USA
404 Harout Bronozian MS Glendale USA
405 Varooj Kureghian Civ. Eng. Northridge USA
406 Armenak Dovlatyan Green party of Armenia, President Yerevan Armenia
407 Markar Melkonian PhD. Los Angeles USA
408 Jack Kalayjian Student USA
409 Edmond Beglarian Pilot LA USA
410 Krikor Krikorian New York USA
411 Hampartsoum Terzian President Beirut Lebanon
412 Nora Karahagopian Teacher Beirut Lebanon
413 Chapeau Teriltzian Alice France
414 Marilyn Movsessian Mrs Sydney Australia
415 Arto Vorperian MA New York USA
416 Alan Mkitarian Engineer Palmyra USA
417 Ashot Dermenjian Northridge USA
418 Anne Anahid Shirinian PhD USA
419 Barbara Coloroso Author/educator Littleton USA
420 Aris Sevag Writer/editor/translator Jackson Heights USA
421 Verkineh Kazandjian BA Montreal Canada
422 Maro Manavian Montreal Canada
423 Erman Melikyan Dr Southampton England
424 Sarkis Buniatyan Yerevan Armenia
425 Zohrab Balian Psychotherapist Sydney Australia
426 joseph chanakian MS Art Sydney Australia
427 Katy Kampffmeyer MA Berlin Germany
428 Harry Missirian USA
429 Yervand Aftandilian Watertown USA
430 Norair Meguerditchian west Orange,NJ USA
431 haret petrosian retired Glendale USA
432 Haig Assadourian Sioux City IA USA
433 Simone Schumacher LLM Berlin Germany
434 Eva Medzorian Boston USA
435 Markar Markarian Laval Canada
436 Krist Zeynalyan Project Coordinator Los Angeles USA
437 Nana Sogoian BA North Hollywood USA
438 Lina Davidian Boston USA
439 Ani Unanyan Vienna Austria
440 Haik Kavaldjian Austria
441 Hagop Isnar Mech. Engineer little ferry USA
442 Arsin Arsen Arshik MS, Emerate-Instructor Istanbul Turkey
443 Garo Chadoian Vienna Austria
444 Berc Ohanoglu Germany
445 Vicken Der Sarkissian B.Eng Johannesburg South Africa
446 Armen Askijian MSc Engineer Mountain View USA
447 Felicia Waldman PhD Bucharest Romania
448 Mirka Kudelova Bratislava Slovakia
449 Keegan Wharram Woodworker Ontario Canada
450 Artak Zeynalyan Secretary of Parliament Yerevan Armenia
451 Argisht Zeynalyan Las Vegas United States
452 Sona Tachdjian Beirut Lebanon
453 Antranik Sirinyan Engineer Montreal Canada
454 Fatma Kayhan Ms Oxford United Kingdom

Copies of this document will be forwarded to the Catholicosates in Etchmiadzin and Antelias, Honourable Edward Nalbandian (Foreign Minister of Armenia), Honourable Hranush Hacobyan (Minister of Diaspora), Mr. Armen Harutyunyan (the Ombudsman and Human Rights Defender of the Republic of Armenia), PEN Canada, PEN International, Journalists for Human Rights, and other Human Rights organizations. The initiators would appreciate your endorsement if you are agreeable with the content of the text. Please submit your details at We Demand Justice.


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