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Approximately a week ago when I was about to leave home, Mr. Sukru Server Aya phoned me. He said that his new book was to be published and asked if we can meet, so I can be of help to him. I had met . .
esteemed Aya a few years ago, during a “Ramadan” dinner. That evening, one of the speakers was Prof. Yusuf Halacoglu, chairman of the Turkish Historical Association. Mr. Halacoglu when he finished his speech said, “I invite lawyer Mr. Kegam Karabetyan to take the microphone.” After I finished my speech, Mr. Aya came to me to congratulate and we met each other. I come to know him as a decent patriot, who makes no discrimination and love all human beings. Up to this date, our dialog continues in a very satisfactory atmosphere. When I went to his office on invitation, he offered me to write the introduction for his new book. Since I am aware of his sincerity and decency, I accepted this request and I herewith share my sentiments with you in the following lines.

Since I am a child of this homeland and my country Turkey, I considered it an honor to put down a few sentences in the light of my profession, experience, knowledge and business career.

We have been living together for about a thousand years; we ate each other’s bread at the same table and shared our food when necessary. Throughout centuries, we assisted each other. During the times of the Ottoman Empire and under the republic, we served our state and beloved Turkish Nation in togetherness. However, outside powers tried to divide the Ottoman Empire and regretfully in some districts, they provoked Armenians and used them as tools. The Ottoman Empire had to safeguard her security externally and internally and therefore issued laws and one of them was the “Relocation Law” and put in application. The outside powers, who wanted to split the Ottoman Empire, were Russians in the east, French in the south and British in the Istanbul area. Regretfully, Russians in the east, and French in the south gave their own soldier uniforms, incited them and used them as tools. The incidents of 1915 were the result of this game of these outside powers. Consequently, they split the Empire and caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Armenians, which they used as a tool. The Ottoman Empire enforced the Relocation Law, because they had no other solutions.

On the other hand, during the same period there were Armenian officers and soldiers in the Ottoman Army. There were Armenians in charge of high posts in the management of the state. Henceforth, if there is any subject of an indemnity, above mentioned outside powers were the cause of the division of the Ottoman Empire and the relocation of Armenians. If these facts are to be considered, the outside powers must pay indemnity to Turkey for the loss of land of the Ottoman Empire.

We Armenians had won the title of the “Faithful Millet” because of our devotion to our state and country. We lived together up to date for almost a thousand years and we shall live in harmony and unity as Turks and Armenians forever.

I, as a Turkish Armenian and citizen of Turkey and moreover, as a Turk described in Art. 66 of our constitution demand that our State open the door of dialog, starting with our President, Prime minister and concerned ministers and give a hand to peace, to establish a commission or larger authority with participation of historians and specialists and to conclude peace and comfort. Such a result will make me very happy. I am a Turkish citizen and believe that such peace will prevail. The initiative of our president Abdullah Gul for dialog and peace, his forward visit to Armenia, is above my appreciation.

From now on, as a man of law and obedient to Ataturk’s principles, I convey my sentiments, respect and affection to everyone serving this purpose, the unity and solidarity of the Republic of Turkey and the beloved Turkish nation. I extend my sincere affection, and respects to all.

Kegam Karabetyan (Lawyer)
Istanbul, November 2008

From the INTRODUCTION (Soykirim Tacirleri ve Gercekler)
ISBN 978-9944-250-35-1


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